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Any upcoming code sprint events?

Hi All,

I recently moved to Indore from Gurgaon. There I used to go to code sprints, I wonder if we have such events in Indore also.


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London Drupal Sprin[g|t]

We’re looking forward to the London Drupal Spring Sprint event this Saturday (13th May)!

Just a quick reminder that it’s taking place from 10am in the Manifesto studio:

141-143 Shoreditch High Street,
E1 6JE

More information can be found here, via the event page.

To recap, If you have built or used a site in Drupal, you can contribute. We always need testers too, so please don’t feel shy, get involved!

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ChongQing Sprint

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April/May Sprint Tentative

During the DrupalCamp London 2017 with a group of campers we discussed the need of an April/May local sprint.

In order to find the best day we opened a poll for you to be able to add your availability, so we can find the best day(s) with the - hopefully :) - highest attendance.

Link to the poll: http://bit.ly/2mqVxJH

There isn't yet a fixed deadline for the poll, but in order to give time to organise the venue please tell us your date as soon as possible.

Don't know what a sprint is? https://www.drupal.org/sprints

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Querem contribuír para o Drupal core?

Olá a todos,

Estive a ler este artigo e lembrei-me que seria interessante tentar ver se mais gente na comunidade Drupal Portugal estaria interessada em fazer parte da lista de nomes dos que contribuíram para o Drupal 8 core.

Neste momento, já temos um aumento de 300% de portugueses na lista em relação ao Drupal 7: somos 3 (hei perusio e ricardoamaro). Mas era giro sermos 10 ou 20.

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Eesti esimene (First one in Estonia!) #DrupalSprint @Wunderkraut_est !

ENG Summary: First DrupalSprint in Estonia. D7/D8 issue fixing @wunderkraut_est office. Bring sprint mood & your own laptop with D7/D8 installed. And register here!


Tõdesime, et oi-oi Eestis Drupali sprinte ei toimu.
Viga tuleb parandada! Kutsusime kogenud mentor iMiksu Helsingist Drupal sprinti maale tooma. 09.mail anname pikkadele traditsioonidele avapaugu!

Teemaks Drupal 7 ja Drupal 8 issue'de fiximine.

Mis on Drupal Sprint?

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It's time for Drupal 8 contrib port sprints

Drupal 8 well proceeded with it's readyness. Sure, it's a lot to do to make it ready, but now that the API freeze passed, we should not just wait till it's out...

It's time to start thinking about the next steps towards a stable and healthy Drupal ecosystem: Drupal Contrib needs to be ready too!

Thus we started the initiative to organize local sprints about Drupal 8 Contrib readyness NOW. The word to start contrib ports needs to be spread worldwide.

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Sprints d'Open Linked Data amb Drupal

El passat dijous 4 d'octubre es va fer la sessió de d'Open Linked Data amb Drupal per part d'Emmanuel Jamin. Entre altres, un dels objectius de la xerrada va era proposar algun sprint de desenvolupament d'Open Linked Data amb Drupal a Barcelona.
Els dies proposats són el 10 de novembre i el 8 de desembre. Qui s'apunta?

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In50hrs - Can we build some Drupal modules

In50hrs is a hackathon that happens in Chennai for building small products over a weekend (in 50 hours). Would love to join some Drupal developers to come up with some modules we can give back to the community. Any one interested? If you are, check out http://in50hrs.thestartupcentre.com/ and let us brainstorm some ideas.

The Startup Centre which hosts in50hrs can also be used for local Drupal meets.

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