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Ning migration tools?

Just wondering if there is anyone in this group working on ning to drupal migration tools? Its is possible to get all the data out of a Ning network using the Ning Archiver tool:

But it'd be really great if this project were able to build a module/ or write a tutorial about how best to get the data IN to a fresh drupal install.

Is anyone working on this?



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Migrating between stacks : Acquia from/to XAMPP

I'm working with two stacks - Acquia on my desktop and XAMPP on my laptop. (And I'll be using LAMP at Modwest, my hosting service.)

My understanding is I should be able to move a completed SITE back and forth between these, but it is my responsibility to make sure the needed MODULES are in place across all of the installations. Is this correct?

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Yale's transition to Drupal

I found this presentation today from the guys at Yale who transitioned to Drupal: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5585354/Drupal_On_Demand_PICC10.pdf

This presentation is for a technical audience, as it is mostly a discussion of the architecture. Very good stuff.

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Git - Learning resources

Hi! I haven't seen anything mentioned here about helping folks who aren't up to speed with Git getting up to speed with Git (couldn't resist). So -

The biggies -

There's some good stuff on here, especially the Book. The Book starts at the beginning, and I can't tell you where it ends, because I just haven't had to get that far with it yet.

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Senior Drupal Developer | ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has an exciting new opportunity for an experienced Drupal developer to grow and maintain its family of Drupal websites. ICANN publishes a wide variety of content from a shared Drupal environment across several sites. Come join a team of experienced professionals in a pleasant, educational and challenging environment! Work will be performed primarily on-site in Marina Del Rey, CA, with periodic flexibility for telecommuting. Position reports to the Manager, Web Content Development.

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Mapping legacy id to Drupal nid

I'm working on a fairly large migration project. For this project, I will be migrating legacy data into Drupal 6. For this, I would like to create a new node with a specified nid so I can import data and maintain correct paths. I have looked everywhere for any tips on how to accomplish this, however, it doesn't seem like a very common practice. I have considered adding aliases, but for my case, I really feel like if I can directly map legacy ids to drupal nids, it will really make my life easier down the road. Has anybody had success doing anything like this?

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Webform results to nodes

I recently developed a website for a film festival.
People registered their film with a webform. After that, every film had to be re-added as regular nodes to appear on the website.
I had no time at that particular time, but I thought about a module migrating webform results to nodes, like Migrate does with databases, mapping webform fields to node & cck fields.
I've found nothing similar, does someone has ever seen a module doing that?

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Idea: a settings api for drupal & the problem with the existing methods

As we all know, one of Drupal's major shortcomings is exporting configuration. I believe that the source of this problem is that there is no standard way to store and retrieve settings. Most modules use variable_get and variable_set. The problem with this is that there is no association between a variable and a module.

I propose an api for saving and retrieving settings. I am currently working on a settings module as a proof of concept.

Here is a glimpse of the current api:

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Migrate module workflow refactoring

I'm in the middle of implementing Update migrated content in-place, while thinking ahead to Workflow integration. The checkboxes on the current dashboard basically are defining a default workflow, for use by cron processing or the drush migrate all command, and adding the update option is making this just a little too complicated. So, I'm going to take a little poll here, followed by a description of what I'm thinking of in terms of a V1 dashboard and workflow approach, while anticipating a full implementation of defined workflows in a future version.

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New Handbook page: How to preserve old URLs during Drupal to Drupal migration by preserving nids and using mod_rewrite

Here it is: http://drupal.org/node/570906

Let me know if there are any grievous errors.


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