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Tillåtna och icke tillåtna nodvisningar när man använder Domain-modulen


Sitter med ett problem som jag inte lyckas lösa mer än på det teoretiska planet, men vill slänga ut frågan här i gruppen för att se ifall någon sitter på lösningen.

Min setup är Drupal 7-installation med en massa noder. Dessa noder ska spridas till två sajter. På Site1 ska alla Article-noder inte går att accessa förutom via Views (de ska visas på framsidan i en listning, men du ska inte kunna komma åt dem på

På Site2 (med en egen domän) så ska alla noder går att visa, både i listningar och som egna nod-visningar).

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Problemas com domain access e login

Olá a todos,

Alguém tem projectos com o domain access e está a ter problemas em fazer login?

Basicamente o que estou a experenciar é o seguinte:
- Utilizador faz login
- Os cookies são enviados correctamente.
- No watchdog fica registada a entrada do user (login)
- Utilizador não fica logado no site, é quase como se fizesse logout automaticamente.

Isto em vários browsers e dispositivos.

Se desligar o modulo domain já se consegue fazer login.

Estou a usar PHP 5.6.2 (php-fpm), nginx 1.6.2 e memcache. (mesmo desligando o memcache obtenho os mesmos resultados).

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OG for Multisite Domains

I'm thinking about technologies and options for a new multisite, edu multidomain project. Basic idea: people buy subscriptions to create custom domain sites.

Instead of pure sites for each domain, I'm thinking of using OG and some workflows for each domain. How capable is OG for custom full domain sites? Not just subdomains, but and all under the main code OG code base?

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Moving Sites built on MultiSite to work with Domain Access


we're in the process of moving our main site to Drupal and was intending on using multisite. We've already move one smaller site over doing just that, and will be moving another over soon.

Now our manager really likes the idea of sharing content across all sites, which I was guessing would mean using the Domain Module.

How hard is it, or more specifically, what would be the process of moving sites that each have their own database to use Domain Access, since what i understand is, it uses one database for all sites.

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Help with a list of conditions

My rule is that when a user is updated, the email domain must contain,, etc in order to become upgraded from Provider to GoldProvider. I've been trying to use the function AND without success. Can somebody tell me where and how do I need to add the additional domains?


{ "rules_provider_upgrade_to_gold" : {
"LABEL" : "Provider upgrade to Gold Provider role after update",
"PLUGIN" : "reaction rule",
"REQUIRES" : [ "rules" ],
"ON" : [ "user_update" ],
"IF" : [

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Drupal Developer to work in Chester, UK | Jazz Publishing

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

We are looking for an enthusiastic PHP developer who has experience working with Drupal.

You will be working in a small team building Drupal driven websites and applications for a publishing company based in Chester, UK. This would be a perfect fit for someone living near Liverpool, Manchester or North Wales.

- Develop websites for a variety of publications, events and in-house systems
- Develop client web applications and company products.
- Assist with front end development and testing, jQuery/CSS
- Assist with Drupal performance and scalability.

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Integration of Registrar API with aegir

Is it possible to integrate some domain registration service into aegir?
I found this module which may help.


1)Client comes to the site, searches for domain name, If available adds the domain name to cart via ubercart module
2)Client will browse for hosting packages, selects one and adds to cart
3)proceeds to checkout
4)drupal site will be created at chosen domain name and email will be sent with access details

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Why we chose Multisite over Domain Access

At the risk of self-promotion, I thought I'd share this. In the project I just completed (, I had to decide whether to use Domain Access or a Multisite installation. I started implementing the Domain Access module, but then changed my mind.

I wrote up the reasons why I abandoned Domain access here.

I'm curious if people agree with my complaints about the Domain Access module, or had a different experience?

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Developer | Zambala Inc

Employment type: 

Hey LA drupal'ers,

Zambala Inc. needs help finishing off a Multi-Domain Drupal/Ubercart web store.

Our ideal candidate will have experience with Taxonomy, Domain Module, and the Ubercart E-Commerce Module, and the use and styling of sub themes (sub-sub-themes?). Little front-end coding is needed; just color and image tweaks to sub themes. The primary work focus of freelancer will be finishing setup of Cross site cookies, Single Sign On, domains, setting up credit card/paypal transactions, and setting up for shipping with USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

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Drupal 6 and Canonical Domain Names

Im finding sites online that run on Drupal but display a bit of inconsistancy. If you go to than the site works fine. However if I visit, than I get the "site offline" message. I had a similar problem with something like that using Wordpress so Im curious in what is affecting things in that adverse way.

From what I have seen, most people correct this with a band-aid by just setting a redirect on canonical names. Would this be a problem with Drupal or a problem with the domain registrar and how the DNS is set up?

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