World of Warcraft guild website modules

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

Welcome to the World of Warcraft Guild Website working group.

In this group, I hope to accomplish:

  • Centalizing resources for Drupal admins trying to run a guild website
  • Discussion on achieving functionality
  • Leveraging existing data and services, from Blizzard(tm) and other Drupal modules
  • Potentially developing an installation profile
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Blizzard Community Platform API

Hello everyone,

I am about to release the first version of an API module used to integrate Blizzard Community Plateform API and Drupal; It need reviews and any help is appreciated.

Here is the link of the discussion:

This module is a set of a base component and products to integrate with drupal core. The Blizzard Community Platform API enables communication with the RESTful APIs exposed through the World of Warcraft community site.

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Announcing OSGameCon 2011

Announcing The First Annual Drupal Open Source Game Contest!

The BOF today was great! We made a couple of minor changes to the base rules. Also, nosro has volunteered to make a simplified version of the rules, so we can plug that in (and click through to the longer "fine print" explanations for more clarification).

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Easy method to get WowHead tooltips at website

as you know starts to provide its own tooltips system based on JavaScrips. What to do to get this unbelievable useful feature on your guild website?

First, I visited, learn a bit about syntax. I thought that best location for this script will be node.module file, just right at beginning of the file, so next I made back up of node.module file (YOUR_WEBSITE_ADDRESS/modules/node/node.module, changed its name to exp. node_.module), edited node.module in some editor (exp. Notepad from Windows) and before first "<?php" mark I added:

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Created some blocks for Progression and Recruitment

I have created a couple of blocks for a friend which gives the ability to add a block showing progression against the bosses in various zones as well as a block showing the recruitment roles available.

Available to download at

An example of the 2 modules can be seen at

Both blocks are fully configurable based on the options available from the original blocks provided for TinyPortal (SMF).

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Major issues for Drupal guild sites

Hi guys

I just joined the group, it doesn't seem to be particularly active but I'll talk into the void anyway and see if anyone replies.


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Chief Technology Officer | GameSynergies

Employment type: 
Full time

The Company

GameSynergies is a new Internet social media company, providing advanced server side social media applications to specific industries. Built on Web 3.0 technologies and principals, GS applications are highly customizable and adept at responding to the users generated requirements at the individual, group and population levels.

The Opportunity

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Another Drupal based WoW Guild website

Hey folks,

I very recently migrated our website from GuildPortal to our own host (iPage). We opted for Drupal 6 as our CMS in developing the site. You can take a look here:

This group was quite a bit of help in terms of getting some raw ideas on how to approach some of the challenges. I wanted to post and contribute our final design as well.

The site incorporates wowguild, wowcharpane and Lootz modules as well. Big props to the authors for those.


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New site Improvements

I have recently added a few new features to my site. The right side is a raid tracker that displays downed bosses when you mouse over the banner. I have also added a few new things to our application format and a few minor changes to the center column.

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wowcharsheet module

I have been working on a World of Warcraft module that caches and display wow toons on a Drupal website.

There are two separate modules:
wowcharsheet - loading (from wowarmory), caching and displaying on wow toons. Automated updates via cron.
wowguild - Extends wowcharsheet by loading guild from wowarmory given a single realm and guild name. Also adds several admin tools to users who are given the 'guild administrator' permission.

The module is currently deployed here The code can be obtained on the wowcharsheet forums. The documentation is a work in progress but please read the installation instructions. I am looking for feedback, bugs and suggestions on this module.

edit: updated live site URL due to guild change!

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WoW Raid Tracker

I am currently looking for a good module to add another good feature to my World of Warcraft Guild's website:

The only really nice module that I have found is in Joomla found on the below website:

This feature is EXACTLY what I want to have on my website... I'm not the best with coding and such, but can anyone give me any tips on how to get this type of module to work with Drupal?

Also, feel free to check out my website and comment (here or on the forums). Thank you :D

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Limited Edition WoW Theme - Drupal 6

Hi guys. I am not sure if this is appropriate, but I wanted to share a theme I have put together for WoW guilds. It's a limited edition release. Working on transferring my mains.

Anyway, please let me know what you think of it.

Paravel Alliance
Only local images are allowed.

Paravel Horde
Only local images are allowed.

Demo is at

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We Hate Pugs

Hi guys. Does not seem to be much movement in this group right now, so I thought I would post.

I'm Mike, I play a resto druid and prot pally over on Misha US.

I am currently working on a project that will give groups, IE raiding alliances made up of smaller guilds, the tools to coordinate and communicate together.

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MMO Website Tools

As a follow-up to the discussion in and I don't think it is right to start off a new group for every new MMORPG I'll post it here. If you feel this is not ok, please let us discuss about a possible start of new group for generic mmorpgs.

I started a new Google Code Project with a set of useful tools and modules built around Drupal and Bebot, a ChatBot in PHP to acquire data for the Site from Age of Conan.

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WoW guild website powered by Drupal

This is the first site I have attempted with Drupal, and as such I am sure some things were not done in the standard or proper way, but I just wanted to show what was possible using this platform. The deco theme was used and modified to our liking, so the end result is what you are seeing.

The main things on this site are:

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Item linking filter module in the works

Edit: There is now an offical project page on d.o. The module is nearly ready for a beta release, so the more people that test it, the better.

I have created a filter module for 6.x that in it's current state will allow posts containing:



[item]Earthwarden[/item] (for example)

to be converted to WoW DB links. The javascript for mouseover popups is embedded, and results are cached for performance.

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Drupal DKP

I've started working on getting DKP into our site. For now EQDKP is actually managing the DKP, and Drupal is simply querying the database directly but its a start. I'll keep things up to date in this Discussion on the progress as much as I can.

Check it out here:

And the Wiki Page:

As soon as jluster is able to get his toon management module available I'll start the real work of making a DKP system from scratch inside Drupal.

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DrOW interested Coders

Please keep in mind that this is a LFG for coders. Please do not clutter this with "I'd use this" or "When is it coming". Use the "Warcraft Guild Website Modules" group for this.


  • Jonas M Luster - already started Armory integration and some basic sketches on how to do signup/event integration.
  • Indemnity83 (Kyle Klaus) - running an active guild website with experience in php coding. plans for a integrated dkp system.
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LFG (Looking for Group) - Drupal Guild Solution

LFG - a few brave men and women to develop and maintain into perpetuity (or until you get bored or leave the game, whichever comes first) a Drupal Guild management solution with additional Drupal based aggregator (think FriendFeed, etc.) for WoW (and soon Warhammer, I can't promise much but I might get some more beta invites) events and friend-related news and updates.

The starter Wiki Page is here:

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DROW - Drupal Based World of Warcraft Guild Management

Find modules for install profile and write where we don't find, a solution for guilds to manage their website and integrate Drupal goodness and needed abilities for WoW and Warhammer Guilds.

What the software (modules) should be doing:

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Guild Website Hosting for Fun and Profit?

I was in the middle of my 3 hour car drive from NYC to Boston today, when I had the "OMG DRUPAL + MMORPG GUILD MGMT = HAPPINESS" epiphany...something I reckon most of the people in this group have already experienced. All of these different ideas flooded my mind...managing guild members, raid scheduling, forums, notifications, character item integration via XML feeds for ALL mmorpgs....not just WoW. Maybe I could combine my old passion of gaming and new passion of drupal into a an actual job!

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