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Groups.Drupal "how-to"

Hi all,

I was just curious if anyone knew of a tutorial (video or otherwise) that described what all went into the creation of the Groups.Drupal site. Obvioulsy it utilizes all the social networking pieces that so many sites are after (my own inclulded).

Has anything been put together to document how this site was actually created? Drupal version, modules, etc. I'm primarily interested in Organic Groups, and all the related social aspects (flagging friends, etc.).


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How to watch previously recorded lessons?

I am new to Drupal and I am trying to learn more. I was able to download the screencasts but I can't figure out how to play it. I have tried in 3 difference current browsers and it's not working. Do I need to download a specific client to be able to play it?

I tried playing by opening the main HTML file in the lesson package. In this case

But this is what I get

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How to add a "more" link to the block "Group members"


I am trying to figure out how to add a "more" link to the block "Group members" provided by OG.

The "more" link should link to /og/users/groupid/faces as you did for Drupal Dojo.

Thanks in advance,


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DOJO for Drupal 6.x

Hi All,

I am looking for dojo for drupal module [ Version 6.x] . I came across a module for version 5.x but I am need of drupal module for version 6.x .

Appreciate your help .

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Looking for a module that deletes orphan free tags.

Is there a module that goes about cleaning up "orphan" free tags, i.e. free tags that are not associated with any nodes?

In general, can you share a tip to searching for modules?


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Do It With Drupal Discount for Dojo Members

Hello Drupal Dojo people!

I'd like to extend a 10% registration discount for The Do It With Drupal Seminar to everyone in the Drupal Dojo group. To receive the discount enter the code DRUPALDOJO at the checkout. This discount code expires on November 21st.

Do It With Drupal is a large-scale conference-style learning event happening in New Orleans, December 10, 11, and 12th. We've got a lot of superstar speakers from both Drupal and the greater web community. The event is being organized by Lullabot and features speakers such as Earl Miles (Views), Karen Stevenson (CCK), Moshe Weitzman (Organic Groups), John Resig (author of jQuery), Chris Pirillo (Lockergnome), Heather Champ (Flickr Community Manager), Chris Messina (Flock, DiSo, etc), Angie Byron (Drupal 7 maintainer), Addi Berry (Drupal Dojo), and many more.

For more information about the event please visit http://doitwithdrupal.com . Be sure not to miss the latest schedule and the blog for the latest news.

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Drupal 6 Lesson On Nov 23rd: Dive Into Drupal!

2008-11-23 11:00 US/Pacific
Event type: 
Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

In keeping with my "Getting Back in the Game" post, I'm ready to pick a date for the next lesson. Given the good experience, we'll try using DimDim for screen sharing to test that out.

This Sunday's lesson is going to be a general "Dive into Drupal" for those who already understand the basics of PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS, but need to wrap their heads around this crazy little thing called Drupal. My goal will be to cover these four major topics:

  • Drupal Concepts: Hooks, Nodes, Core APIs
  • NodeAPI: The Life of a Node
  • Form Alter: Tweaking UI and Behavior
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Lesson #1 Class Notes wiki -- Drupal Basics, FormAPI and CCK

Request to the Author!!
Please describe system requirements for this lesson.
What versions of PHP and Drupal are needed to accomplish given task?
I tryed it on Drupal 6.16.
form output does not work!

Complete Class Notes of First Lesson: read on, but also, type on, and execute on, till the end!

[Note: all code examples tested and run as advertised on my own test installation. Everyone should do exactly the same, so we are all on the same page, and can at some point even feel right at home doing patch reviews!!!]

An hour and a half screencap of the 1st lesson is also available (warning 90mb download). NOTE: link currently offline - will update this page when I find a good copy. Full transcript below the jump.

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