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Upload Photo link in Image Gallery

Hi Drupalers

I have a link "Upload Photo" in image-view-image-gallery.tpl.php. It is created from mytheme_preprocess_image_view_image_gallery().

function mytheme_preprocess_image_view_image_gallery(&$vars, $hook){
user_access('create images')){
$view = $vars['view'];
$links[] = array('title' => 'Upload photo', 'href' => 'node/add/image','query'=>'tid='.$view->args[1]);
$vars['links'] = $links;

Here is the code for image-view-image-gallery.tpl.php

print theme_links($links);

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Print Links in $content variable

Hi Drupalers,

I have the print module in my site. Print links are rendered into the $content variable.
But, I can't find the print links in $content in mytheme_preprocess_node().

My goal is to place the print links anywhere I like in the template file, but print links are included in the $content variable in theme level.
How can I separate the print links from the $content ?
Any idea ?

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WYSIWYG is not displayed in panel pane popup

WYSIWYG is working fine in other pages but it is not displayed in panel popup pane.
How can I make it display?

I use
Panel 6.x-3.9, TinyMCE editor
WYSIWYG 6.x-2.3
Drupal 6.

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Simulating admin block list

Hi Drupalers,

I have a registered menu ( siteadm/block/list ) referring to admin/build/block.
After submitted "Blocks" form, I want form redirection to siteadm/block/list.

I changed $form['#redirect'] in hook_form_alter of my module, but it doesn't work. What could that happen ?
It still redirects to admin/build/block.

I got to hack the core module "block".
My purpose is to let customer access to the page admin/build/block with my custom menu ( siteadm/block/list ) and I want to make the page admin/build/block as my own.

Any idea ?

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Node Editable Setting

Hi Drupalers,

Which module is suitable for the following features ?

- node editable settings in node hierarchy
- user can choose his posted node to be editable or not
- two types of editable setting :
- Inherit - node follows its parent editable setting, meaning that if parent node is editable, it can be edited, or it cannot be edited.
- Explicit - node editable setting will not depend on its parent node setting.

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Modifying "Create new blog entry" link

Hi Drupalers,

The blog module creates a link "Create new blog entry" in the page "q=blog".
It just outputs by calling theme("item_list", $links) in the function blog_page_last().

I want to override it with theme("links", $links).
How can I do this ?

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Modifying a cck text field to yield a link

Hi Drupalers,

How to modify a cck text field to yield a link ?
I have a cck text fields with validation handler valid_url(), but it renders a plain text, not a link.

I think you will have a question - why not use cck link module ?
The reason is
1) cck link not validate "http://", it accepts internal path.
2) In my custom theme, it disappeared in node creation form, but it works on other default themes.

Thus, I changed my mind to use a text field with validation handler.
Unfortunately, it doesn't render a link in node content.

Any idea ?

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Group home page style like Drupal Dojo

Hi Drupalers,

I would like to create OG group home page similar to Drupal Dojo.
The page has two tabs - View ( will be renamed as Home ) and Discussions.
The second tab is ok for me by using view template og-ghp-discuss cloning from og-ghp-ron. It shows discussions of the current group.

I'm struggling with the default tab "View". I'm finding out :
1. How to rename this tab "Home" from "View" ? ( May need to add a new tab "Home" and remove the "View" tab )
2. The Home tab will display 3 types of information ( 3 blocks ) like Drupal Dojo home page.

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Display Blocks on certain pages

Hi Drupalers,

I have two blocks - "Recent Blog Posts" and "Popular Blog Posts".
I would like to hide these blocks in all pages except blog related pages.
How can I do that ?

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Mastering Drupal: An 8 week intensive online course

2011-03-16 20:00 - 23:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

I have developed and will be teaching an 8-week intensive online course on mastering Drupal. I've built over 50 Drupal sites and have a great deal of experience training people to build sites with Drupal.

I'm also giving anyone who is a Drupal Association member or works for a nonprofit a ten percent discount.

You can read a full description of this Drupal training program here . I'll also be offering a summer bootcamp.

Thank you,
Sam Cohen

Sam Cohen, Principal

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