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This group is dedicated to solutions and approaches for high traffic, high performing Drupal sites. As such, it will deal with a lot of information around the rest of a typical Drupal "stack" -- the operating system, web server, database, and PHP tweaks that combine to support the Drupal application.

This is not a support channel or a place to post bug reports.

If you think you have found a bug, use the issue queue for the appropriate project.

If you need support, see http://drupal.org/support for options.

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php-5.3 w/ apachesolr

in our production environment (running redhat enterprise linux 5.7):

php -v

PHP 5.2.17 (cli) (built: Jan 11 2011 11:12:46)
Copyright (c) 1997-2010 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.2.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2010 Zend Technologies

in our proposed production environment (running redhat enterprise linux 6.1):

php -v

PHP 5.3.3 (cli) (built: Jan 21 2011 09:39:13)
Copyright (c) 1997-2010 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2010 Zend Technologies

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Project representative, Project Region Director | World Marketplace

Employment type: 
Part time
Not allowed

The company World Marketplace is looking for representatives in World Regions for sale through Ebay and other electronic systems on the World markets - turnkey sites, as well as for further technical support to the customers. Knowledge of Drupal is required.
e-Mail: admin@myforum.us
Website: http://universalmarkets.com

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Drupal Bottlenecks With Many Concurrent Users


Can someone help explain a little how pages are served and how to determine where a bottleneck on a site with concurrent users? I'm testing a site where 25 logged-in users change pages about every 15 seconds. My understanding is:

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Cached pages using APC (D7)

Using the APC module for D7 - I've done a very quick performance test, just to give an idea of what you might expect when serving cached pages (anonymous users) - I hope this is useful to someone:

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Which tables must be InnoDB?


I just look at my mysql statistic and I see that there is some problem with table locking.


Table_locks_immediate 3412356
Table_locks_waited 2798

But how can I known which table exactly has this problem? I already known that session and watchdog tables must be in InnoDB, maybe something else too? Maybe voting api or cache tables?

All attached my tables list.

Thank you for any advise!

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Front-end Slashdot Effect Optimizer

I've been working on the content/slides for my presentation (Front End Performance) in a week and I've been thinking about various trade offs for various situations. One of the more interesting ones has to do with a very popular page where 99% of visitors bounce off; aka the Slashdot effect. When something like this happens, the less open connections to your server the better.

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introduce a high performance free hosting (for drupal)--sae---a GAE like China project , i just finished deploy drupal 6 there

ok , example first to prove that i am telling the truth : http://trackself.sinaapp.com/ just feel its speed!

1.SAE: sina app engine , belong to sina.com (China), it's a service like google app engine ,but provide PHP hosting and mysql hosting and more! well , i think it's better than GAE, because i only know php but not python/java. It declare itself cloud service. And better than GAE, it use SVN.
2.Since it offer php and mysql hosting , drupal can be hosted. But a little hack to install.php , nothing more hack

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How to Optimizer images in nodes?


ImageCache optimize all images uploaded via ImageField. Images pasted from others servers optimized by http://drupal.org/project/get_image. But how can I optimize images added via IMCE or just pasted html code to the node? Because size of some pictures can be reduced 2-3 times and page loading will me much faster (also better SEO results).

Thank you for any advises!

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How harmful is the PHP Input Format for items like basic blocks and Views Arguments?

I've come into a Pressflow 6 site that needs speeding up, and has a fair amount of PHP Input Format usage for things like Views Arguments and on various blocks in order to provide simple things like base_path(). In my hunt to shave time off of page load times, is it worth much effort to try and move all PHP Input Format code into custom modules?

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Empty memcache bins

Hi all,

I have been having some performance problems on a Drupal multi-site installation. Or rather, some users have been complaining of poor performance so am investigating...

The site(s) in question (totals in the same DB) have over 10,000 users and serve up around 180K hits/72K pages a day. The site is a variety of images, forum, blogs, calendar, etc. but majority of traffic is in the forum. There are 26K nodes, 85K comments in the system.

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