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This group is dedicated to solutions and approaches for high traffic, high performing Drupal sites. As such, it will deal with a lot of information around the rest of a typical Drupal "stack" -- the operating system, web server, database, and PHP tweaks that combine to support the Drupal application.

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introduce a high performance free hosting (for drupal)--sae---a GAE like China project , i just finished deploy drupal 6 there

ok , example first to prove that i am telling the truth : http://trackself.sinaapp.com/ just feel its speed!

1.SAE: sina app engine , belong to sina.com (China), it's a service like google app engine ,but provide PHP hosting and mysql hosting and more! well , i think it's better than GAE, because i only know php but not python/java. It declare itself cloud service. And better than GAE, it use SVN.
2.Since it offer php and mysql hosting , drupal can be hosted. But a little hack to install.php , nothing more hack

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How to Optimizer images in nodes?


ImageCache optimize all images uploaded via ImageField. Images pasted from others servers optimized by http://drupal.org/project/get_image. But how can I optimize images added via IMCE or just pasted html code to the node? Because size of some pictures can be reduced 2-3 times and page loading will me much faster (also better SEO results).

Thank you for any advises!

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How harmful is the PHP Input Format for items like basic blocks and Views Arguments?

I've come into a Pressflow 6 site that needs speeding up, and has a fair amount of PHP Input Format usage for things like Views Arguments and on various blocks in order to provide simple things like base_path(). In my hunt to shave time off of page load times, is it worth much effort to try and move all PHP Input Format code into custom modules?

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Empty memcache bins

Hi all,

I have been having some performance problems on a Drupal multi-site installation. Or rather, some users have been complaining of poor performance so am investigating...

The site(s) in question (totals in the same DB) have over 10,000 users and serve up around 180K hits/72K pages a day. The site is a variety of images, forum, blogs, calendar, etc. but majority of traffic is in the forum. There are 26K nodes, 85K comments in the system.

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Pressflow 6.19.94 & Boost: Browser refresh problem

Hi !
I got a pretty ennoying problem, I have boost activated, pages are correctly generated & served.
But when the user comes back, it gets the content from the browser cache instead of the newly generated "boost html file". You have to hit CTRL F5 to get the new content to be loaded.
I modified htaccess (as suggested here: http://drupal.org/node/1074304 & here http://drupal.org/node/1070232

AddDefaultCharset utf-8
FileETag MTime Size

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Off-load image thumbnail creation

Hi all,

Even cheap modern digital cameras can take pictures up to 12MP. So there comes the problem:

A user will upload many large images that will have to be cropped and scaled down twice or more times to create thumbnails, resulting in high server load and memory usage.

Is there any way available or suggestions to offload image thumbnail creation to another machine in order to save critical resources?

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Module idea for performance improvement for thumbnails

Drupal7 only. I was just thinking about the following. A lot of people want to restrict access to thei high resolution images so they chose private but the also show small thumbnails to the public.
If you chose private all thumbnails will be private to causing bootstrap-galore on for example, gallery pages with 30 thumbs.

So the idea was to somehow create an image style that can be applied to save a chose preset (for example thumbnails) in private while saving the rest of the full resolution presets in private.

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BOA high performance setup on AWS

Hello BOA users around the world. I would like to discuss a possible implementation of BOA in a High-Availability / High-Performance setup.

I've been using BOA for my business infrastructure on a Linode VPS for almost a year. I've been working on a relatively large website for the past 6 months that will require some flavor of ha/ hp setup since it will serve well over 30k uniques a month and loads of video streaming.

Desired Architecture hosted on AWS
--------------------------------- Load Balancer ---------------------------------

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Caching for authenticated users, but not Authcache


Please tell me which module I can use as cache system for authenticated users but not Authcache (it doesn't work cause the problems with phpbbforum module)?
For anonymous user I use Boost, but it seems not be recommended to enable the normal Drupal caching with Boost, is this right?

At the moment I installed:
Cache Router (via Memcache)
Path alias cache
Locale Cache
Authcache - not working

Another thing, it is good idea to replace Cache Router with Memcache API http://drupal.org/project/memcache?

For sessions caching it says:

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Stack recommendations for 1.5m pageviews / 250k unique users monthly


Just starting to specify the stack for a rebuild job - looking to move onto D7 as long as the modules required for the build are sufficiently mature, otherwise it'll be D6 and probably based on Pressflow / Varnish / Memcache etc.

The site is transactional, so will require user accounts, but beyond that there won't be much (any?) user generated content bar from some contact forms / quote request forms etc.

This'll be the biggest site I've put together, so I'm interested to find some Drupal benchmarks for a site of this size, can anyone help?

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