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Ayuda con paneles

He intendado ocultar el autor y fecha de publicaciones en el panel
[ojo: no es un tipo de contenido adjunto al panel]; Alguna idea?

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Generar un PDF desde un Panel...

Hola, quisiera convertir paneles a PDF...

¿Alguien lo ha hecho ya antes?

Muchas gracias a todos
Un saludo

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Change TAB = Page jump as TAB 2 is placed below TAB 1 when use P-TAB with Menus

Jag har lagt ut denna förfrågan som en "issue" på Panel Tabs (därav engelskan), men eftersom vi på svenska forumet är så himla smarta och skärpta så får jag kanske ett bättre svar här...;)

This is what i've done:

  1. First i do two minipanels = Business / Private - including MENUS: Business / Private - respectively.
    NOT: all menu-children are graphich .gif-picture with text changing color on default, hover and active...
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Crear una pagina Home para usuarios registrados y otra para usuarios no registrados

Hola, intento hacer mediante un panel hacer la pagina de inicio de mi web. Sin embargo, querría hacer una página para los visitantes de mi web y otra para los usuarios registrados y logeados en ese momento.

He intentado hacer una página personalizada y marcar la opción de "Hacer esta página su página de inicio" , pero no soluciono mi problema de esta manera...

¿Alguien me puede ayudar?

Muchas gracias!

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Problems exporting Panel Content

HI @all,

I have installed display suite and panels and with display suite extras I switched to panel editor in my content type display settings. Now i have chosen a layout (2 col stacked) and added content (view and some fields of my content type) to the panel.
No I want to export this all to a feature but it doesn't seam to work...In my export code there is none of these content settings.
Isn't it possible to export panel content or is there a special way for that?

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Propio panel de administración "ajeno" al de drupal

Es un poco raro lo que os voy a decir pero... allá va:

Quiero crear un panel de administración propio. Es decir, no usar el de drupal. Porque por ejemplo, si es una web para clientes, y tengo que hacer un sistema (más) fácil para el manejo de artículos, ¿cómo lo debería de hacer?

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How do I create a print layout with panels nodes


I have overridden my node template for a specific type with panels. But the print uses the default node.tpl.php file. How can I use my panels layout and use it in print, pdf?


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WYSIWYG is not displayed in panel pane popup

WYSIWYG is working fine in other pages but it is not displayed in panel popup pane.
How can I make it display?

I use
Panel 6.x-3.9, TinyMCE editor
WYSIWYG 6.x-2.3
Drupal 6.

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Unable to PDF print full variant content

I'm having trouble printing a panel variant composed of several rows, some with multiple regions. It displays properly on the website but when viewing the PDF version, some region data does not show. I would like to print all the components in the variant, including the multiple rows/regions in a single PDF file, not individual regions.

I am using the PDF option of print module, dompdf module, and dompdf lib. When I test on a simple view displaying a single node I see the PDF-version link and it displays the node content properly.

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Sidebar Filling

This idea is based on the post.

Simply described, the idea is to automatically show/add blocks, or panes in Panels, so that they only take up the same height space as the content. Then unused space will be filled with content, making the pages look better and content aligned on the height.

This could be done in various ways such as:



  • Global list of additional blocks/panes that are used in an orderly or random way to fill the spaces when the user scrolls down the page.
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