Google Highly Open Participation Contest (GHOP)

Welcome to the working group for the Google Highly Open Participation Contest (GHOP). Students, feel free to post here with your questions! Community members, please help the students over any hurdles, and also use this group to brainstorm about additional GHOP tasks.

You can view, claim or add tasks on our Drupal GHOP Issues List.

NOTE: You only have until midnight, February 4, 2008 Pacific Time to complete your tasks and have them reviewed and marked closed!

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Welcome to Drupal's GHOP group!

Join up and feel free to use this group to discuss the Drupal GHOP Contest. Please introduce yourself to the group by leaving a comment on the Introducing Yourself post and tell us a little about yourself, how you came to the contest and what you are (or would like to) work on.

Talk about the contest can range from questions you may have about how to accomplish certain tasks to observations you have about working with the Drupal community in the course of the contest. This isn't only for participating students but also for students who are just checking this whole thing out and for community members who wish to help by answering questions or brainstorming new task ideas.

If you're interesting in helping to manage the program, please subscribe to the issue updates and check out the notes for admins page.

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Introducing Yourself

I will kick off the introductions with a rather short post breaking the ice and introducing myself. My name is Matt Westlake, and I am an 18 yo student from Adelaide, Australia. I am currently nearing the end of my High School examinations. I have been lurking around the Drupal Project for around 2 years, but tend to play around in the theming arena. I plan to use GHOP to do more work in module building.
My Goals and projects of choice for GHOP are as follows

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Google Code-in

Hi GHOP-ers,

Google is doing a program that is the successor to GHOP called Google Code-in (GCI). Just a heads-up, since some of you are probably still age 13-18 high school students and can participate again. For more information, please see the post on Thanks!

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Important Prize Information

Hi Everyone

Students: Please read this message, even if you have already submitted your prize claim form. You may still need to do one more thing to get your prizes.

  1. If you have not already claimed your prize, you are in luck. Google has extended the deadline by one week. You now must submit your prize claim form by Friday, 29 February at 8:00 UTC. You can find all instructions for submitting your prize claim
    form here:
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Welcome to DROP!

I'd just like to give a warm welcome to everyone involved with DROP- students, mentors, and admins alike! For those of you that don't know, DROP is a successor to the just-closed GHOP program- we want all that learning and contributing to continue all year. So, head on over to the DROP site, sign up for a task, or create one yourself. Let us know how we can help you!

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A Message to the Admins

Now that the contest is over, and all the winners have been announced*, I wanted to take a moment to thank the administrators, mentors, task-suggestors, and everyone else who kept this running smoothly over the past few months.

As one of the students, I can't say how great it felt to know that, not only was I helping a project which I am using on a regular basis, but that there were people out there who genuinely wanted to help me get stuff done on Drupal, and were willing to work with me as I made a complete fool out of myself. :)

Thanks a lot guys, you rock!


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Make sure to claim your GHOP prizes

Hey everyone

If you haven't done so already, please go to for information on how to claim your prizes. You'll need to fill out a form with your mailing address and the list of tasks you completed and send that to Google. You should have already sent in your parental consent form. If not, information on how to do that is at

Let us know if you have any questions.

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Help the Project* module! Help get aclight to DrupalCon Boston!

Some of you may have seen Kieran Lal's pitch to the Drupal community to help get Derek Wright (dww) and Chad Phillips (hunmonk) to DrupalCon Boston to work on the crucial Project* modules, and many of you chipped in to help Derek and Chad reach their goals. But the project* team can still use your help!

Adam Light (aclight on is also trying to get to DrupalCon to work on Project*, and trust me, it will be worth ten times whatever you can give. I have only had limited interactions with Adam, who I don't know personally, but even those limited interactions have blown my socks off. Adam was a tireless volunteer for the GHOP program, and his work with these students was truly out of this world (take a look at any of the GHOP issues that Adam helped out with and you'll see what I'm referring to). As Webchick noted on her blog post asking for help for Adam and Jimmy "boombatower" Berry: "Adam was the one primarily carrying the torch during the latter half of the GHOP program, and was critical to ensuring its success."

I happened upon a blog post Adam wrote in which he requested assistance on the DrupalCon Boston feed, and I think that Adam is a bit too modest to post his request here, so that's why I'm writing this. Here's how Adam describes his contributions to Drupal:

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Personal Thoughts On Learning Usability And Usability Resources

Recently, a GHOP student asked me for some help in dealing with usability issues in drupal contrib and wanted to know about resources for learning usability. Here I've published my response for others' benefit too:


I consider myself a usability student. I'm definitely not a usability expert -- although I have a strong interest in it and I pursue that interest aside from my paid work, mostly through drupal. Anyway, here are my thoughts;

Like many things in life, I think usability is one of those things many people just 'get' naturally. I call this 'usability sense'. It's also possible to 'learn' usability and improve usability sense, knowledge and understanding through practice, literature and other resources.

In this way 'learning usability' is a lot like learning to play music. Many people 'get' music straight away. They learn the tools (their musical instruments) and then they're away.

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Front-page GHOP final status report

Below is a draft of the front-page final status report on GHOP. Feedback is appreciated. :)

Only local images are allowed.
Note: This post assumes that you are aware of the Google Highly Open Participation Contest. If not, see that link, or listen to the latest Lullabot podcast about GHOP.

Since our last status report on January 2, 2008:

  • An additional 12 students have taken on tasks from the Drupal project, bringing our total to 54 student participants.
  • 11 new students have completed one or more tasks, bringing our total to 49, which means that Drupal has just gained that many AWESOME contributors! Of that number, approximately 65% are brand new contributors who came to the Drupal project because of this contest.
  • There have been a total of 136 tasks completed so far, which is more than double the last report, which marked us at 67 completed tasks. This means that 69 new tasks to benefit the community have been done in just the last month. The leaders in terms of raw task numbers are boombatower (12) and Corsix (15), with cwgordon7 (9), kourge (9) and ezyang (10) coming up behind. As their high user ids indicate, all of these top students except kourge and cwgordon7 were brought to Drupal from the GHOP program— and they are planning on remaining long-term contributors to the Drupal community.
  • Thanks to everyone for all of the community support we've received on this project! Your help made it possible for these students to experience the power of an awesome open source community, and gave the community a big boost in the number of contributors.

This is it, GHOP is over! However, judging from it's success, we feel confident that this program will be repeated again next year. There will also be a session on GHOP at Drupalcon if you're interested in learning more about the program and what has been achieved in the past two months.

Read on for a description of the tasks that have been completed since the last status update.

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Issue Tracker Comparison: Project issue tracking module vs. Google code tracker

For the past two months, I have been acting as one of the administrators of the Drupal side of the Google Highly Open Participation program (GHOP for short). Briefly, this is a contest that is sponsored by Google in which secondary students (ages 13-18) can claim and complete short one week tasks created by the Drupal community for cash prizes. One of the requirements of the program is that everyone has to use the Google Code task/issue tracker for tracking the "official" progress of the students throughout their tasks. As I have been pretty involved with development of our own issue tracker (the Project issue tracking module used on, I thought it would be useful to provide a comparison of the features of these two different systems and make some suggestions of how we can improve the Project issue tracking module to make it even better than it already is.

I'll start by giving an introduction to the main issue tracking features of both the Project issue tracking module and the Google code tracker. I'll also give a description of the administrative user interface from an individual project owner/maintainer's perspective. Next, I'll provide a feature comparison and point out the pros and cons of both systems. Finally, I'll provide some recommendations on specific areas where we can add or improve the Project issue tracking module to make it better than it already is. I want to point out that I am not mentioning any of the features of either tracker that allow it to interface with code, releases, or repositories since we did not use any such features for the GHOP program and thus I would not be able to make a fair comparison.

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Claiming Your GHOP Prizes


I'm passing along a message from Leslie Hawthorn, the director of GHOP at Google. She has asked us to make sure that all of our students get this and know to subscribe to the ghop-announce mailing list so you will know how to claim your prizes.

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"After GHOP: the plan" as posted in the other thread, except as a wiki page.

Posted below is that plan as a wiki page. Everyone, feel free to edit it; just don't start a flame war ;) .


Ok, it sounds like people think this is generally a good idea. Here is a rough draft of how it's going to work. Nothing here is set in stone: I'll let everyone else argue over the specifics ;) .

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Click Heat Map Support

I recently compiled a report,, on three click heat map frameworks and how they related to Drupal. In the report I suggested that ClickHeat he be integrated into Drupal.

The issue suggested that I explain how to setup a server to collect data using the click heat map. To do so few changes would have to be made to the base Drupal installation.

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Usability in GHOP

I have created a series of four usability testing tasks in the GHOP programme. Each one tests a different area of Drupal:

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After GHOP...

Although it's very depressing and sadful, GHOP is drawing to a close. The question remains: what do we do now? We have many tasks that still need doing, yet we haven't had time to get to. We also have many, many, many awesome new contributors to Drupal, with nowhere to go. Let's avoid the two obvious paths of failure: for the tasks to be abandoned or the students to leave Drupal, never to come back again.

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Sessions on GHOP and the Community Wanted For Drupalcon 2008

My name is Matthew Pare and I'm a Co-Chair for the "Community and Core" track for Drupalcon Boston 2008. Over the last couple of weeks we have been planning and brainstorming to make Drupalcon Boston 2008 the best Drupalcon to date! One of our recommended track session topics is "GHOP in the Community" and since your viewing this post on the "GHOP" group I thought you would be excellent candidates for submitting sessions on the topic.

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GHOP #127: Benchmark results table

I need a table for #127, so it will go here :)
This table is now fully complete :)



Test Page Caching Drupal 5 requests/sec Drupal 5 overalltime Drupal 6 requests/sec Drupal 6 overalltime % differences for Drupal 6(based on requests/s)

Index with 30 nodes No 3.64 55.13 3.4258.46 -06%

normal 136.62 Read more
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GHOP Session @ Drupalcon

As you've no doubt heard, Drupalcon Boston 2008 is on the way March 3 - 6, 2008. I've been contacted by the folks organizing the Community and Core track, and they're very interested in a session at Drupalcon about GHOP. :)

I figure we can have an agenda something like:

  • What the heck is GHOP?
  • What were the final outcomes of the contest? (statistics)
  • GHOP students in attendance get up and show off their cool work
  • Show off some other cool work done by students who couldn't attend
  • GHOP students and administrators talk a bit about their experiences, what worked/didn't work, and how to continue the "GHOP spirit" post-GHOP.
  • Q/A


  1. Are you a GHOP student (or admin) planning on attending? If so, leave a comment!
  2. Does that agenda sound ok? Too boring? Missing stuff? What do you think?

Let's try and get a proposal together by next Friday, so I can get it into the folks.


  • add1sun (GHOP admin)
  • Bevan (GHOP mentor - usability tasks)
  • birdmanx35 (GHOP student)
  • chx (GHOP mentor - simpletest/benchmarking tasks, plus everything else ;))
  • cwgordon7 (GHOP student)
  • dmitrig01 (GHOP mentor/general helper-outer/awesome person :))
  • EclipseGc (GHOP mentor - theming/UI tasks)
  • webchick (GHOP admin)

Not sure

  • aclight (GHOP admin)
  • boombatower (GHOP student)

Not coming :(
* Corni (GHOP student)
* Corsix (GHOP student)
* kourge (GHOP student)

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GHOP #136: Improve coder_format checklist

This page is for tracking the findings of GHOP #136 in coder_format of the coder module.

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