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Implementing Couchbase vs Redis for Drupal 7 site with horizontal scaling

We're ll the process of moving our Drupal 7 online app platform site to a major cloud provider that will include horizontal scaling (multiple nodes for Frontend as well as multiple nodes for MariaDB). We're now considering the optimal solution to scale caching.

We are contemplating substituting standard memcache server with either internal Couchbase memcache server or Redis. The goal is to optimize performance of the site.

We are also contemplating upgrading from php v5.4 to php7.

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¿Problemas con Varnish? mi propia dirección IP golpea mi servidor


Desde hace varios días recibo alertas en mi servidor, de alta actividad (consultas), curiosamente proveniente de mi propia dirección server IP. Hay por lo menos tres golpes por segundo y eso rateliza mi servidor.

Actualmente uso Varnish y Memcache, pero mi proveedor me informa que se trata de un problema de Drupal. En mi sitio no tengo gran cantidad de plugins, sino sólo los básicos que recomienda Drupal.

Su apoyo para ver de que se trata.

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Varnish, Memcache y RAM de servidor

Saludos amigos

Tengo instalado Varnish y Memcache en un Server virtual con 3.5 de memoria RAM. Mi duda es si realmente necesito ambos ya que he soportado hasta 700 usuarios conectados simultáneamente sin problemas. No obstante ahora requiero instalar otros servicios adicionales en el Server. Me gustaría ahorrar RAM y según leí, Memcached usaba regular RAM en un servidor ¿si retiro memcached y no solo lo desactivo, lograré un ahorro de RAM? ¿Es efectivo reemplazar Memcache por Boost?

Gracias por su apoyo

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Experienced Senior Developer for Music Startup

Senior Developer - Join our team

Full-Time competitive salary plus equity options
United Kingdom
London or Norwich or remote working


Join our groundbreaking Music-Tech Startup which has been receiving international recognition for its disruptive solution for the entertainment industry. “Best European Startup 2014” SXSW Hatch.

We are looking for a highly motivated individual, passionate about cutting edge technology, with the drive to lead our tech team and steer our innovative product forward in this exciting new market space.

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Mobile detection and Varnish, using HTTP Headers

Hi all

I am working on a fairly large site for which we have recently built a responsive template, but want to push the mobile/desktop abilities further by using some form of mobile detection.

The site is built mainly off Views and Contexts, and I have therefore been looking at using a Context + Mobile Detection combo to serve a few different blocks. I have tested with Context Breakpoints, Context Mobile Detect, and more.

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Drupal Web Administrator | Athreya, Inc.

Employment type: 
Not allowed

1+ years of Drupal experience
Understanding of the full Drupal stack (front and back end) including drush, varnish, and cloud based deployments
Minimum 1 year of experience coding semantically-correct, standards-compliant websites with HTML, CSS, JSON, XML and JavaScript
Proficient with code repositories including Git and SVN specifically
Demonstrated proficiency with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS3, jQuery, and pure JavaScript
Collaborate with the design team on the overall visual design for the application, including branding and navigational elements

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Varnish with Apache or NginX & php-fpm

I "think" I managed to get php-fpm working reasonably well with my Centos apache server. Running memcached and apc with 2GB of RAM on a VPS.

I am now planning to tackle Varnish. My question is should I be running Nginx for the varnish "static" anon content and/or the entire Drupal 7 site?

Looking around the web, there appear to be many examples of deploying Varnish with Nginx, not so much with apache?

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Pressflow / Varnish - Removed Google Analytics cookies still stopping response header 'age'?

Currently using Drupal 6 / Pressflow on Apache with Google Analytics installed. We have Varnish 2.1.5 running on port 80 in front of Apache.

In the attached Varnish VCL (based on Lullabot's example -, I have (probably redundant) regex filtering Google Analytics cookies, as well as a general 'remove all cookies except sessions' rule in sub vcl_recv.

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Backend caching forms?

We have a fairly normal multi-server setup: haproxy -> varnish -> drupal

We have drupal using a single memcache instance for all the caches except cache_form (we had 2 for redundancy, but since we're trying to debug this problem we're running it on a single instance).

All the urls that contain '/admin' are excluded from varnish (even though the cookie does that too, we just wanted to make sure this was not the problem).

So what happens is: a lot of the backend forms get cached.

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Using Multisite for Performance/Scaling Reasons pt 2

Hi All!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday period :)

I've been thinking a lot about using multisite to reach the outcomes I desire in terms of performance/redundancy, and have firmed the concept up into the attached diagram.

Having never actually used multisite before I'm still coming to grips with some aspects, but as far as I can see there's no reason why I can't easily share nodes, users and sessions between the sites? Whilst allowing me to have certain modules turned on only for some subsites and not others?

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