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Låta användare välja bildstil

Jag letar efter en modul som gör det möjligt för användaren att välja mellan ett par förvalda bildstilar när man skapar noden och laddar upp bilden. En bred storbild... och en för mindre bilder. Har testat aspect switcher men den ger inte möjligheten till att manuellt ställa om. Det ska gärna fungera ihop med Colorbox och Manual Crop. Kör både drupal 6 och drupal 7. Tack på förhand.

/ David

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ImageCache module does not work properly with drupal 7 & ubercart modules

i'm using drupal 7 on my website including ubercart module installed on it (
in the default drupal installation everything works good.

the problem is that when i want to use drupal's multisite feature to have another site ( product images didn't upload in the right place (on second site). and so product images are not displayed.

it seems this is the problem of the ImageCache problem because no image styles are created for the product image.
i have the same isues with the drupal 6.x

i have attached some screen shots.
please help...

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Nginx: Problem with ‘+’, ‘&’ in filename for ImageCache and unescape URLs rewrite question.

Hello, I am investigating a problem using Nginx with imagecache.

I have described the problem in the Imagecache issue queue

In a nutshell, Imagecache is not renaming files correctly on i) file upload and ii) using the Media module for accepting Youtube links. One suggestion is using a Rewrite rule for 'B' (escape backreferences) if using Apache (reported as working). However we are using Nginx.

I am using perusio config with Drupal 7.14 for testing.

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¿Es posible con Image cache action?

Buenas a todos, la pregunta es muy sencilla

Es posible crear esta secuencia de las imagenes pequeñas com se ve en con imagecache action?
Actualmente uso gallery formatter y quisera que el estilo de las imagenes pequeñas fuera como podeis ver en la url ¿es esto posible o necesitaria otro modulo?
gracias un saludo

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Off-load image thumbnail creation

Hi all,

Even cheap modern digital cameras can take pictures up to 12MP. So there comes the problem:

A user will upload many large images that will have to be cropped and scaled down twice or more times to create thumbnails, resulting in high server load and memory usage.

Is there any way available or suggestions to offload image thumbnail creation to another machine in order to save critical resources?

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Need Help with images on Openpublish install

I upload images for a new article, they don't go to the final article page. I can see them in the admin page, but not the final article page.

Looking on the server, I see the image in the sites/default/files directory, but the article is trying to call the image from the sites/default/files/imagecache/400xY/ directory.

I already checked the input formats and changed that to Full HTML. Still no luck.

I am at a loss here.

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Creating a derivative image with perspective effect

I'm working on a project where I need to append user submitted images to a specific background image as an overlay. The challenge that I have is that I need to add a slight perspective effect in addition to the overlay (i.e. a slight angle to the original picture to be used as an overlay to take into account the shape of the background image). Please see the example images attached below for the outcome I am trying to get. The original overlay image is a user submitted design that I would append at the back of a laptop screen.

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Drupal Developer | TCG

Employment type: 

Growing Opportunity for a Highly-Skilled Drupal Developer

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Import av bilder


Slänger ut en fråga som jag gått och grunnat på lite på sistone. Jag har en diger bilddatabas som ska infogas i Drupal 6 på minsta smärtsamma vis. Varje bild har två namn kopplade till sig: bidragsgivare och upphovsman samt titel, puff-text och bildtext. Dessa måste ju naturligtvis in i databasen på rätt sätt.

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Imagecache image sprite

Nutty idea of mine. Have an imagecache image sprite module. But you say you can't use a sprite in an img tag. That is incorrect because we currently do that. Proof: Do an inspect element on the deals image. Cool eh? (location hint pic)

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