hit counter for articles

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I searched much for ready module can do count every visitor for articles and show it in article (node view),I need some thing like :

x reads | x comments

If anyone has any ideas for me that would be great, thanks so much.


statistics module

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It's part of core; just enable it.

See also: http://drupal.org/project/statistics_advanced

I installed it before I post

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I installed it before I post here ...
when I open an article "node/27/track" this message appear to me :-" No statistics available."
I would like to show the counter for all visitors in the node body

are you there Yelvington am

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are you there Yelvington am still waiting you

After enabling the core

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After enabling the core "Statistics" module, go to: Administration » Configuration » System » Statistics. For the setting "Content viewing counter settings" check the "Count content views" checkbox. That's Drupal 7; I imagine it's identical for Drupal 6.

I enable it from

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I enable it from "admin/reports/settings" but no thing has appear in node view area I would like to display the counter there

Be sure...

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Be sure to set permissions for the module at admin/user/permissions, and configure it at admin/settings/statistics.

It work now fine. BUT how can

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It work now fine.

BUT how can I show the total count of the visitor (reads) ... ?

I got it work through

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I got it work through view+panel

Control the X reads

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Can you control what content types that the "X reads" shows up on? I can obviously use CSS to hide it on content types that I don't want them on, but it would be better to be able to do it proper. Also, anyway to change the text (aside from using javascript)?

Rules module

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There are probably better ways to do this, but you can use the Rules module:

Event: Content is viewed
Conditions: Content is of type
Action: Show message on the site. Value: [node:title] has been viewed [node:views] time(s).

If you're not seeing the [node:views] under actions, you probably need to turn on "Statistics" module and enable "Count content views" in Configuration ›› System ›› Statistics.

Hit counter: Solved

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Thanks for the hints! I searched for it for ages too. The permission settings for hit count view is disabled for anonymous users by default. In Drupal 6 the permission settings are located in admin/user/permissions, section: statistics module, 2nd option: show hit counter for anonymous, user, or admin.

(It's not really precise tho - it counts all the hits including my own pageviews whenever i edit the draft and so on. But it's quite useful and built-in.)

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I'm kind of embarrassed by what is read and what is ignored. I turned off public page views.

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I'm kind of embarrassed by what is read and what is ignored. I turned off public page views.

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I'm kind of embarrassed by what is read and what is ignored. I turned off public page views.

Newspaper websites what is read

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Newspapers print or web have areas that are more read than not. It's why People Magazine is the most read magazine in the world and not Washington Post newspaper.
The newspaper still reaches an important audience with their hard news and those readers are the leaders and activitists in our world, not Kim Kardasian.

PS: Tran, why is you post showing up 3 times?

Newspaper websites are #1

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In most every market (community) I work in the newspaper is the #1 visited website. Why? Because unlike every other website the newspaper delivers in-depth news.
Which is the gold standard of traffic.

No idea

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Apologies for the duplicate.
It seems to me that more websites show the # of comments, instead of the # of views.

Someone may want the "read" count visible

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I'm not sure what's the deal about - but someone may want to have the "read" count visible. Someone may not. The hit count does not depend on article quality at all. Also the number of comments does not actually mean anything. I had a bunch of spammers on certain article which remained the most read for a year due to that fact. You don't need to be embarassed by this random thing. You can always pick a series of different, better links and put them into another block - as the "Editor's Choice" or "Read Now" :-)

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