Deployment & Build Systems & Change Management

This group is for the discussion, architecture, and implementation of deployment, change management and build management strategies for Drupal core. This group is also serving as the home base for the Configuration Management Initiative for Drupal 8.

Please, no job postings allowed.

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Configuration management best practices for multi-site project

Hi everyone!,

I'm moving a project from single to multitise configuration (5 sites in total). But now I have to face how manage the configuration in the different sites and at the same time have a maintainable architecture for keep developing new features in the future.

My case is the following:

  • Multi-site project where each site have to languages (native one + english)
  • Same configuration for all sites (sections, type of contents etc..) But some differences like the language configuration or path pattern for the URLs.
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PHP dependencies removed from git (8.1.x branch)

We've removed the Composer-managed vendor from the git repository.

There will not be any changes for people downloading Drupal 8 from The packager will add dependencies to zip and tar package.

If you're not using zip / tar files, e.g. when using a git clone, run composer install to get dependencies. See for instructions.

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Looking for Drupal 8 Configuration Management Contrib modules

I am compiling a list of Drupal 8 Configuration Management modules for a project I am working on. These would be anything from Drush modules to dev tools for D8.

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FileStorage Settings for in Drupal 8?

Would anyone know the correct settings for when pointing to FileStorage?

According to the Active configuration settings section of settings.php:

* Active configuration settings.
* By default, the active configuration is stored in the database in the
* {config} table. To use a different storage mechanism for the active
* configuration, do the following prior to installing:
* - Override the 'bootstrap_config_storage' setting here. It must be set to a
* callable that returns an object that implements
* \Drupal\Core\Config\StorageInterface.

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2014-10-14 14:00 - 18:30 Europe/London
Event type: 
Related event (ie. not Drupal specific)

Join Appnovation for a free networking event October 14th at Google London. Enjoy complimentary appetizers & drinks as you hear from our special guests from Disney and General Dynamics UK, as well as our key OS Initiative partners Alfresco, Google, Acquia, and Mulesoft.

This event is part of the Appnovation OS Initiative to enable Enterprise customers to learn about and take advantage of Open Source technologies. The presentations will focus on how integrating Open Source technologies into your architecture can help your business succeed

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I'm really trying to limit my share off dumb questions to a bare minimum, but here's one that sticks.

Why is the settings file in Drupal 8 not also migrated to a yml file?

It makes sence to me from a configuration management point of view.

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Western Mass Drupal Users Group

2013-05-08 18:00 - 20:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
User group meeting

Join us for the Western MA, Drupal Users Group.


Knectar Design, Inc.
221 Pine St #351 Florence, MA 01062‎
(413) 587-3900


Deployment Extravaganza

Various people will me demonstrating their Drupal deployment methods, including Database updates and configuration changes.
10-15 min demos. Talking about what they like and what they wish their method had.

Current methods covered:



  • Springloops - Josh Beauregard (sanguis)
  • Left Click Scripted method - Rob Bayliss?/Kelly Albrecht
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    Drupal Themer | SlatonTech

    Employment type: 

    I've got a project that needs a theme. This will be an hourly job; I'm the backend Drupal 7 dev but am not creative, and really don't feel like messing with the theme.

    It involves theming views, quicktabs, probably some drupal behaviors for AJAX status updates, etc.

    Not looking for anyone charging more than $50/hour unless you can give me a set estimate.

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    Entity forms

    Hey guys i'm being bold here. But i couldn't figure out where to add D8 feature request so i thought i gave it a shot here.

    I was wondering if what the pro's and con's are of making forms more entity'ish..

    Why not make "all" the forms based on this form.entity type. Adding field (and thus widgets) would be a breeze (from a UI perspective). In core there are a few "fixed" forms like:
    - the login form
    - the contact form
    - the password forget form
    - the comments form
    - the modules forms (like rating of add to cart)
    - e.t.c.

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    Configuration Management Engineer | N/A- agency: Experis IT

    Employment type: 
    Full time
    Not allowed

    Seeking a talented Configuration Management Engineer for a permanent opportunity based in Central London with a Global Company

    The successful Configuration Management Engineer will have the following:

    •Excellent configuration management experience (including developing and implementing)
    •Extensive knowledge of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Software development lifecycle (SDLC) principles
    •Good understanding of agile and waterfall methodologies
    •Any of the following: Accurev, Mercurial, Subversion, CVS or similar

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    Feedback needed on configuration metadata formats

    In a beautiful 320+ comment thread we discussed introducing a metadata format for configuration in Drupal 8 to use for identifying translatable strings, potentially generate translation forms for configuration (or per-group or per-domain configuration) and possibly other uses (such as validation).

    Our primary use case is multilingual configuration, and our efforts were not successful to get the change in core. If we want to be able to translate views, content types, user notification email text, and so on at least as shipped with core and contributed modules (even if not the configuration you create on your own site), we have no way to avoid solving this problem.

    The most contentious question that contributed to the original patch series being turned down was how metadata is defined for configuration (file format and underlying system used), where (file naming and placement) and how you refer to metadata of outside dependencies. To explore this problem space, we now have not less than three parallel efforts lead by a star lineup of core contributors, @chx, @effulgentsia and @reyero. We all want to productively push forward and move on to other things once this one is successfully resolved, so your feedback is welcome on all three issues:

    1. One using kwalify and typed data: #1866610: Yet another schema format for Drupal configuration (Based on kwalify)
    2. Another one using typed data only: #1865300: Introduce configuration definition file format and API for reading it
    3. And finally one not even using typed data: #1861640: Provide config metadata solely for translation

    For a short summary of how we ended up needing a metadata system of some sort, see (and/or the design goals in the original metadata issue summary). If you have questions, find us on in IRC and on the issues!

    Thanks a lot for your input!

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    Patterns-rc2 is out

    Thanks to the wonderful work of drozas a new release candidate (rc2) for Patterns v.7 is already out.

    In case you missed it, documentation for Patterns developers is available at the following link:


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    Main Monthly LA DRUPAL Meetup Nov 13th, 2012 at Coloft

    2012-11-13 19:00 - 21:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Event type: 
    User group meeting

    Join us Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 at Coloft for presentations on Rescuing Drupal Projects by Ishmael Sanchez, and Pro Drupal Developer Series: Using Jenkins for Automated Deployment & Continuous Integration by Ashok Modi of CalArts.

    Every month experts guide our local community showcasing professional Drupal techniques, industry standards, and best practices. LA Drupal brings a spectacular lineup of topics and presentations centered around Drupal. We help users answer questions, and resolve issues with solutions surrounding planning, supporting, and developing with Drupal.

    Mark your calendars for the second Tuesday of each month as "LA DRUPAL DAY"! This event is FREE.

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    Patterns 7.x-1.0-rc1 is out!

    Hi all!

    We are proud to announce that the first release candidate for Patterns v.7 is ready to be downloaded!

    The big news is the full integration with Drush. Basically everything can be done via command line now. Yuhu!!

    We also improved the the automatic extraction of web site configuration from the database, and now exporting is available to file or to zip archive as well.

    Finally, many bug fixes, better error handling, and a lot of love comes with this release. Enjoy it, and don't hesitate to open new issues for feature requests, or bug reports!


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    Large Scale Drupal Track on DrupalCon Sao Paulo

    The first DrupalCon to be held outside the U.S. and Europe will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on December 6-8. I’m excited to be part of the Content Team and the track chair of the large-scale Drupal track for this important event.

    It’s the first time this topic has been included in its own track at a DrupalCon. I wrote a blog post with the track description, and an invitation for anyone who is interested to present a session:

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    Configuration management workflow proposal

    There is a proposal for a new workflow for CMI over at This proposal differs from the existing version of CMI in that configuration will be written to one directory while being imported from another one. This would address several architectural problems with the current system. For more details please see the issue summary. Your comments and review of this issue are critical to make sure the system addresses everyone's needs. Thanks for your input!

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    Pre-DrupalCon Munich Field API architectural meetup, needs sponsors !

    We are holding a Field API architectural meetup in Munich the weekend before DrupalCon (Sat the 18th to Mon the 20th), next to the D8 Multilinguial Initiative sprint.

    Practical info

    The sprint starts at 9am the three days.

    On Saturday and Sunday:

    The sprinting venue is "" -
    Westendstraße 123, München
    Subway U4 or U5, "Heimeranplatz" stop, 500m walk
    Tram 18 or 19, "Trappentreustraße" stop, 200m walk

    On Monday:

    The sprinting venue is the DrupalCon venue itself
    Westin Grand

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    Configuration management initiative bi-weekly meeting

    2012-06-26 12:00 - 13:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Event type: 
    Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

    Yes its time for another configuration management initiative weekly meeting. Come hear about all our meetings from Drupal Dev Days in Barcelona! The meeting happens at 12:00 PDT, in #drupal-cmi on Freenode.

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    Barcelona CMI/D8MI discussion notes

    Currently there are a few different proposals for how to do multilingual configuration:

    Option A (sun):
    - Option C (chx):

    Option B (José):

    Helpful and colourfuldiagram:

    Many conflicting questions/goals:

    1. How much awareness does the calling code have to have about i18n?
    2. Is i18n something we're baking in to configuration system, or are we better served by a more generic contextual system?
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    Example module using config management

    Hi all,

    After reading this blog post on the new config management initiative for D8, I thought an example module demonstrating a very simple use case, and a simple upgrade path from D7, use be of use.

    I submitted it as a patch to the Examples for developers module, as well as a stand-alone zipped module, at

    (To use the upgrade path, install block_example for D7, then upgrade it for D8).



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