Managed Files Not Appearing in 'My Library' Tab of Media Browser

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I wrote a custom drush command that takes files in a directory and copies them to the public:// filesytem of a Drupal installation (OpenScholar, to be specific). While the files are copied over and entries are made in the file_managed DB table, these files aren't appearing in the 'My Library' tab of the media browser. So the question is: what cause files to appear in 'My Library'?

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What is the 'status' column

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What is the 'status' column value for your files in the file_managed table? 0 or 1?

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They're all set to '1'.

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They're all set to '1'.

So, no other suggestions?

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So, no other suggestions?

So, no other suggestions?

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So, no other suggestions?

This is really impossible to

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This is really impossible to troubleshoot without all of the information. You haven't even told us what version of Media or OpenScholar you are running. That and a single row of the imported files from the file_managed table would be the absolute minimum amount of information you'd need to share. @Dave Reid took a stab at what the problem might be (data in that table), but instead of offering more information you only responded to that.

I don't know if "My Library" become "My Files" between Media 1.x and Media 2.x or if that's something that's OpenScholar specific.

If you are running Media 2.x, has the media_browser_my_files view been modified by you or as part of the OpenScholar distribution?

Have you tried you drush script on a clean D7 site w/ just Media enabled to remove OpenScholar from the mix? Does that work?

If you enable the SQL output in the Views configuration, preview the media_browser_my_files View, does that query return results in with just sql?

If not, what do you have to alter in the query to get the results?


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