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HTML5 One of the 5 major initiatives for Drupal 8 is converting Drupal to HTML5! As part of this initiative we'll be revamping most of the templates and theme functions and implementing new form input types and elements. It's a big challenge, but also a great opportunity to make Drupal's markup and CSS the best it can be, and YOU can help.

This page collects content for those interested in being involved in the HTML5 Initiative for Drupal 8 and provides an overview of various activities surrounding the initiative. See the information block for more details about the roadmap and how to get involved.

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Core template conversion methodology - cart before the horse?

The way we have been approaching changes to core templates has, at least afaict, been a piecemeal affair - we change one or two templates at a time working through the various markup issues until such time as we have some broad consensus and ta da, here's our new template.

This bottom-up-esque methodology seems reasonable because we we are not overhauling the entire system at any one time and are just looking to adjust or tweak parts of it.

I think this has worked OK in the past, however I tend to think this methodology has a few drawbacks.

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Drupal 8 HTML5 Initiative Roadmap Posted

Hello All,

The HTML5 Initiative roadmap has been been posted. Please take a few minutes to review it and share your thoughts in the comments (on this page):

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HTML5 Initiative

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