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This group is dedicated to solutions and approaches for high traffic, high performing Drupal sites. As such, it will deal with a lot of information around the rest of a typical Drupal "stack" -- the operating system, web server, database, and PHP tweaks that combine to support the Drupal application.

This is not a support channel or a place to post bug reports.

If you think you have found a bug, use the issue queue for the appropriate project.

If you need support, see http://drupal.org/support for options.

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APC regularly restarts after 10-20 minutes


p>I have a site running Pressflow (Drupal 6), Varnish, Memcached, and APC with the Cache Router module. I'm unsure why but APC is restarting every 10-20 minutes. If I review the stats page (see the attached image) the uptime will increase to somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes. As I click the "refresh data" button I'll see a second cache set shown with an uptime of 0 or 1 minute, and each click of refresh data will toggle between uptime of 15 minutes and uptime of 1 minute. Eventually the 15 minute uptime disappears and I only see the 1 minute uptime...

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APC Fragmentation Issue

I've been trying to tweak APC. Right now I'm dealing with some fragmentation issues. They creep up over time to above 10-15%. Then APC restarts (not sure why). I've attached a copy of the apc.php results if anybody has any suggestions.


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The power behind Speed Booster, Cache, Boost and AdvAgg

Our high performance Barracuda Octopus Aegir LEMP stack (BOA) has already a few levels and kinds of caching enabled or available, so it is important to understand how all those performance related modules and systems work to leverage all its power and avoid possible side effects or confusion.

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Have any idea to optimize the profile field query in D6?

Such as

SELECT f.name, f.type, v.value FROM profile_fields f INNER JOIN profile_values v ON f.fid = v.fid WHERE uid = xxxx;

lots of this query in my slow_query_log which the execute time > 2s.

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European Voluntary Service Volunteer | Koperattiva Kummerc Gust (a Fair Trade Organization) based in Malta

Employment type: 
Part time

Koperattiva Kummerc Gust is a not-for-profit organization that is based in Malta. The organization is concerned about poverty in developing countries. The organization advocates for Fair Trade, as it believes that it is one of the sustainable methods of ensuring development in poor countries. We also advocate for an equal trading field between rich and poor countries, and with providing undeveloped countries, effective and sustainable aid.

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Two servers, one apache one MySQL

I am trying to add a second server to just run MySQL to our site. The first server would continue to run Apache.

I point the settings.php file to the new server, and everything is fine for a short time, then tables start locking, connecting fill up with Sleep processes, and the MySQL crashes.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this would be happening?

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Case Study or Statistics for Drupal on LAMP vs Windows-based stack?

Has anyone performed any tests or know of a case study, etc. that would show how Drupal performs on a LAMP (or similar) stack vs a Windows based stack?

Or are there key elements in a typical high performance architecture that only runs on one stack or the other?

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More number of Feature export modules causing performance problems

I am doing performance optimization for a project. This project has total 269 modules, in this 181 are contributed modules, 56 are the features/panels export module. Remaining are the custom developed modules.

With these many number of modules enabled, the apache process is taking memory of around 189 - 250 MB of RAM.

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Health Check Script?

Does anyone have a good health check script that they use for load balancers to determine the health of a node? This would be something that would simply give the load balancer a true or false response. If fasle was returned, the load balancer would remove the un-healthy node.

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