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In August of 2006, I wrote a blog post about Drupal for Documents. In that post I outlined some of the modules that could be used together to build a document management system in Drupal.

This group is for the discussion of best practices for storing files in Drupal, consideration of improvements and modules that could help improve the process, and for other document related issues in Drupal.

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Greeting, I'm eager to correspond more about Drupal and document management.

I've been experimenting with Document and Filedepot. What do you all think about those two. What else should one consider?

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What are you thoughts on DocumentLocator's DMS

I've had nothing but good success using DocumentLocator as my document management software solution, but would like to know what others think. Has anyone else used this before or are you even aware of it? My favorite part is how easily it integrates with Windows and Office. Hit me up if you have any questions, but you can find more information here:

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Drupal Web Developer | MIT

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

DESCRIPTION: Drupal Web Developer, MIT Science and Technology Center, Cambridge, MA; to work with Center management to develop and support existing Drupal systems and applications for a National Science Foundation Center for Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems (EBICS) ( Program activities span the fields of microfluidics, biomaterials, nanomechanics, and biological imaging as applied to basic research in biological systems and the development of molecular- or cell-based assays.

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Seeking expert advice from Drupal module developer

I am looking for some expert advise from Drupal module developer. We have found the existence of module for document management software. Unfortunately we use different document management software.

In order to manage our website content we are planning to migrate to Drupal. Do any of you have ever used Content Central - document management software from Ademero ( )

If not what type of information you will need to know whether it is possible to develop module for this document management software.

They use SQL server.

Thanks in advance

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Database development prior to MySQL

I am seeking advice about what might be the best database program to use to create a large pre-MySQL database, from which I will select the content to export/import/enter into a Drupal MySQL database.

I am developing my first Drupal site -- a web portal where information will be organized by relevance to various generations. The site will launch with a Baby Boomer orientation, with information organized for various baby boomer niches, and then expand to serve more generational niches.

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Technical Documentation with Drupal - Help with Starting Place


I'm a complete Drupal noob, tasked with creating technical documentation on a short budget. From what I've seen, Drupal as a front end will work, but I have no idea what modules to use or where to begin. Please review the requirements below and provide any pointers you can.

Many thanks!


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E-Signature Hackathon

2011-05-14 (All day) - 2011-05-15 (All day) UTC
Event type: 
Related event (ie. not Drupal specific)

Are you working with clients who have document, contract, or agreement signing that could be automated and integrated into their site? Do you want to develop the skills to offer the technology in your own business (like me)? Where there are papers to sign there is usually value nearby. Are you up for fun competition, meeting other developers, and contributing back to the community?

If this sounds interesting, then join our team for an electronic signature weekend hackathon!

Go here for more information:

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My choice : no DMS in Drupal but Drupal connected to a nice open source DMS solution : Maarch

Maarch is a small but growing French company based in Nanterre ( near Paris ).
They are very interested in the project of interfacing drupal and Maarch (via web services) and are willing to invest in this project.

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Secure Document Management solution - the filedepot module

The filedepot module is a feature rich application for managing and sharing files securely across your organization or user community. The module is easy to install as it only requires the base CCK and filefield modules. The filedepot module has been developed to provide the user with an easy to use functions to search, download, edit and add documents. The user interface has been developed with design cues from Google Docs and makes extensive use of modern web application technologies to behave like a desktop application.

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Document Management : Allow DAV API Clients to specify non-root parent collection.


I posted the below as a feature request in the DAV API issue queue

Thought it might interest some people here so here it is :

Fixing a small bug caused by a conflict between File Server and File Relation Server made me dream again about what I first dreamt about when I tried File Server. Imagine! No more dictatorship of the hierarchical folder structure! Multi-parent taxonomies, graph-like access to files... Very inspiring :) Here's maybe one way to go down this route.

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Drupal-Experienced Developer | Westgate Business Services

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

I'm looking for an individual or group to complete the following start-to-finish Drupal implementation for my company. If you are interested, send me your info and if everything looks good, I'll send you the design document and setup a meeting.


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So has anyone set up a DMS with Drupal + Solr ?

Now that [edit Solr ] apachesolr has moved on considerably, I was wondering if anyone has used it's full text indexing of documents combined with the taxonomy, and access control of drupal as part of a DMS.

I tried this a year ago, couldnt get it working and ended up with a Knowledge Tree/Drupal integrated solution, which seems good at the time, but in use was too disparate. I want it in Drupal (!), not another system.

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Webserver authentication + LDAP

I am working on a drupal site that will be used within a corporate intranet. One of the challenges I have been working through is automatic authentication with our Active Directory server.

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Drupal Programmer / Site Administrator | Allen Trent Associates, Inc.

Employment type: 
Full time

About Us:
Allen Trent Associates, Inc. is a management services consulting company. We provide our employees excellent benefits, including flexible work hours, Telecommuting from your home office, a Retirement plan, Health coverage and more. Total compensation package, 40’s.

About You:
You are highly organized, have excellent communication skills and are able to work independently in a virtual organization environment.

If you are being considered for this position you definitely have:

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Drupal Developer | Ballet Preljocaj - Aix-en-Provence

Employment type: 

We're looking for a drupal 5 feature/development which will allow us to edit multiple images at once, using different types of cck fields and taxonomy terms.

NB.: We're using, between others, the image.module (v.1.6), the contributed image_import.module, the cck_taxonomy_ssu.module

If you're interested, please contact us through my contact form with an approximate price for your service.



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Drupal Trainee Developer - DMS/GED | Ballet Preljocaj - Aix-en-Provence

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Not allowed


Sorry, I just can't post more.

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Document management needed

I am looking for a module that will do the following:

  • Multiple uploads at once (drag and drop would be nice).
  • Directory browsing of these files or something similar.
  • Simple links for search engine crawling.
  • Incorporate Drupal security to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Ability to organize files by directory.

Does such a module or group of modules exist that will accomplish each of these tasks?

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How to create a Node with VCS capabilties

I'd like to a CCK content type with a file field. However I'd like the File to be VCSed, meaning that when the file is changed it will be logged. As far as I understand Jakob's new module is not connected to a specific node.

I'd like to use such a thing in order to build a system which accepts files, and allows adding more data, that later could be used to filter the nodes, i.e. files.

Any idea how to?


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