This is the working group to discuss and coordinate the integration of client-side editors in Drupal core.

Developers and maintainers of client-side editors (aka. WYSIWYG) integration modules and other interested people are invited to join in and share their ideas and participate in the current efforts to build a Wysiwyg API that seamlessly integrates with Drupal core.

More information on the current status of the module can be found on the Wysiwyg project page.

Live discussions on development and support happen in #drupal-wysiwyg.

The current status, progress, and roadmap of all efforts are summarized on a special page:

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Interests to have web fonts in wysiwyg editor

Hi All,

We are thinking about creating a plugin/API for the editor that will have web fonts in font dropdown menu, so users can edit with real fonts just like we select fonts in font dropdown menu in Word or other desktop editors. Something like: http://thewebfonts.com/editor/demoPageEnglish.html ; see the fonts which are web fonts using CSS @font-face using the web fonts from http://webfonts.fonts.com
My questions are:
1. Will people like it? how attractive is this feature?
2. What features you like to see, the editor plugin and/or API?


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Wysiwyg Javascript Errors in IE - "Object doesn't support this property or method"

Hey All,

I'm using the WYSIWYG module (version 6.x-2.1) on my Drupal 6.x install. I'm using it in conjunction with Tiny MCE 3.2.6.

Everything works fine in Firefox, but in IE I am getting the following javascript error:

Object doesn’t support this property or method
tiny_mce.js Line: 1

Object doesn’t support this property or method
wysiwyg.js Line: 199 Code: 0 Line: 5

I upgraded Tiny MCE from 3.2.6 to the latest 3.3.6, but this did not fix the issue.

I also installed the NicEdit editor, but the same JS error showed up:

Object doesn’t support this property or method

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Clean way to add Theme specific editor options

Is there a clean way to add some theme specific editor options (configuration) in a way that neither a Wysiwyg module update nor editor update would overwrite them? For example if you wanted to combine CKEditor with the marinelli theme (see http://drupal.ckeditor.com/tricks), what is the cleanest way to do so (using Wysiwyg module)? I'm inclined to suggest new configuration field for such cases (see http://drupal.org/node/313497), so there would always be at least a dirty way to make such modifications without directly hacking the module/editor.

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Include on specific pages/forms/textareas?

Is there any way to include WYSIWYG editors (TinyMCE in my case) only on specific pages/forms/textareas? I remember that this function was in some release of FCKeditor (6.x) & TinyMCE (5.x) plugins but I can't find it when using TinyMCE with WYSIWYG plugin... (6.x)

Thanks for help.

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Getting GeSHi Filter Working on CKEditor (using Wysiwyg)

I have searched around for this, and have tried multiple approaches. I have enabled and disabled, installed, removed and reinstalled modules, but I can't get this to work. I'm probably missing something minor, so I'm going to try the community option now.

Currently I have the following (relevant) modules installed: GeSHi field, GeSHi filter, GeSHi node, WYSIWYG, IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge, Wysiwyg, CKEditor. All of them are in site/all/modules, except for CKEditor, which only worked with wysiwyg if I put it inside libraries.

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Where is API documentation?

Is there any documentation on the API for WYSIWYG?

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FCK Editor file browser configuration

Hi guys
I have upgraded to the latest version of WYSIWYG module and loaded the FCK editor code into the libraries folder as required. The editor works fine apart from file browsing and image uploading.
In the previous module I had image uploading abilities. Is there a change I need to make to the editor code to get image uploads working with the new WYSIWYG module? How can I enable the built in file borwser.
I can't use other modules to facilitate the image uploading, it has to be the built in file browser.
Thanks in advance.

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How to configure toolbars in TinyMCE?


I've just installed wysiwyg and TinyMCE, it works fine, but is there a way to further customize toolbars in TinyMCE? I did set buttons in wysiwyg configuration, but how do I add separators and determine which buttons go to which toolbar row?


Mario B.

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A new userfriendly image upload module: wysiwyg image upload

Since 3 months WYSIWYG image upload is available and is on its way to establish a new way and simplicitiy in uploading and placing images into the WYSIWYG editors (screencast). I thint the module got pretty stable and has some interesting features build in.

Only local images are allowed.

Highlights are:



  • User Interface: Easy and fast user interface for image uploading
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    PHP Developer | CKSource

    Employment type: 
    Full time

    Location: Poland

    We're looking for a PHP master to join our team, the official developers of CKEditor and its Drupal module.

    CKSource is a successful company with thousands of customers all around the world, including top names like IBM and Oracle. Our company is growing fast, with impressive results on sales. This strong growth expands our range of opportunities, followed by the growth of our team. Take this change and join us!

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    Advanced JavaScript Developer | CKSource

    Employment type: 
    Full time

    We're looking for 2 JavaScript gurus to join our team, the official developers of CKEditor and its Drupal module.

    CKSource is a successful company with thousands of customers all around the world, including top names like IBM and Oracle. Our company is growing fast, with impressive results on sales. This strong growth expands our range of opportunities, followed by the growth of our team. Take this change and join us!

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    CKeditor mediaembed plugin

    Is there a way to get the CKeditor mediaembed plugin to work with WYSIWYG? With the CKeditor module, it requires uncommenting a couple lines of code in the ckeditor.config.js file and adding 'MediaEmbed' to one of the toolbars in the same file. Is there an equivalent way to do this in the WYSIWYG module?

    For reference:
    plugin download: http://www.fluidbyte.net/index.php?view=embed-youtube-vimeo-etc-into-ckeditor
    how-to install: http://jesox.com/posts/how-add-youtube-vimeo-or-any-other-embed-content-ckeditor

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    How to add CSS in TinyMCE editor window for plugin

    Hi all,

    I've created a plugin for TinyMCE under Wysiwyg. Currently I'm adding my custom CSS in mymodule_init() and that works fine for displaying the node, but the CSS doesn't make its way into the editor textarea. If I manually specify the file under the Wysiwyg options (Define CSS) then it works great, but that's not very nice. I imagine there's a simple way of adding my CSS file to the editor when my plugin's enabled?

    Any ideas much appreciated.



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    Drupal 6 and AHAH forms

    I have a custom form with some WYSIWYG fields. The editor loads properly on the fields, but during an AHAH submit the default value of the field is posted, ignoring any changes I've made. My site is Drupal 6, running Wysiwyg 6.x-2.0, NicEdit 0.9 (and FCKeditor 2.6.6 elsewhere).

    Based on a little research it looks like the issue might be that the editors are not being detached before the form is posted via AHAH: http://drupal.org/node/316225 However, seeing as how that discussion is for Drupal 7.x, I was uncertain if the patch provided might help me out. Any pointers? Thanks!

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    How to get smileys to display inline?

    Hi there to you all,

    I recently used WYSIWYG api (6.x-2.0) to install the TinyMCE editor (Version 3.3b1) in an Open Atrium install. The problem I now have is that the smileys / emotions are not displayed inline but on a new line. How can I fix that?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Wysiwyg - cannot get TinyMCE editor working

    Hi All

    I am setting up my first Drupal site and I cannot get the TinyMCE text editor to display on the screen when I create new content or edit existing content.

    So far, I have:
    1. Installed the WYSIWYG module as outlined at:

    1. Installed the TinyMCE Editor

    2. Applied the patch found at:

    3. In the Wyswiwyg options, chosen TinyMCE 3.3 as my editor for Filtered HTML & Full HTML and used the Edit operation to turn on every available button

    4. Cleared my site's cache

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    Wysiwyg doesn't detect any editor!


    Ive installed Wysiwyg and all of the editors that appear in the Installation instructions but still Wysiwyg wont detect any of them. Everything is in the right place (i think) so i dont know what am i doing wrong. Please help..

    i uploaded a sprint screen you can check out.


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    Can anyone give advice on the install?

    I am trying to install Wysiwyg and I have all the components configured properly except YUI editor and FCKeditor. I am using version 6. The YUI editor has all the files in the correct places as far as I can tell and still cannot be detected and the FCKeditor the install linked to is called the ckeditor and also cannot be detected. Has anyone encountered this issue before? Thanks.

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    CKEditor with core upload functionality

    Hello everybody,
    I couldnt find any doc for how to enable CKEditor image upload. I just want to use simple "upload and insert" functionality. I enabled Upload core module but couldnt see any upload tab on Ckeditor's image window.

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    Forthcoming Media Alpha!

    So we're this close to an alpha for the Media module (for d7). There are only a few outstanding critical alpha-blocking issues that need to be resolved. I'd hoped to have it today, but it looks like it'll probably be Monday.

    Next week is the time for you to jump in if you're interested in developing for the project! It's been loads of fun, from the initial discussions and plans over a year ago with arthurf, dopry, drewish, Roger López, myself and others, to fantastic core Drupal 7 integration of stream wrappers by pwolanin and GSOC student jmstacey, to some powerhouse #d7ux magic by mverbaar and Jody Lynn, to the latest overhaul introducing Media fieldable entities (with an eye for core Drupal 8) and WYSIWYG integration by JacobSingh and dipen chaudhary, with some potential upcoming fine-tuning from jQuery guru dmitrig01.

    If you're interested, join us in IRC at #drupal-media. After giving the module a spin (you'll need Drupal 7 Alpha 1, Media, Styles, and WYSIWYG + CKEditor, and optionally Media: Flickr and/or Media: YouTube), you should subscribe to the Issue queue. (You can also see recent screenshots at AaronWinborn.com.)

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