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This group is dedicated to solutions and approaches for high traffic, high performing Drupal sites. As such, it will deal with a lot of information around the rest of a typical Drupal "stack" -- the operating system, web server, database, and PHP tweaks that combine to support the Drupal application.

This is not a support channel or a place to post bug reports.

If you think you have found a bug, use the issue queue for the appropriate project.

If you need support, see http://drupal.org/support for options.

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Front-end tuning: downloading javascript files in paralell

I was looking for frontend tuning for faster page load. I found some very good technics, almost all already improved by drupal, but I can't figure out how to load javascripts in the button of the page. As you can see Javascript is loaded on the top of each page, while that happens page loading is blocked to other things like loading images,flash and also cause a gap while processing that code and restart loading the rest of the page...

I think these urls are good guides for improving front-end performance:

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cache table Mysql index impact on delete


cache_clear_all('cache_name1', '');
cache_clear_all('cache_name2', '');
cache_clear_all('cache_name3', '');

Index of the cache table is updated for every cache_clear_all() for the same table. How to solve this? and How to optimize the cache tables?.

Please visit the advantage and disadvantage of index


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CCK node reference & cache expiration for boost

I could use some help with boost and CCK. Given nid, get all cck node references (this node points to X (not very useful, X hasn't changed)) & all cck back references (X points to this node (very useful, this node changed)). Flush all nodes, only going 1 level deep. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Boost issue: http://drupal.org/node/567650

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Updated comparison of performance modules

These days I've added a feature table to Caching: Modules that make Drupal scale, this group's wiki page for comparison of performance and scalability modules, started by Mike Carper some time ago.

This follows other Drupal module comparison pages, trying to make it simple and clear for most normal cases, so that a majority of users can easily understand the basics and use them. Anyone can naturally share additional info. Let's hope the wiki will be useful for Drupal users.

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New Release: Cache Router 1.0-rc1

Spent A LOT of time over the past few days really getting into the bugs in Cache Router. This module is now entering the 1.0 release candidate world. It now "just works". For a lot of people it should be as easy as installing the module, adding the configs to settings.php and watching your site be 20-50% faster.

For bigger sites, this module will allow you to scale to great heights using memcache.

Here you go: 1.0-rc1 release - http://bit.ly/CMRRW Project page: http://drupal.org/project/cacherouter

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PANTHEON/Mercury BoF Friday at DrupalCon Paris

2009-09-04 14:50 Europe/Paris

Just a quick note: we're going to hold a BoF for people interested in Project Mercury (and other packages from PANTHEON) in Paris! It will be after lunch on Friday at 2:50.

Looking forward to talking to those of you who are here at DrupalCon.

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Looking for ideas for version 2.0 of Boost

Boost is nearing RC 3, and my estimate is the release after this will be 1.0. As such I'm looking for ideas for the next version, 2.0.

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Varnish2 vs Squid | Caching for drupal.org

Interesting post about caching for drupal.org by Narayan Newton (nnewton) at http://nnewton.org/node/9

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PressFlow related documentation, updates, support?

I was not sure where to post this question. Appologies if this is not the correct place.

I've been looking at PressFlow and it looks nice that it already comes packaged with several performance related patches. Thanks to those who made it available.

However, compared to latest Drupal snapshot, it seems to be missing latest Drupal core patches. If this happens with minor fixes it's ok, but it seems it could also happen with security related issues?

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Project Mercury Benchmarks: 2000+ Requests Per Second!

While working through some issues this weekend and preparing another blog post, I finally got around to doing some comprehensive benchmarking on Project Mercury. In the process, I discovered that the first bottleneck I hit running tests from my desktop was the local (last-mile) internet connection, so I switched to running the tests from another EC2 instance. This means that network is not a factor in my results, giving us a real sense of the raw power behind this stack.

For all these tests, I used the Mercury Alpha4 release on a small ec2 instance, loading a staging copy of Mission Bicycles, which is a good "heavy" example in that it has a lot of modules loaded, including Ubercart and Panels. My goal was to measure throughput and response times under various caching configurations, angling for the best results in terms of pages served per second, and delivery time.

I started by cutting things all the way back to nothing, and then added each layer of the caching infrastructure, running benchmarks at each point. The results are quite eye-opening. Can you say 2000+ requests per second? Read on for the full story.

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Production Drupal Sites on IIS (or windows in general) - Experiences?

Hi folks,

Does anyone know of popular Drupal sites "in the wild" running on IIS, or even Apache/Windows?

I'm building an internal application at work and am forced to run on Windows Server VMs. From the experimentation and research I've done, Drupal runs fine on IIS but I have no experience or idea what will happen when we start to get hundreds of concurrent authenticated users. I'm more comfortable scaling Apache, but I haven't done it on Windows.

Any experiences or stories would be appreciated. Thanks!

Step-by-step: Setting up Project Mercury (Varnish, Apache, APC, Memcached and Solr)

Refer to the new wiki for better docs. This page is here for posterity.

Here are step-by-step instructions for building Project Mercury on a fresh server using the configuration manager BCFG2. Project Mercury has been developed on AWS ec2 but should work on Rackspace and many other VPSs. We have public AMIs available of Ubuntu Jaunty versions (in both 32 and 64 bit flavors) - see http://getpantheon.com.

This is a wiki page which I'll will try to keep up to date as the project evolves. Please feel free to comment, add notes, and correct any mistakes you see. For the BCFG2 version of these instructions (and pre-made, ready-to-go AMIs), see http://groups.drupal.org/node/50408

3/2/10: 1.0 updates
1/11/10 Explain how to configure the external caching backend on Drupal.
12/2/09 Mercury 0.81
11/19/09 Mercury 0.8-Beta
11/14/09 Restructured instructions
10/22/09 Configuration file download instructions
10/8/09 Added Apache Solr to the install
9/20/09 Numerous fixes and the new pressflow BZR location

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I need to know the costs involved in setting up a high-traffic site

I'm a Drupal developer and need to know what it costs to set up a high-traffic site (I'll be outsourcing this part of the build). Together with a pretty detailed breakdown of the costs for the different aspects of the build.

(ie: memcache costs £X to setup, Amazon S3 costs £Y to setup & maintain for N gigabytes per month)

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RFC: Parallel downloading via subdomains

Create a module that automatically rewrites various tags with a src attribute to use a subdomain. This /sites/all/files/css/mystyle.css to //data1.example.com/sites/all/files/css/mystyle.css. Have it handle the following html tags

  • link
  • style
  • script
  • img
  • iframe
  • embed
  • ???
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Project Mercury: PressFlow Drupal+Varnish AMI Alpha4 Release

Today I'm glad to announce the latest release in this line of AMI development. This update solves a number of issues and moves us one step closer to a sable beta release. The current AMI ID is ami-c353b2aa, and you can find this AMI by searching for "chapter3" or "mercury" in your AWS console.

For more background information about this project, see my initial g.d.o post and my blog post announcing the initial release.

Below you will find the notes for this release. Also in this post I will include a development roadmap, as well as some more explicit explanation of the techniques I'm using for making the AMI work out of the box.

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Strategies for Debugging Load Spikes

I'm running a site that has lately been experiencing significant load spikes that appear unrelated to the number of concurrent users.

I'm running apache on a dedicated CentOS server. I've now got Boost and eAccelerator installed. My loads are typically very minimal (< .5), but then spike to over 35 (they were hitting over 100 before I added eAccelerator), at which point I have to restart apache to calm things down.

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AJAX Loading of any Block

For sites that like to use a cache to serve the full page (boost, drupal core cache, ect...), but still would like to have more dynamic content in a block; loading of blocks via ajax seems like a good way to accomplish this. I've already accomplished this with the boost module and I'm wondering if/how I should abstract this out to be a generalized solution.

Simple way

Below is the simple way to do it, for one or 2 blocks it works. For anything more then that it would probably have a negative impact since it's doing a full bootstrap for each block.


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Cherokee web server

Someone just mentioned http://www.cherokee-project.com/ to me and I was wondering if anyone had any experience relating to Drupal with it.

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Please, evaluate performance. Did I miss something?...

Hi everyone,

Have been doing one project on my spare time, and now as it is 80+% ready, time to think about performance.

http://hotweb.lt - feel free to visit :) It is a site being built on Drigg modules and some complementary ones. Have no plans to use Views or CCK. Maybe in the near future will be some modules for community building. No hacks on Drupal 6 core and no changes to DB structure are made.

Some facts:

Not using APC or eAccelerator.

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Splash doesn't work with Page Cache in Drupal 5

I have installed Splash Module in Drupal 5, It works fine when page cache is disabled. http://abc.com/home is the Home Page and http://abc.com/intro is the Splash flash page. When I type http://abc.com it takes to the /intro Page for the first time.

When I enable Page cache it always loads the Actual home page(/home) for anonymous Users. When I login it works fine.

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