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BADcamp anyone?

Anyone going to be in San Francisco this week?

I will be presenting at BADcamp - on Drupal and the
Platform Cooperativism movement. There is the Drutopia.org project that seems to fill a giant gap....

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DrupalCon 2015 Los Angeles Community Summit

Come to the Community Summit at DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015

Do you love your local Drupal community? Do you want to grow Drupal adoption in your hometown? Do you take satisfaction is providing mentorship or are you looking to pay it forward after being mentored? Are you the person who always raises their hand to help others and wants to get involved?

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Comunidade Drupal Portugal @ DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

Bom dia Portugal!

A DrupalCon Amsterdão 2014 já arrancou oficialmente e começámos o primeiro dia com Training, o Business Summit e o Community Summit.

Temos um pequeno grupo de portugueses cá e gostávamos de marcar alguma presença e de debater alguns temas, especialmente da Comunidade Portuguesa.

Sendo assim, o Community Summit, que dura todo o dia de hoje, parece ser o local ideal para isto. Que temas gostariam de ver debatidos neste Community Summit?

Juntem-se a nós no IRC no #drupal-pt @ irc.freenode.net

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Drupalcon lunchtime Gov BoF

I posted our usual drupal gov BoFs for drupalcon and noticed that there's a "Public Sector" meetup (looks like a gov meetup) at the same time, sponsored by Acquia.

I was thinking that maybe I should cancel the day 1 BoF, but am hoping for more opinions on this matter before I do.

If you're coming to Drupalcon, would you prefer to meet as a BoF or the Acquia sponsored meetup?

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Tagalog at Drupalcon Portland

Is anyone in the Philippines group planning to be at Drupalcon Portland?


If you're in Portland, and you'd like to have a chat in Tagalog, stop by the Elephant Ventures booth!

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AtDrupalCon event app

Saforian, a web design agency located in Northern Virginia, developed an event app for the upcoming DrupalCon Portland. Our fun, interactive app simplifies the event experience by showing you what’s going on at the conference and the hot spots to check out in Portland, along with making it easy to connect with other Drupal lovers. Not only is the app loaded with useful easy-to-access information but the way it's presented and its user interface are incredibly fun and interactive.

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