How to set up a sencha touch ajax connection to a drupal 7 backend...

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hi there!

I am trying to find out the best way to connect a sencha touch application to a drupal 7 backend. couls anybody tell about a good tutorial or screencast for that problem?
my biggest issue is

a) to make drupal send some JSON data out of views
b) to connect a sencha store to this JSON stream.

any help would be great!


Try these

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Try these modules

The services module is a huge package. It will also allow your front end app to request for custom data, like a service API


thnx for the quick reply.

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thnx for the quick reply. unfort. the views_datasource is D6 only.
so I try the service module. looks like there is something more to learn... any introduction video out there?

and I guess for fetching data with sencha touch I need a jsonp-request, right?

Services article

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Just caught this thread and wanted to share an article I wrote last year on the Drupal Services module. It's not a video, but it might help.

I will have a look - thnx!

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I will have a look - thnx!


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