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Web Specialist | Washington County Cooperative Library Services

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Full time
Not allowed

Develop and maintain the Coop Library Services website; develop site design; coordinate and work with staff developing documents for publication on the Coop Library's website; assist in migration of site to Drupal; work under the direction of the Web Administrator; team environment. For full job description and application, see the posting under "Human Resources/Jobs"

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Migrating from Wordpress?

Do you plan on including turn-key solutions for migrating from specific CMSes, e.g. Wordpress? Please see a discussion I've started elsewhere about how to handle improvements I've made to a related module that currently is not already on d.o. Ultimately I'd like to merge wp2drupal into a more general app but if Migrate isn't intended to be like that then there's no point. Thanks.

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Wordpress migration

I've been updating the wp2drupal module and wanted to make the changes available to the greater audience via d.o. But my changes mark at least the fourth developer who's worked on it - it was originally created by Borek Bernard, then updated by someone by the name of teodorani (who used to own teodorani.com but which is no longer working), and then partially upgraded to D6 by DenRaf.

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Migrate module V2

The Migrate module is already garnering some good feedback. My immediate plan is to stablize the current code base of V1 - please discuss ideas for further extension and refactoring here.


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Progress update - HEAD (0.2) can now handle Drupal 5-7, site cloning and migration of sites between platforms (aka: upgrades)

I pushed through with some of the changes I was making on monday, and implemented a mechanism for provision to conditionally include version specific code. What this means, is that 1 checkout of provision, will now have all the information it needs to manage any supported version of Drupal you throw at it.

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Lead Drupal Developer | Causecast.org

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Not allowed

Lead Drupal Developer contract position (with the possibility of turning into full-time employment) available immediately in Santa Monica, California. Developer will lead the migration of Causecast's existing site to Drupal. If you want a job that makes a difference, Causecast is the place for you! Causecast will also provide selected candidate with 2009 DrupalCon registration, airfare, and hotel (up to $1000).

Expert-level experience with Drupal:
Drupal 6 and porting modules from 5 to 6.
Drupal API (especially Form)
CCK / Views integration
Themes / phptemplate

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Drupal 6.x. site Migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL (howto)

I'm not a MySQL fun, so some troubles with MySQL database (MyISAM data corruption and too slow InnoDB) force migration of three existing Drupal 6 sites from MySQL to PostgreSQL. Since Drupal 6.2 some PgSQL-related bugs (sample) in core modules has been fixed, so I have a try.

Drupal 6.5 and PostgreSQL 8.3 compatibility

Drupal Core Modules

I've installed clean Drupal 6.5 on top of PostgreSQL 8.3.3 (with UTF8 database encoding) and played with it a lot. There is no heavy troubles, only minor ones:

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Drupal expert | Freke Aps

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Working on a migration path from video module to filefield

I'm working on a migration path from the video module to the filefield module (using jQuery Media for playback). In terms of database language, I'm a Filemaker hack so I'm seriously struggling with many aspects of mysql, but I think I have laid out a good plan for attack and have a really good starting point to work from. I'm basically adapting a migration script that Moshe built for us at CCTV to migrate from the Image module to Imagefield.

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Moving Drupal Installs

Hey all, as I mentioned last night at the LA Drupal group I'm trying to move a Drupal install from a Windows XP box to a Linux box (Fedora Core 8). I'm working in the command line and I've done a mysqldump to a .sql file which I then move to the Fedora box. Both are running the same version of MySQL but as soon as I load the data into the database I get 404 errors when I try to hit the site.

As many of you mentioned last night there should be no issue in moving a database. I'm sure I'm doing something else wrong.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


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