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Working on OpenLayers 3.x

Hi all,

After a couple of quiet months, I would like to start working actively again with Openlayers.

My goals are:

Things to be done in OL 3.x



  • Strong map data validation and errors management: Not yet done
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    robertwb's picture

    Spatial Joins in Views - GeoJoin

    I am devloping a module to provide spatial Relationships in the Views UI. The current version of my sandbox module does this for GeoField, and provides a single relationship, the bounding box overlap.

    I am looking for review and comment on the timeline and preliminary code, and collaborators if not co-maintainers.

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    chrsnlsn's picture

    Leaflet Widget Point

    Hey I recently created a module for creating a leaflet geofield input that just captures a single point.
    I needed it for a mobile app and something in leaflet Draw was breaking on mobile so I basically just took the Leaflet Widget module and removed all the draw stuff and added a crosshairs over the map then the center point of the map is captured when the form is submitted.
    I'm wondering if this is worth sharing as another module?
    Attaching a screenshot of what the input looks like.

    Module on github


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    Anjaro's picture

    openlayers, views and gpx

    Hi Group

    I hope this is the right place to post this question.
    Or should i post in views gruop ?

    I followed this toturial :

    I use this for showing gpx tracks.
    The problem is, that i upload more than one gpx in one node.
    In views and OL output, only one track is shown, no matter how many tracks i upload to the node.

    Can anyone tell me what i am missing in views to show all tracks ?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Kartagis's picture

    Dynamic marker icons for Leaflet


    I have a situation where I need to display content with different terms on a Leaflet map. These terms also are associated with images. At this point, I would like to ask you whether the below can be done.

    1) Multiple layers: To show different images, I might need to have multiple layers. Is this possible?
    2) Dynamic icons: Is this possible, either with token or something else?


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    Kartagis's picture

    Undefined index: title


    I am trying to build a map thatuses postal address rather than lat/long. I am getting the notice Notice: Undefined index: title in openlayers_views_style_data->map_features() (line 330 of DRUPAL_ROOT/sites/all/modules/openlayers/modules/openlayers_views/views/openlayers_views_style_data.inc).

    How to fix it?

    EDIT: I accidentally created this as a user story, sorry about that.

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    ChocolateTeapot's picture

    Reusing a field across multiple content types, opinions please

    I have multiple content types - restaurants, hotels, events for example, and each of them has a location field.

    I want to show all restaurants on one map, all hotels on anther etc, and also all content types on one map. I've achieved this using separate location fields on each content type - field_hotel_location, field_event_location, etc - Openlayers and Views.

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    Kartagis's picture



    I was at last able to create and display a map with leaflet. I now have a question though. How can I create multiple layers with different markers? EDIT: So far, I've tried adding another block display to the view and filtering it with a term.


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    Cartaro Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2014

    Feel free to propose more ideas on this wiki page or contact us directly at gsoc@cartaro.org

    Support geospatial raster data in Cartaro

    Right now Cartaro only supports geospatial vector data stored inside a PostGIS database. This project will add support for geospatial raster data by implementing a user interface to add, update and delete raster data. GeoServer will be used to publish any raster data as WMS layers.

    More information and discussion: https://drupal.org/node/2215281

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    Kartagis's picture

    Addresses in Turkey


    I'm trying to display some addresses in Turkey on a map. For this purpose, I've created a few nodes with legit addresses and followed http://calibrate.be/labs/using-openlayers-and-geofield-display-maps-drup.... However, I couldn't get it to display any Turkey addresses (US addresses no problem though). Can anyone suggest a good read for doing that?


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