This is the working group to discuss and coordinate the integration of client-side editors in Drupal core.

Developers and maintainers of client-side editors (aka. WYSIWYG) integration modules and other interested people are invited to join in and share their ideas and participate in the current efforts to build a Wysiwyg API that seamlessly integrates with Drupal core.

More information on the current status of the module can be found on the Wysiwyg project page.

Live discussions on development and support happen in #drupal-wysiwyg.

The current status, progress, and roadmap of all efforts are summarized on a special page:

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giving up on WYSIWYG - Autosave to support CK

Not exactly what i said in the title; but just thought i would repeat a post i made in the CK issue queue as i have been hounded to add support for this editor into the Autosave project. Main reason for posting was that possibly the W-API guys would correct comments i make "against" their module in case i have misspoken.


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WYSIWYG inserting internal links - I need an interface which is browseable and structured by menu/taxonomy

I'm using the WYSIWYG module but I haven't actually decided which editor I am going to use yet but I am favouring either tinymce or ckeditor. I'm looking for a nice interface for allowing users to insert internal links.

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Forcing Paste as Text in CKEditor

My client wants a rich text editor, but a lot of the content of the site will be coming from Word documents, and he also wants clean HTML, so he's insisting that all text be pasted as text only, and reformatted by hand. I agree with him, as even the "Paste from Word" command leaves a lot of messy styling in.

I've discovered that with a 1-line code change, CKEditor does exactly what we want.

The change is to the file: "sites/all/modules/wysiwyg/editors/js/ckeditor-3.0.js"

The line I added is "CKEDITOR.config.forcePasteAsPlainText = true;":


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How to change background color of ckeditor

Hello everyone,
I have been using drupal for quite a while, but am really new to the wysiwyg plugin.
Almost everything is working really fine, but my only issue is, that on of the themes I use has a dark background and white text. Editing this page with CKEditor, you can't see any text, as both background and text is white. So I am wondering, how I can change the background color (changing text color would be fine, too, but it's not really wysiwyg then anymore, is it?).

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WYSIWYG not only for node form

For some reasons, i needed to enable a wysiwyg on some system pages which are not handled by the plugin like :
- site information
- block configuration

Does anyone know how to do that on a 6.X Drupal ? I searched a lot but can't figure out how to do that.

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Linking to an anchor using TinyMCE

The issue is inserting a link to an anchor that is located on the same page which of course allows the viewer to skip to another place on the page easily.

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Wordpress-like TinyMCE configuration

Is there any way I can make TinyMCE behave the same way it does in Wordpress (same buttons, same order, same "advanced" toolbar)?
If there is any, has anyone managed to accomplish that?

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Module not compatible with newest version of TinyMCE?

I just installed WYSIWYG on a fresh Drupal 6.19.
I wanted to use it in combination with TinyMCE, so I downloaded that too (version, unzipped it and uploaded it to the specified folder (sites/all/libraries/tinymce).
However, I cannot really TinyMCE, as WYSIWYG tells me following error: "The version of TinyMCE could not be detected."
I double-checked all the paths and it seems right to me, even the library can be found under the specified path (sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js).

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Integration with less module for CSS

Hi people,

I have been using the LESS CSS Preprocessor module (http://drupal.org/project/less) for my projects.

I currently use TinyMCE as the WYSIWYG library. I noticed that when the theme CSS option is used for the editor CSS, my theme stylesheet files, that are in less, don't load properly. They appear in the list of css files, but with the less extension, so the features that the less preprocessor provides are ignored.

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Hi all,
Pretty new to Drupal in general.
I've noticed that none of the WYSIWYG editors I've installed are working properly.
I mean, I can see the actual editor plus the functions and buttons I have configured, and I can also see the changes I'm implementing in the content I am creating, but after publishing it - the changes do not apply anymore.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

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CK Editor / Wysiwig image path issues

Have installed CKEditor (eventually) on a test site within a folder called "drupal" on a 1and1 hosted site.
All is well but when uploading an image it won't display in the preview or live.

The image is getting saved in this path: "/drupal/sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckfinder/core/connector/php/images".
However the wysiwig thinks they're saved here: "/drupal/sites/all/sites/default/files/images/"

I'm not fussed where the images are saved, I just want to get them to display correctly and can't see an obvious place to configure the path to images within drupal.

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How to get new editing features as buttons?

I have this question especially for qtip (Stylish jQuery Tooltips), but it's a general issue; how to get other and new editing features as buttons inside editors as : WYSIWYG, CKEditor, Whizzywig and XStandard ??!

See: How can we get buttons of qtip inside the best editors? - http://drupal.org/node/916000

For sites where a lot of people can post and respond, it would be more easy and feature rich, if we can make it easy for them to quickly find all the editing features (back), while a button can be quicker than thinking about the format and typing the code.

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Possibility of including elRTE as plugin.

It is made only with jQuery and jQuery-UI. Knowing that Drupal 7 will be included in the core library jQuery UI is an interesting idea for the community.

Home: http://elrte.org/demo/
Home plugin files: http://elrte.org/elfinder/demo

Issue: http://drupal.org/node/896960

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Does WYSIWYG-module conflict with CKeditor-module?

I've reported a strange bug to the issues of CKeditor. It seems that the WYSIWYG (6.x-2.1) conflicts with the CKeditor (6.x-1.1) module.

Does Anyone have an idea what the problem could be?

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wysiwyg + ckeditor + skins?

there is a problem with skin load in our precious module. all of buttons are in one group and there is no chance to wrap a toolbar with that bug, so it has almost 800px sometimes.

it is something like this: http://drupal.org/files/issues/ckscreen.jpg

is someone going to fix this? if yes when?

similiar topics:

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Help finding a multi page solution

So I am trying to create a Tutorial node type (similar to instructables) that has multiple pages, which are then rendered into a tabbed interface on the node page. This is what I have got so far http://robotgeek.flpvp.com/tutorials/admin/tutorial-page-reordering
If you look at the html, I've taken textarea fields and put them into a



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WYSIWYG inline image uploading

Modules supporting uploading images inline into WYSIWYG textareas.
If you are looking for more detailed reviews, check this wiki post

WYSIWYG integrated

Must have (criterias):
- Must have a kind of a dialog to add it inline - so integrate with the WYSIWYG editor in kind of a way

Name Releases Description Usage
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WYSIWYG editor without input filter dialog?


I have a custom node content type with multiple text areas. The input filter for those textareas should be fixed ("Filtered HTML"), so I don't want to show the filter selection dialog in my form.

$form['set']['f1']['f1'] = array(
    '#type' => 'textarea',
    '#title' => 'Title',
    '#default_value' => $node->f1,
$form['set']['f1']['format'] = filter_form(4, NULL, array('f1_format'));  // don't want this!

How can I get WYSIWYG to work on those textareas despite the missing input filter selection?


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Link "Disable rich text" appears, but no editor

Hello, i'm using Drupal 6 with openWYSIWYG 1.4 and WYSIWYG 2.

Here's what i did:

1) download and install WYSIWYG
2) download and put OpenWYSIWYG in the right folder
3) enable OpenWYSIWYG for the HTMLeditor input format

Now, if i go to node/add and select the HTMLeditor input format, a "Disable rich text" link appears, but clicking on it is useless, and no editor appears. I tried to add a button, still no results.

Any help for debugging this problem?

Thanks a lot! =)

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WYSIWYG editor is stripping tags

I have wysiwyg and CKEditor and added the wysiwyg filter. When I use the font-size and font-family buttons in CKEditor, the formatting shows correctly in the creation, but not in the display, so it seems the HTML tags are being stripped.

Rich text from the text box shows the following tags being used:

Testing 2 more testing

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