MERCI questions

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First is it best to set my roles before entering information into MERCI? Let's say am going to assign roles based off membership levels, would it be best to do so first and then enter in the different MERCI content types?

Also, am going to have 3 edit stations would this lend itself better as a Bucket item.

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You can add roles then types

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You can add roles then types or types than roles. The merci_permission module gives you a UI to configure the access between the two.

Buckets - While buckets are more complicated to configure, they enable MERCI to provide users who need to make longer reservations the space to do that.

  • Items in a Bucket are interchangeable
  • Users in a specific Role have access to all items in Bucket
  • All Bucket items have same rate per hour
  • Using Buckets optimizes equipment so short reservations don't prevent longer reservations

issue with merci

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this might sound funny but i have set up all the modules to allow merci work, but i cant seem to find where to actually make a reservation, and this is a serious issue cause my client is on my neck for a final product submission.

please any help will be highly appreciated on how to operate the merci module on my drupal site.

i can be reached directly at

please i need this help asap