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Hello All,

Over the last few weeks, we have come up with a list of important tasks that we deemed important for the module redesign. However, we would like to test those with our users. So, we are going to conduct interviews and understand how they use the module page.
Following is the guide we intend to use to do the interviews:

Research module page


This study is focused on understanding the current behavior of users and the desired behavior of users. This to inform our process in redesigning the module page.

Specific research questions we seek to answer:

  • In which situations do people use the module page?
  • What are the commons tasks the user performs on the module page?
  • How do they experience using the module page for these situations?
  • What are their needs and desires for the module page?
  • How do they behave on the module page?
  • How do people use the grouping?
  • How do people use the operations?
  • How do people make use of description, version and module name?

Based on the insights we derive from answering these questions, we will formulate recommendations for specific directions in the redesign of the module page.


We will use the qualitative research technique of interviewing people about their experience with enabling, disabling, updating and configuring Drupal modules. Within that scenario we focus specifically on learning how well the modules listing page performs for these tasks.
Interviewing 15 to 20 participants will give us a large enough sample size to question people with different usages of the modules page. The setup of each test will consist out of:


Asking participants on how they currently experience installing, disabling, updating and configuring modules.
Questionnaire in front of the modules page
Asking participants on how they use the module page, doing a show & tell on their current behavior.

The interviews will take approximately 15 minutes per participant. These will be recorded/transcribed into a analysis schema. And findings will be reported back to the community with a post in g.d.o/usability and the redesign issue. Owing to budget constraints, participants will not be compensated financially for their feedback.

Targeted audience: current users

We wish to learn how people currently use the modules page. To do so, we want to talk with a broad range of roles, from the occasional sitebuilder to the module maintainer. In order to get comparable input for our questions, each participant must meet the following requirements:

We differentiate primarily in how experienced they are with Drupal. Are they using Drupal for their personal pet project or do they build with Drupal on a daily basis.
This research will be carried out by the UX-Team and members of the Drupal community, over a 2 week period. Each interviewer will follow the prepared questionnaire and report their findings in an analysis schema. [Signup link]

Week 1

  • 3 to 5 contributors carry out 3 to 5 interviews
  • questionnaire results are transcribed

Week 2

Dharmesh Mistry ( and Bojhan somers ( will serve as contacts, if there are any questions.

Questionnaire, part 1


  • Greeting & thanks
  • Explain what this is: Interview for improving Drupal 8
  • The goal is to understand behavior and needs of our users
  • Anonymous participation


  • Recording used for analysis
  • Request permission to do this


  • First a few general questions for background
  • Following a number of questions in front of an image/page


  • It’s about your experience, there is no bad answer
  • All feedback is valuable



  • Can you tell me something more about your background?
  • Can you tell me what you do with Drupal?
  • Which version(s) of Drupal do you use for projects now?
  • How long have you been using Drupal?

Current Usage

  • Can you describe what are the things you do with the module page?
  • How has this experience been so far?
  • Is there anything that you like?
  • Is there anything you dislike?
  • For you, what are the important tasks on the module page that you do? The tasks could be based on their critically or frequency.

Now, I am going to show you a list of tasks related to the modules page. Please let me know which ones are important to you (critical or you do normally). Do note this alphabetically sorted list is not exhaustive and please feel free to add others that you deem important.
Change the permissions / configurations of a module
Refer to the issue summary on for more information about how we got to this list

  • Enable / Disable / Uninstall module
  • Find a module
  • View available updates / update module
  • View current module versions
  • View list of disabled modules
  • View list of modules by functional set (e.g. Views)
  • View list of modules of specific category (e.g. Core modules, administrative modules, media management modules)
  • View list of recently installed modules
  • View module description to orientate what the module is about
  • View which modules are required to be able to enable, disable or uninstall a module
  • So tell us more about your rationale for choosing these tasks?
  • So you gave me a quick rundown on each of the tasks, that are important to you. If you where to sort these, could you split 100 points giving more points to the tasks what find most important, how would split those points?
  • Based on your need and usage, how do you currently find a module? (Try to understand if they use groupings, name, status, description, etc.)
  • When enabling a module, requires another module to be enabled - how do you usually go about doing that?
  • Have you used the groupings (core, views, media) in the past? If yes, how? Is it important or not?


  • Do you currently use some kind of searching on the module page, in browser or through a module?
  • If yes, how do you use it?

Desired usage

Thank you for the great feedback! You have given me a good picture on how you currently use the module page. You mentioned the positives and the negatives about this page. If you have to look at the ideal picture:

  • How would the ideal experience of installing a module be?
  • Is there currently something missing on the module page, you’d wish it had?
  • Is there currently something on the module page, you wish it didn’t have?

Close the interview and thank the participant for time and comments.

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My schedule

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I have 12 interviews lined up for this week (11 in person/phone, 1 over email). I will keep you all updated.
I suppose it is okay not to record the sessions, right?

Dharmesh Mistry
UX Researcher | Acquia,Inc.

Plus more

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@lisarex and @bleen to conduct 12 interviews total
@bojhan to conduct 1 interview.

That means, we have 25 solid interviews lined up. Yay!!!!

Dharmesh Mistry
UX Researcher | Acquia,Inc.

I will do 2 - 4 interviews

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I will do 2 - 4 interviews this week with people of different experience level.

I have 4

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I have 4 interviews/transcriptions available. What to do with them?

Can you pm me your gmail, I

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Can you pm me your gmail, I will share our analysis schema with you on google docs.


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