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This group is dedicated to solutions and approaches for high traffic, high performing Drupal sites. As such, it will deal with a lot of information around the rest of a typical Drupal "stack" -- the operating system, web server, database, and PHP tweaks that combine to support the Drupal application.

This is not a support channel or a place to post bug reports.

If you think you have found a bug, use the issue queue for the appropriate project.

If you need support, see http://drupal.org/support for options.

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HTTPS with a load balancer


I'm trying to add support for X-Forwarded-Proto and Front-End-Https to Drupal. Right now, if you try to run an HTTPS-only site on a reverse proxy that talks to your web servers via HTTP, AJAX callbacks fail because Drupal incorrectly generates a callback URL based on the protocol between the proxy and the web server, not between the client and the proxy.

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locale::performance::how could i make locale module more faster?

enable locale:
Executed 82 queries in 198.59 milliseconds. Queries taking longer than 5 ms and queries executed more than once, are highlighted. Page execution time was 474.06 ms.
disable locale:
Executed 450 queries in 312.01 milliseconds. Queries taking longer than 5 ms and queries executed more than once, are highlighted. Page execution time was 750.68 ms.

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General advices for high performance mySQL ?


I would like to know what are your general advices regarding to a multiserver Drupal website that has to deal with a lot of mySQL queries ? What could be the best architecture for heavy load mySQL deployement ?

I think about a mySQL master/slave configuration, with separate hardware. But I heard that Drupal isn't ready to use a real master/slave configuration, and the slave should only be used as fail-over. Could you confirm this ?

I attached my planned architecture with this post.

Thanks a lot for your time

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Suggestions for commercial streaming media hosting providers

Looking for suggestions for an affordable media hosting service to deploy our streaming video. ( http://www.gazettenet.com )

We have been using YouTube/Vimeo so far, but have requirements now for commercial content that is outside of the licensing for those free services.


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PHP memory implication on increasing the number of Global variables.

Creating Related links todispaly with in the comment.tpl

We are repositioning our related links custom block form ( result fro a view, by passing taxonomy as argument) within node.tpl to comment.tpl. We want to store the taxonomy id for the node in the global variable and use it to generate related links in the comment.tpl section by passing this taxonomy global variable to the view. This is instead of reloading the node to obtaining the taxonomy id.

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Compression -- Drupal side or Apache side or both?

Which would produce a better compression rate -- using mod_deflate on the Apache instance side for css/js files and/or using Gzip for Javascript/CSS on the Drupal side?

I am looking for overall site performance aspects as well (i.e. additional CPU time, memory allocation, etc).

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Squid on top of Apache on same machine

During a recent talk by Mr. Tournoud he said that it is beneficial to run squid on the same machine as apache2 since connections that linger keep a thread and a DB connection busy. Putting squid on port 80 and apache2 on 8080 would also give you the ability to serve files directly from squid and apache2 would have less connections.

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Project Mercury: Pre-configured Drupal+Varnish AMI

Inspired by my own work over the past year with Amazon EC2 and this great post from Eric Hammond at Alestic on how to bundle public AMIs, today I released my first public machine image. I call the project "mercury," and the goal is to combine the power of Varnish and Pressflow Drupal in one easy-to-run package.

Why is this important? Because Varnish fills the same role as the Boost module, except it can handle 1000s of requests per second. Your constrained resources are going to be network and bandwidth. Getting it working well takes a bit of doing, but thanks to PressFlow and support from davidstrauss and DamZ, I've gotten a vanilla system working.

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How to benchmark website?

I would like to test some caching configuration for my site. Could someone recommend me some tools to test the effectiveness of the site?

Also, if there are known configurations that work for a site with only anonymous users, please let me know! (currently using eAccelerator and Boost).


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MySQL load balance

I have MySQL server running in as local, but I see a server load is very high and queuing all processes, I have about 100,000 rows in node table and taxonomy + 200,000 users. When less than 30 online registered users can handle server well, but when it become over 30 server load is increasing as a hell. I hope having dedicated MySQL server will solve this, is it effect to me? having dedicated MySQL server?.

I'm using APC with cache router.

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MySQL optimize queries

I'm using Views module to display my contents (Images + Video), I have 50 thumbnails on one page and pagination, I tried Devel and Explain on mysql to get whats going on there
here are the results:
| id | select_type | table | type | possible_keys | key | key_len | ref | rows | Extra |

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Very generic performance question

On September 1st I will be rolling out our new website, which is a Drupal 6.13 engine, to replace our existing site.

I'm using the normal goodies, Views, Panels, Organic Groups, SimpleNews, Advertising, etc... Our site currently does about 8,000 unique visitors a day, and about 1 million page views a month. So it's not exactly a "high performance" site, but it takes some traffic.

I will be using a GoDaddy dedicated server package when we go live, since we just don't have the budget for traffic shapers, load balancers, dedicated lines, etc...

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APC installing

Do we need to use cache_router to install APC cache?. If not how can we install and tweak performance on Drupal.

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Best method of caching complex data generated from nodes?

Not sure if the title is good enough to describe this problem, but here goes...

I've had some small input into the KML module (http://drupal.org/project/kml). This generates KML (Google Earth) files which show placemarks for content with locations. While rather cool this can be very slow when you have many nodes with location information.

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Serious serverload issue with Drupal

I'm having serous issue with private file transfer, I have about 50 thousand images added to the system and all transfer via drupal private file system. I have about 2lks users and when about 200 online, average server load about 30-40, its heavy load to server, I'm running my mysql server on localhost, what should I do to increase performance?. its taken about 20s to load a single page, about 20 mobule installed with views , cck etc.
I recently installed boost module but still the server load is heavy. What should I do?

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apc.stat performance impact

The APC documentation says about the apc.stat option:

On a production server where you rarely change the code, turning stats off can produce a significant performance boost.

Did anyone ever benchmark this and cares to share the results?

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Boost Module - Delete file or truncate file size to 0?

Have another idea for the boost module, use the -s flag instead of -f in RewriteCond.

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The Figaro invites media organisations using Drupal to power their websites to discuss “Drupal and Media”.

2009-06-11 13:00 - 17:00 Europe/Paris

Le Figaro (the oldest and the biggest daily newspaper in France) invite media organisations using Drupal to discuss “Drupal and Media”.

We will stream live our first meeting about the use of Drupal in Media
Stay tuned on Ustream http://www.ustream.tv/channel/drupalmedia Thursday the 11th from 2PM to 5PM Paris's time (8AM to 11AM East Time)
You will be able to tchat and have your input.

Simon Elliott http://groups.drupal.org/user/27802 will translate as we go on the tchat so you can follow our debate

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captcha module [version 5] leads to increase the query

We have News site with lots of hits per day. So we are decided to optimize the code for anonymous user. We logged the query list of all pages, then we confirmed that all pages are retrieved from performance cache except the node page. The same bunch of queries repeated twice in the node page. In our node page we have some custom blocks, node comments and captcha.
Then I take the following steps to find the cause.
Removed the block from the node page --- No improvement
Enabled the block to the node page and disabled the comment module ---- No improvement

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Proof of Concept: code generation module


I've been testing some code generation techniques for Drupal; I created a module that copies the code of your drupal installation to a temporary directory. First it splits all functions and class into seperate files. Then it modifies the function calls so that functions gets loaded when needed.

It will decrease memory usage a lot! Especially when a great number of modules are installed.

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