Drupal 8 User Experience Sprint - Drupalcon London

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2011-08-26 08:00 - 18:00 Europe/London
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Mobile user experience

People are accessing with the web more and more on the move from their mobile devices. If it hasn’t already, it will be a basic expectation of any product to be just as usable from any device as it is on the desktop. Drupal has some catching up to do and then some. We need to make Drupal 8 friendly with tomorrow’s devices as well as today’s.

This sprint will focus on usability testing on a wide range of devices. Bring your phone, tablet, web enabled e-reader or gaming device.

Drupal 8 user experience

Now that Drupal 8 development is underway we can work on the user experience again, we have a whole lot issues that we found during Drupal 7 development and usability testing that we whish to solve in Drupal 8.

For this sprint we will mainly focus on brainstorming new interfaces and working on outstanding issues that are almost there.
UMN testing issues

Pattern library

We have been working on building a user interface pattern library for Drupal 7, to make it easier for module developers to make usable interfaces. We have quite a number of patterns already worked out but we need extra hands to review and finish the outstanding incomplete patterns.
Pattern library to-do’s

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Sign ups

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To help give us a view on the devices and users to expect. It would be great if sign ups could comment and leave:

  • Device Model
  • Mobile Browser
  • OS
  • Experience within Drupal

I'll start, I own two

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I'll start, I own two non-mainstream phones so that's good to test.

  • Device: Nokia N900
  • Browser: Micro B
  • OS: Nokia N900
  • Experience: Themer, Site builder, content creator
  • Device: HTC Touch Pro 2
  • Browser: Mobile IE
  • OS: Windows 6.5

Great Initiative

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Thanks for kicking this off! It's going to be great. I would be happy to be a part of the brainstorming session. I am not sure if I could be a participant.

Could you talk more about how are you going to test it on mobile?

Dharmesh Mistry
UX Researcher | Acquia,Inc.

Thanks! I really want to

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Thanks! I really want to encourage users who are familiar with Drupal to test also. It's part of the plan for the day and the data from experienced and expert users will be just as valuable.

The rough outline for testing is going to involve pairing up participants, handing a usability testing pack to each and then having a two part session where each participant becomes the the user. The testing pack involves information on the goals of the test, a preliminary questionnaire and what to watch for and a guide on information to include. The pack also contains scenarios/objectives that are given to the user at the beginning of the test. The observer will get a choice between 'Verity' and 'Jeremy' tasks depending on the experience of the user.

Each user tests on their own device, familiarity with the device is essential to avoid skewing the results.

That's what I have in mind so far. Please do throw suggestions and questions my way. We have a lot of time to perfect this.

Looking forward to

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Looking forward to this...

  • Device: HTC Desire
  • Browser: Native WebKit 3.1
  • OS: Android 2.2
  • Experience: Developer / Site Builder

a test User here with 2 phones

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I will be with my
Iphone 3GS , IOS 4.02 , safari native .

Blackberry Curve 2 (8520 ) , OS v4.2 , BB native browser

experience with drupal : about 5 years
with mobile drupal : very little really .: ps: and i will keep it that way till the code sprint .

Expanding the focus

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Hi guys,

We've gone ahead and made this a full blown D8UX sprint!

So as well as tackling mobile we are going to be looking at some of the larger UX issues and working on the pattern library for developers.

I've edited the initial post to reflect this.

Devices: Sony Xperia

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Devices: Sony Xperia Arc
Mobile Browser: Chrome
OS: Android
Experience within Drupal: Developing since 2007, module developer, frontend, backend, theming


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