og_panels screencast

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Thanks for the og_panels screencast.

While watching and then implementing og_panels on localhost I noticed that after I create the default home page with the page name "Home", the tab appears as "View". Similarly if I change the discussion page to the default page, the tab turns to "View". I saw this on the screencast too.

Just wondering how to overcome this.



I recently asked about this too

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I noticed that after I create the default home page with the page name "Home", the tab appears as "View".


I am having trouble with this as well

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I posted this question as a support request for the module, but haven't had any response. I'm hoping someone here could lend some advice!

(Original Post: http://drupal.org/node/244880)

I would like to set one of my OG panels pages as the home page for the group (not for all groups, but a specific panel page for a single group). But when I selected the "Home" radio button after creating the panel page, the home page view is still the default "River of News" view rather than the panel page.

When I set a panel page as a "home" page (using radio button) and published for the group, the page disappears from the groups tabs, and when I visit the URL I have designated for that home page (mysite.com/node/XXX/homepanelpage) I am taken to a view for the group that looks like the default except without the tabs. However, if I do not set the panel page as the "home" page for the group, it does appear in the tabs and I can visit the page using the URL and clicking on the tab. This is very strange, and entirely maddening.

Any suggestions?

(I should add that when creating the panel page, when asked to enter a URL path, I see path "http://mysite.com/node/XXX/" rather than "http://mysite.com/mygroupurl/")

Using 5.x.7.3

OG Panels screencast - tabs

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Thanks for the screencast on how og panels was used for groups.drupal.org. I used og panels but I didn't get any tabs. How I can get the tabs to appear in my og panels? I've gone through the entire issue queue and others seem to have tabs too but no one explains how to get them. What am I missing?

Thank you!

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