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Configuration management sprint - file formats

Welcome to another discussion from the configuration management initiative! So I believe that in the last thread we pretty much got everybody on board with the idea of 'We can use pure JSON as our file format if we use a hashed directory name and don't write the files by default.' This is great, however it then led to more discussion of 'Why are we using JSON anyways? Why aren't we using PHP/YAML/INI/LOLCODE etc.' Some good points were brought up in this discussion and I think it is worth hashing this out now.

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Getting off the island - Research into other systems

I have been conducting some research into how other systems are organized and manage their configuration and content deployment. There are plenty of systems that don't manage this well or whose problems are similar to ours, but I've found a couple places that have some interesting approaches that I am going to start adding here. Please note that my experience with these systems is limited to several hours of research each, and that is just barely enough to be scratching the surface, especially since many of these systems are so different architecturally.

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Notes from DrupalCon Chicago 2011

At DrupalCon Chicago there was a ton of energy around Drupal's staging and deployment problem. At his keynote, Dries identified this as one of the major initiatives for the Drupal 8 cycle, and following the keynote three Core Conversations were given on the topic by myself, David Strauss, and Howard Tyson. Those talks sparked conversations which continued through the week and generated a lot of really cool ideas. This post is intended to document the ideas that were discussed (at least the ones I heard) and to use those ideas to foster further discussion.

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