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Schema sample please


First please excuse me if the answer was easily reachable but I've looked at the group first 5 preview pages and did a search on schema which yielded the same preview as default so I assumed it this was the default behavior when keywords failed to bring results.

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Simple example entity project posted

I created a sandbox project for a simple entity example for developers. It demonstrates the creation of a simple entity using only the core API. It is not fieldable, but adding fields would be trivial.

You can get it from source code control here.

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Looking for a contract document example - consulting/development

Hi everybody!

I've been developing Drupal pages for 2 years and have done a few contract jobs, but mostly work with Drupal in my full-time position. I need to draft a new contract as a technical consultant and/or drupal developer. Does anyone have any good contract document examples that they could post?

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Special permissions to alter null fields and edit existing fields

Functions required:


why? To check to see if fields are or are not null (note that "drupal" will be replaced with a suggested module name for anyone who thinks that this should be modulated)
Preferred/chosen method, due to its being concise. For larger sites, it would probably be best to use some kind of auto-complete function
This is used to fill the drop-down with options (the variable $option will be used)
To initiate actions which will fill the form in question with the user entries made herein

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An example of a Drupal LIMS system

Hi all, since this is my first post in this new group I wanted to start a discussion based on an example site I already made.

I work for a company named INTRON BV (The Netherlands) at which I'm a business developer. In my spare time when I'm not inventing new solutions for construction related problems I'm developing some internal drupal sites.

Attached are some screenshots of an internal dutch Drupal LIMS system with which laboratory samples are managed. The system is called DIF and it functions as follows:

General overview:

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DOes this show

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java node.save example anywhere?

I have a java client up and running using org.apache.xmlrpc.client.XmlRpcClient as client lib and a current drupal 6 with services via xmlrpc enabled. I already can connect, login, logout and even loading a node works.
Authentication is done via sessionID, API-key is disabled.

Now for the problem: i can't get the node.save to work. I give the function two parameters, the session and some structure. What java type equivalent is there expected?

HashMap<String,Object> hmSave = new HashMap<String,Object>();
hmSave.put("type", "pruefsumme");
hmSave.put("title", ivFileList.get(i));
hmSave.put("field_crc32", ivCheckSumListCRC32.get(i));
params = new Object[] {
Object oSave = client.execute(WS_ACTION_SAVE, params);
System.out.println(WS_ACTION_SAVE + "\t" + oSave);
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