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This group is dedicated to solutions and approaches for high traffic, high performing Drupal sites. As such, it will deal with a lot of information around the rest of a typical Drupal "stack" -- the operating system, web server, database, and PHP tweaks that combine to support the Drupal application.

This is not a support channel or a place to post bug reports.

If you think you have found a bug, use the issue queue for the appropriate project.

If you need support, see http://drupal.org/support for options.

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Blaze optimization (blaze.io)

Has anyone used this service?


Lots of front-end optimization best practices integrated in a SaaS offering. Just came across it, and evaluating -- would love to hear anyone's experience with the service.

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Moved mercury to larger Amazon image but cant get memcache working correctly

I've been running mercury for a year on a small amazon instance. Performance wasnt great so I decided today to move it to a large instance, which is quite a step up.

I started with a fresh Ubuntu 10.04 and installed Apache, Varnish, Memcache, etc. I moved my database over and pointed the IP at the new instance. The site shows up and Varnish is working, but no matter what url I goto it shows me the main page of my website.

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Drupal Themer and Site Builder | Culture Foundry

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Hello PDX Drupalists... you may remember Culture Foundry from my talk about scaling kentuckyderby.com to 1 million visitors in an hour at last month's meeting. Culture Foundry is now expanding and have an immediate opening for a top-notch Drupal themer.

About Culture Foundry

If you’re the type of person who’s a fit for the Culture Foundry team, you have your choice of opportunities. What sets this one apart?:

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About caching for anonymous users

I've done quite a bit of research on Drupal performance, caching, have got memcache, APC, pressflow and so on all set up but have a problem.

I have written a custom module that works similar (I would imagine) to how the flag module would (I imagine) work for logged out users, i.e. store flagging actions to the session then sync those to the user account on login or registration. Now imagine being able to see how many items you had flagged somewhere in the header, these counts are pulled from the session. For logged in users, the counts are pulled from the DB / memcache.

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News site with Drupal

we create a news site with drupal 6 (20'000 visitors at day).
we use a loadbalancer with 5 apache server and a own db server (all virtual).
for the cronjob (also memcache and solr) we use a own server.

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Using Project Mercury - do not see Cache Router config in settings.php

I'm getting ready to launch a site based on Pantheon's Project Mercury, but I'm not seeing evidence that the site is using things like APC correctly.

Reading other places online, it seems that when using Memcache you have to tell Drupal to use it in settings.php with something like:

$conf['cache_inc'] = './sites/all/modules/contrib/cacherouter/cacherouter.inc';
$conf['cacherouter'] = array(
'default' => array(
'engine' => 'db',
'servers' => array(),
'shared' => TRUE,
'prefix' => '',
'path' => 'sites/default/files/filecache',

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Defining the Drupal 8 performance gate

(From webchick:)

Hi there, performance team! :)

Back at DrupalCon Chicago, Dries outlined a strategy for Drupal 8 involving a series of "gates" that would help ensure core code quality in a number of different categories: Documentation, Performance, Accessibility, Usability, and Testing. The purpose of gates is to define essentially a set of "checkboxes" which outline the most important aspects to each category, and does so in a way that is both not overwhelming to core developers (list of hoops to jump through is kept as small as possible) and also creates very little additional burden on the team in question (contains sample links to documentation/resources so developers/reviewers can help themselves).

Since we have already traditionally had requirements around documentation, it made sense to start there. Jennifer Hodgdon and some other folks from the documentation team have put together the Documentation gate, which is available at http://drupal.org/node/1203498. What we need is a similar table for each of the other gate areas. And that's where you come in! :D

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APC regularly restarts after 10-20 minutes


p>I have a site running Pressflow (Drupal 6), Varnish, Memcached, and APC with the Cache Router module. I'm unsure why but APC is restarting every 10-20 minutes. If I review the stats page (see the attached image) the uptime will increase to somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes. As I click the "refresh data" button I'll see a second cache set shown with an uptime of 0 or 1 minute, and each click of refresh data will toggle between uptime of 15 minutes and uptime of 1 minute. Eventually the 15 minute uptime disappears and I only see the 1 minute uptime...

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APC Fragmentation Issue

I've been trying to tweak APC. Right now I'm dealing with some fragmentation issues. They creep up over time to above 10-15%. Then APC restarts (not sure why). I've attached a copy of the apc.php results if anybody has any suggestions.


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The power behind Speed Booster, Cache, Boost and AdvAgg

Our high performance Barracuda Octopus Aegir LEMP stack (BOA) has already a few levels and kinds of caching enabled or available, so it is important to understand how all those performance related modules and systems work to leverage all its power and avoid possible side effects or confusion.

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