Tabs and Slideshow Modules (Views based and Otherwise)

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Also available is a Comparison of Rotator / Slider modules. (Drupal 6) (abandoned) (Drupal 6) (abandoned) only in CVS (Featured content slider, Drupal 6) (Drupal 6) (dynamic display block) (Drupal 6) (Drupal 6, dev only) (Drupal 5) (Unsupported, Drupal 6) (Drupal 7, responsive) (front page slideshow) (Drupal 6) (Drupal 5) (abandoned with a 5.x-1.x-dev version) (Drupal 6) (Drupal 6) (Unsupported, Drupal 6) (Drupal 6) (Unsupported, Drupal 6) (Views, Drupal 7) (Carousel Panel Style, Drupal 5) (Rotor Banner, Drupal 6) (Unsupported) (Drupal 7, the last carousel you'll ever need) (Drupal 6) (Drupal 6) (Slide Show CS, Drupal 6) (Drupal 6) (SlideShowPro for D6) (Drupal 4.7) (Drupal 6) (Unsupported, replaced by JCarousel) (obsolete) (Drupal 6, deprecated in favor of Views Slideshow) (Drupal 6 or 7) (Drupal 6) (Drupal 7, responsive) (Drupal 6) (Drupal 6) (Drupal 7 & 8)
Maybe the quicktabs and the magic_tabs modules should not be on a separate list, unless the next feature they support is automatic sliding of tabs.

See for a more thorough comparison of slideshow & rotator modules.

See the Content Display category to see how these modules rank in popularity, compared to one another.


Wow - I really hoped I would

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Wow - I really hoped I would never see Quick Tabs in here. The ironic thing is that when I first released it in early 2008 I only found out afterwards that there was a Tabbed Block module and a Panels Tabs module, both of which did something fairly similar, and I was worried people might see QT as a duplicate of one of those (in fact the first ever issue in the queue was about its similarity with Panels Tabs and here's how I responded). QT went on to provide much more functionality than those two modules (it now allows you to add nodes, blocks, views and sub-quicktabs to your QT blocks, and, most significantly, allows for ajax loading of the content for better performance) and both of those other modules have become defunct.

So I can't help finding it a little ironic that QT now finds itself in the Duplicated Modules Hall of Shame amid a completely different set of modules whose main functionality (automatic rotation of content) is something Quick Tabs doesn't even offer! Though there may be a sub-module in the future ;-) - heh, seriously though, automatic rotation has been a feature request in the QT issue queue for a long time: so I guess it is a shame that none of the devs who went on to create rotator-type modules saw fit to submit a patch to QT :-(

don't take it too hard...

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The "hall of shame" part of the name is a bit of a joke (and perhaps it should go...). The purpose of the group is not to "name and shame" duplicate modules, but more to recognize the duplication and help people understand which to choose.

Additionally, to list the duplicates we have to list what they even a totally novel module will end up in this list if it gets duplicated.

As a module owner there are two great things you can do to help:
1. Update the wiki to fix inaccuracies or help clarify the differences between modules (as you've already started)
2. Once you think the page is accurate and useful, link to it from your project page to help people decide whether your module is right for them or another might be better.

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Yes, I realised after I

katbailey's picture

Yes, I realised after I posted that comment that there was another way to look at it and I had perhaps jumped too quickly into defensive mode ;-)

I do appreciate the overall goal of this and will put some thought into answering stephthegeek's questions below to see if consolidation is possible anywhere and otherwise to try to help clarify some of the differences for potential users.

Hall of shame comments

ppblaauw's picture

Greggles, I put my comment under yours because I see you are one of the administrators of this group and I don't know where to post this at another place, (start a new discussion, give a comment on open letter or ...). Anyway I post it here.

The name hall of shame like others say is chosen for fun and to get attention. But as you can see, it does have a negative impact. People are starting to defend themselves, think they should not contribute modules they develop because there are already some similar modules. I don't think that can be the reason for this group, but my first impression was not very positive. I understand that for some who know this group the name is still fun and they want to provoke, but for new people it has a negative impact. I think the name should be changed.

If we put "modules in shame" in this group, would it not be polite to inform the module maintainers that there module is "in shame". As a group I would try more to encourage module maintainers to deliver information for a comparison when this group thinks there needs to be a comparison of duplicate modules and not just flag them.

I think it is not always easy to merge, give up existing modules because of different interests, time spend on developing, creating documentation and support given for modules. Of course there is a lot more to say about this... Maybe creating a new module or modules as a community project with features defined from the existing modules would be easier then merging existing module.

Sure there are positive and constructive ideas on this group like the suggestions in open letter and there is spin of like the slideshow/carousel/rotator comparison. I hope that is more what this group is about, instead if flagging duplicate modules without proper follow up.

See also my comment at:


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I agree that it is time to consider renaming this group to be friendlier to those who don't initially get the joke.

I think that the idea of merging or abandoning projects should be considered a side effect of this group, not its primary motivation, and that the title should reflect this. Via this group we should first discover and discuss projects, and only after that should we consider approaching the rightfully touchy subject of merging or abandonment. Right now a lot of people seem to feel like the inverse is true.

Some thoughts on alternative titles:

  • "Module Guide"
  • "Module Review"
  • "Module Critique"
  • "Module Juxtaposition"
  • "Module Correlation"
  • "Module Comparison"
  • "Comparisons of Similar Modules"

There is another group which

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There is another group which meets most of your criteria above:

IMO the split between the two is good; the first group allows discussion of "I want to do X, but am not sure if it exists" versus "I want to do X, and A, B, and C all do %99 of the same thing".

I'm actually a fan of the group name. As someone who's been burned by duplicate-module-itis, I completely understand the forehead-smacking motivation behind the name. The description at the top of the group does a pretty good job of explaining the motivation behind the group, and in my experience virtually every post in the group has been of a constructive nature.

Lucky save!

fletchgqc's picture

So, had we gone in that direction, the hall of shame group could itself have featured in the hall of shame? How ironic! How hypocritical! How recursive! Very IT.

So it must be lucky we didn't go that way.

be the change

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I see you're at the top of recently joined, so welcome to the group, ppblaauw. I look forward to your continued, considered involvement.

I'm a fan of changing the name. "Similar module review" was Michelle's idea and seems good to me.

Regarding what actions this group should be taking, you are empowered to take those actions and I hope you will. I post a lot of wikis here to get the conversation started and I fill in details where I can. That seems to frequently cause maintainers to merge their projects, but not always. I don't think merging projects should be the focus of this group, but that's just my take - anybody who feels strongly the other way can go ahead working with maintainers to reduce the duplication.

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Group Name

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However it was the name "Duplicated Modules Hall of Shame" that caught my eye when I was looking at recent posts. Curious I clicked, read, and then later joined. I think the aggressive tone jumped out at me more so than one with a softer tone would.

Although I am a weirdo.

Follow up

ppblaauw's picture

Thanks all for your comments.

As a follow up on this post I tried to make the list more complete with other Slideshow/carousel/rotator/tabs modules. A second thing I will do today is send the following e-mail to all the module maintainers in the list:

Slideshow/carousel/rotator/tabs module maintainers,

On 21-mar-2009 a post was made in the "Duplicated Modules Hall of Shame" ( to get the conversation started about what to do with the duplicate Slideshow/carousel/rotator/tabs modules.

On 30-mar-2009 a Comparison of rotator / slider modules (
has been posted on

Maybe you did already know the module you maintain is also on this list, but with this email I want to inform you all about this issue.

To get more information you could read the following posts to get an understanding of the discussions going on:

1.) The purpose of the "Duplicated Modules Hall of Shame" group (

2.) Tabs and Slideshow Modules (Views based and Otherwise) (

3.) Comparison of rotator / slider modules (

4.) "open letter" "Duplicated Modules Hall of Shame" (

To make the comparison more complete you could add or change the information about your module in the comparison on

To help drupal users to find a Slideshow/carousel/rotator/tabs module you could:

Post a link on your project page to this comparison to inform users about other slideshow/carousel/rotator/tabs module options available with drupal.

In the other posts you can find suggestions what more you can do as a module maintainer.


Philip Blaauw

(In the future for other duplicate module lists, I hope the poster of that list will take the time to inform the involved module maintainers)

maybe, maybe not

greggles's picture

(In the future for other duplicate module lists, I hope the poster of that list will take the time to inform the involved module maintainers)

I disagree. If we require the person posting the page to contact someone then we will have fewer submissions of comparison pages. Distributing work into discrete chunks is the basis of distributed open source development communities. No need to aggregate tasks.

EDIT: And to be clear, thanks very much for your participation in the process.

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Please rename...

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I agree with many here. This is an excellent effort but the name of the group is misleading. (Partial) duplication is a good thing for innovation, let's not discredit it wholesale.

How to categorize these...

stephthegeek's picture

I agree QuickTabs is the most stand-out one from this list, but as the creator of the original spreadsheet linked to here (which was just intended for my own clarity, but since someone was already putting together a list for this group I offered it up) I can explain my rationale.

Yes, it's one of (the?) only of the bunch that doesn't do automatic cycling, but it's actually not that different in terms of functionality from some of these. In fact, this whole list started with QuickTabs, since it offers by far the most flexibility in terms of where the content comes from -- as you mention, nodes, blocks, and views. The original functionality I was attempting to replicate was that of the block on the home page of

You can probably see how that started me at QuickTabs but ended up down the route at some of these... it's not that far a path from a jquery tabbed block to a slideshow, especially since slideshows often have navigation through arrows or tabs :)

What I'd love to know (as a non-developer) is where DOES the dividing line exist for these? I see two major different approaches to sources of content, either the node/view/block kind, or the views plugin kind -- cycling through items FROM a view, which QT doesn't do. Could these two approaches coexist in the same module? What of this list makes sense to be consolidated?

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Certainly a module could be

Garrett Albright's picture

Certainly a module could be written which does both plus more, but from a maintainer's perspective, there's a definite benefit to limiting the scope of what your module can do. The less your module does, the less it has to do correctly, and fewer problems and edge cases will arise. It also means there will be less code, and less code is easier to maintain than, well, more code.

I'm looking for a rotator now too!

katbailey's picture

As chance would have it, I've just been asked to implement a front page feature rotator for a client site. I've done this for several sites in the past (e.g. top left block and main content block) and always worked off the same custom module, tweaking it according to the client's individual requirements. Obviously I would prefer to always be using the same contrib module and configuring it according to the client's needs. So, for this new one I'm going to be looking through the list above to see if one of these could be used. Views Rotator and Views Cycle seem the most promising but it looks like neither allows you to have tabs with title (and subtitle, as is required in this case).

Anyway, I figured while I'm at it I should do up a module comparison chart like what stella did for Lightbox-type modules ( and that would be a good starting point for discussion around this topic. Stephthegeek, I was thinking I'd work off your spreadsheet and just wanted to check you weren't already doing something like this?

I can't help having aspirations that Quick Tabs will in the future offer a lot of this functionality but as Garrett mentioned, it's sometimes better to keep a module simple, especially in the case of something like Quick Tabs, one of the main strong points of which is its "quick"ness, i.e. ease of use, which would be compromised by too many options. Though submodules may well be a good way around that. Lots to think about... :-)

Go for it -- I handed that

stephthegeek's picture

Go for it -- I handed that spreadsheet over because it was probably going to be a long while before I had the time to get back to it.

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Ha! CCK Slideshow Omitted

quicksketch's picture

Well, I'm glad at least my "original" CCK implementation (cck_slideshow) didn't make it to the list! (Though I added CCK MultiImage, cck_slideshow's fork). I'm happy it was the first use of "make multivalue CCK fields into a slideshow", but clearly this idea was eclipsed by Views based implementations, since you can easily make a View of a single node's images, plus all the other flexibilities that Views offers. I'm currently recommending Views Slideshow, though it looks like several other modules have spung up using the same concept.

But I like the original name of this group!

Senpai's picture

Quicksketch sez:

Well, I'm glad at least my "original" CCK implementation (cck_slideshow) didn't make it to the list!

I was a hug fan of the original name of this group, 'Duplicated Modules Hall Of Shame', but when I came here to protest the name change just now, I saw both KatBailey. and Quicksketch breathing heavily and trying to avoid cardiopulmonary meltdown as they saw their own loved creations being added to a hall of shame list. Ok, I recant. The original name was great and inspired motivation for improvement, but if these two sweetass, everlovin' devs get choked up about seeing one of their mods on The List, it's time to re-think the group's name.

I support changing the name of the group after all. There, I've said it publicly. :)

Joel Farris | my 'certified to rock' score

So do I!

katbailey's picture

I actually was in favour of keeping the name too, believe it or not! I just never got around to saying so before it got changed.
And, ok, initially I got all defensive about my module being on here but I did come around eventually and change my tune ;-)
The motivational aspect (i.e. "don't duplicate modules!") of the original name was valuable I felt.
Right, now I need to go off and ponder how I feel about being called a "sweetass, everlovin' dev"... :-P

badge of honor

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I look at it as a badge of honor to have a module or two in the hall of shame... (of course, I've been guilty of duplicating my own modules...)

Aaron Winborn
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Aaron Winborn
Drupal Multimedia (my book, available now!)

OK, here's a start on a full comparison

katbailey's picture

Please see and edit as you see fit.

Rotor Banner

conorc's picture

This one is pretty neat to set up, but should probably be listed here as well. hope you don't mind mrfelton ;-)

It's actually handy to have them altogether here to compare...

Views accordion not a rotator/slideshow

Manuel Garcia's picture

I'm not sure views accordion should be in this list, because although it uses jQuery to add functionality, it is not a rotator nor a slide-show, it's a different ui concept...

Other than that, thanks for listing my module anyway, at least people find out about it! :D


Omar Abdel-Wahab's picture

jCarousellite isn't a duplicate of jcarousel/carousel/views_carousel.

There're already two jQuery plugins to do the carousel effect: jCarousel and jCarousellite which is a lighter version and lacks many features in jCarousel, yet it works better.

I have already taken over carousel module before I start working on jcarousellite and I am willing to put more effort into merging all these into a single module but I need some help here.

Views Slideshow encapsulates Views nicely

aaron's picture

I have begun work on encapsulating the views side of things with Views Slideshow (and have some preliminary work checked in at dev). I have a more complete version of that work locally, but just need to finish an upgrade path (I'll check in what I have regardless tomorrow).

My idea is for Views Slideshow to provide a common framework API for other slideshow/rotator modules to plug into. To that end, the (local version of the) API removes the current display functionality into packaged contrib modules, and then views carousel/views cycle/etc can plug into that, implementing the display without needing to reinvent the views side of things. Then any improvements made to Views Slideshow (as far as GUI, performance improvements, etc) would benefit all the modules.

The API works nicely already (Views Slideshow: ImageFlow), so I think it's a viable and optimal solution.

I'll get what I have checked in on Monday, and will be glad to help patch any other modules that would be interested in implementing the API.

Aaron Winborn
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Aaron Winborn
Drupal Multimedia (my book, available now!)

Slideshow CS

davebv's picture

I am the one behind slideshowCS. I think it would be great if similar functionality from different modules could be integrated in just one. I use CrossSlide jQuery plugin which I personally think is pretty good, and then I created an interface for display blocks with pictures and ken burns effect.

I will be pleased to talk to anybody and discuss about merge modules or even discard mine if the functionality of Slide Show CS is to be implemented in any other module.

For example, a good idea would be adding the possibility of using cross slide in views slideshow, as I started to think how this plugin would fit with views.

What's the purpose of this list?

alex_b's picture

What's the purpose of this list? Most of these modules have very different approaches. Is the goal to identify clusters of modules that have overlaps that could be addressed?


Wim Leers's picture

Carousel ( was meant to become the all-in-one module, it would include:
- jCarousel (
- Panels Carousel Style (
- Views Carousel (the only one in Carousel so far)
- Node Carousel

Many people vouched their support, but in the end, nothing happened, due to other interests/lack of time/don't know what else.

In any case, I agree that a consolidation effort is absolutely necessary. The current situation is both painful and a disgrace.

I won't be part of this effort though, as I've abandoned all of my Carousel-related modules (,,

aaron's picture

Just an FYI that this thread has become the focus of a planned BOF at the Open Media Camp in Denver if you're planning to be there on Sunday...

Aaron Winborn
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Aaron Winborn
Drupal Multimedia (my book, available now!)

A proactive comparison approach for info and sharing

laura s's picture

...can be seen in the wiki for "duplicate" import modules. Check it out. I think it's a great way of going about it!

pingVision, LLC

Laura Scott
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The future of the dynamic display modules?

ppblaauw's picture

The future of the dynamic display block module.

The Dynamic display block module enables you to present content in a dynamic way.
It uses the jQuery Cycle Plugin for the slideshow effects.

This is the first line on the dynamic display block module project page on

What will be the future of the module? When we developed the module we had in mind to let the ddblock module handle different dynamic display features like slideshows, carousels, 3d picture viewers etc. (That is where the name comes from)

There would be one module for the input side of the module (content from a folder, nodes, nodequeues and CCK and views, maybe more) and several plugin modules for the output (with free and commercial themes at the output side).

Our first module ddblock handled the input side and the slideshow output side.

Some of our ideas with the module are:

Clean up code (Variable declaration)
Separate input and output as planned before so easy for developers to add a dynamic display plugin.

for slideshow output:

Adding AJAX loading of content
1.) minimum amount of content at page load (to load page quick)
2a.) other content via AJAX (all at ones)
2b.) other content via AJAX (one by one when needed)

Adding TABS to show content of pager items
e.g. 10 tabs with 10 pager items for 100 images

Adding other plugins

The future of dynamic display modules?

But... There are already modules in Drupal with can do similar things (like you can see in the list).

The views plugins like views_slideshow, views_rotator, views_carousel provide slideshow functionality and carousel functionality. (with new modules coming out to add dynamic display plugins to views) But e.g. they can not get content in other ways than views and most of them don't provide free and commercial themes.

What to do? What will be the future of not only the dynamic display block module, but what will be the future of all slideshow, carousel, rotator, tabs types of modules. (dynamic display modules)

You would say just let the maintainers of these module collaborate and find out with the community what will be the future of dynamic display modules for Drupal. (Merging modules, abandon modules in favour of others, community project to create a new framework for dynamic display modules, other ideas) Easier said then done. I tried several times, but without success.

Maybe other maintainers have more success and are collaborating already to merge modules, etc. I would appreciate any news on this front. I have to make a decision what to do with the dynamic display block module.

Philip Blaauw

This is a crazy story for ddblock

PEB's picture

First I'll say that this is the very first time I ever joined a group. However, the impulse was overwhelming just to discuss my last 2 tiring weeks of trying to figure out just which rotator/slideshow/tabs module to use.

I'd upload a module, then read all the instructions in the readme.txt, also read everything on drupal about the module, and lastly Google any possible instructions that may be available about the module. And finally I'd discover that the module just doesn't do, what was most expected. So, now I search again for another module that may have what I was looking for, then the exact process as described above was completed all over again, resulting in the same outcome. And yes ddblock was downloaded to my desktop, but it's turn had not come up yet to be loaded. Besides, ddblock has a whole lot of documentation and I'd have to read through all that.

Now right around the end of week two, I ran across this group and things begin to look much clearer than ever before. No wonder I'm burning so many nights trying to find the right module, because there are so many duplicates that I was not even halfway through the list yet. Much thanks to the group for even having such a page, this is a blessing, thanks again.

Finally realizing that most of all these modules fall into somewhat the same category, I was more free to pick and choose between the list. Therefore, I could possibly select just the right module, or come to a decision faster, on a module that comes closest to what I wanted. So I immediately began clicking through almost every link that was listed here, and for some reason I began clicking back to ddblock.

So after reading through and comparing, I with no doubt, thought, what the heck ddblock seems to be very well documented, and I already have it downloaded, besides I've already done about 6 or so currently. So I grabbed a cup of coffee, flopped down in front of the computer, then began with the uploading and instruction reading. Oopps, but not before I delete the last one I uploaded.

Now to my point. After testing some of the modules, but no I didn't test them all, because after loading ddblock, it clearly just out performed any of the other rotators I’ve even tried to use. Being extremely tired of going through all these module, ddblock made it very easy to say there is nothing else I could possibly expect, from another module. Even if it did some of the same things, ddblock is well maintained, and extremely documented, this is truly a plus.

My hat comes off to ddblock, this module is by far the most documented, most versatile, and most flexible module, that is in my opinion, listed in the group. Also, this was the reason I joined the group which is of course for a personal reason. And that is to ask ddblock, that regardless of what anyone might say or think, we need you man! That module is magic, keep up the good work, and keep that module up, please!! I apologize for the ones I didn’t test, but oh no, ddblock you rock!!

You are lucky...

wwwoliondorcom's picture


You are lucky, because I also spent nights trying to make one of these module works, and the ONLY thing I want is show a slideshow of Ubercart shop calatog pictures, but nothing worked, not even DDblock !

Si I am asking here once more, do you know any reliable module that will work on any browser and that won't make any trouble to the user, and that JUST show a slideshow of Ubercart catalog ?

Sad that too easy and too simple often seems impossible with Drupal...

Thanks anyway for all these great modules, i guess they work on other people websites.

Maybe not so Lucky

PEB's picture


@ wwwoliondorcom On Sat, 2009-07-18 13:19 I posted the comment, and today I am still trying to wrap my head around this rotator thing. By far I am not any type of coder, themer, or anything of the sort. Just a regular person who discovered Drupal about a year ago, and still have not launched my, what seemed to be a very basic site. So this is what I've considered for a rotator, coming from a ordinary (frustrated) user.

DDblock with the documentation seemed like the viable candidate because of the documentation that is provided, and they worked very well for me. I only tested it with Safari, IE 7/8, and Firefox, and had absolutely no problem rotating images in a block. If you follow the Basic Settings video ( and only wanted to rotate images, then DDblock works well. My problem began with DDblock, when I discovered that making those images clickable, is not so user friendly. Basically, I need each image rotating, to launch to different URL's, almost like an advertisement block, but was unable to easily accomplish this with DDblock. They do have a page which explains how to do this, but I need a more simple solution, and this didn't do it for ME ( Putting images in a folder, and letting DDblock rotate them, is a simple enough method, but making those images as a link, is the only thing that's discouraging (only in my opinion).

Views Sideshow was my next option (my current option), because Views Slideshow can rotate more than just images. They can rotate listings, comments, and even full nodes if need be. However, they are not well documented at all, so basically there is no reason to even open the README.TXT (you'll see if you open it). But this does seem like a very powerful rotator, integrated with one of Drupals most used and need modules, Views. The video that is produced, is possibly the best documentation that they have ( And the rest, is more long nights, testing for the proper effect.

Next I would like to say, that I am only responding based on a common persons perspective. And by far it's just my opinion, for what it's worth. And to include, based on all the documentation that's on the net, I am not going to even attempt to test the other rotators. So for me, it will be the first rotator I can get to quickly, and easily link my images. Lastly I will say, I have been able to rotate images with both modules (after about a month of pain :-), and all looks good in the browsers I've mentioned above. Listed below are some of the other needed modules, that these rotators need to function properly:

CCK module (for creating image field on the page)
ImageAPI module (API module)
Imagecache module (for image resize)
Filefield module (CCK plugin)
Imagefield module (CCK plugin)
Views module (for displaying the image)
Views Slideshow (Views plugin)

If you or anyone else have a better solution, PLEASE provide information PLEASE!! And I hope this helps some.

Dynamic display block module support

ppblaauw's picture

The module is supported by a complete set of documentation, like: Installation and configuration tutorials, Video tutorials, FAQ with troubleshooting part, How to's, Tips, etc.

Support for the module is given on a daily basis.

The issue queue of the module is the preferred place to post: support requests, feature request and bugs. Please give detailed descriptions of your issues, so we can help you better

Searching the issue queue (search on all issue) and the FAQ can give you direct answers.

Apparently this is no longer a "hall of shame"

pdarnell's picture

However, like PEB, I've been thrashing looking for a good slide show that clicks through to a given page. Seems like a simple thing to do, and there are a zillion ways to do it as this page points out. But all the ones I try fall short. Many seem to gray out the underlying page and float the images above it. I would like a block module that fades in as sequence of images with text, and lets the user click the image to zap to a node. It would be great if someone could recommend a good, simple, reliable way to do this.
Back when this was a hall of shame, it was implicit that there was a module that could do all this that was NOT in the hall, and therefore was the approved way to go. Anyone know of that module?

Views Slideshow has matured

aaron's picture

Views Slideshow has matured considerably since the spring. You might want to give it a go; there are dozens of sites I'm aware of using it to do just what you're wanting.

Aaron Winborn
Drupal Multimedia (my book, available now!)

Views Slideshow broken?

supersteph's picture

Has anyone had problems with Views Slideshow (specifically the singleframe plugin) after the most recent update to v2.1? It has caused javascript errors that broke my slideshows, all expansion items on admin pages, and any tabbed panels pages.

I have posted to the issue queue and been in contact with the developer...just wanted to encourage anyone considering this module to do careful research first!

No approved way to go

katbailey's picture was implicit that there was a module that could do all this that was NOT in the hall, and therefore was the approved way to go

I'm pretty sure that was never the case - being implicit about something like that would never help anybody. There's no approved way to go - who would approve it? The shame part was an attempt to motivate people to improve upon existing modules rather than creating new ones with similar functionality. In the case of slideshow modules it seems that Views Cycle, Views Rotator and Views Slideshow were all developed around the same time and the developers (all of whom are awesome :-)) were simply not aware of one another's efforts, which is a shame ;-) But so far I've used both Views Cycle (for a rotator with tabs) and Views Slideshow (with the amazing ImageFlow plugin) and can recommend both.

Heh, I started

JacobSingh's picture

Heh, I started another:

I don't know if this will stay on d.o. CVS, but Acquia needs something for D7 which is lightweight and obviously not using views. Nothing seemed available for that.

Why "obviously not using views"?

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Do you say "obviously not using views" because you don't want the weight of views? Views 3 on D7 has met my expectations so far, and has good and responsive maintainership. If views is appropriate for a project, I encourage people to help port the plugins, etc. And help flush out the bugs that do remain.

Sorry, I guess obvious might

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Sorry, I guess obvious might be the wrong word :)

When we start Gardens views was no where near prime-time. We might end up using it at sometime in the future, but it is too complex and unproven performance wise in D7 for us to use it right now. So I guess yeah, don't want the weight of views right now.

So most of the mods we are building are simple, to the point functionality modules which have finished product interfaces, eschewing a lot of more "API centric" approaches. I'm sure this will change as the Drupal 7 Contrib space gels up and Gardens as a product becomes more standardized.

Hope that's a good explanation :)


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IMHO I really like the rotating banner module, and I really like that it doesn't use views (I can not imagine teaching views to my costumers). I knew a module like this was possible, but didn't know how to code it.

Also, I really really, prefer the banner module approach, rather than some existent modules, over complicated that just want to sell layout "templates" just for this spotlight or featuring content purpose. I would put those in a "hall of shame" if possible.

I just hope the rotating banner module can be ported to D6, I am not a coder but I will give it a try :)

Carousel slideshow modules

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jCarousel (jquery plugin) modules (the big two):
jCarousel vs JCarousel formatter framework

Views modules (depends on the modules above):
Views Carousel vs jCarousel for Views

Other similar modules:
Carousel - uses jCarousel (jquery plugin), the reincarnation of jCarousel for D7, in development
jCarousel Lite - uses jCarousel Lite (jquery plugin), limited configuration
Views Slideshow JCarousel Thumbs - uses jCarousel Lite (jquery plugin), integrated with Views Slideshow
jQuery UI Carousel - uses jCarousel (jquery plugin)
jcarousel block - uses jCarousel (jquery plugin), very limited configuration

there are a few other jCarousel modules and lots of other slideshow modules (many use jQuery.cycle or other plugins)


Quick Tabs isn't even close to a slideshow module.
it's a module that creates blocks which can have tabs containing nodes, views, and other stuff.

as it can contain blocks and views, it can also contain slideshows built with other modules, like Views Slideshow.
as the result is a block, it can also be added to Panels or to other entities, like nodes and views... if you use the appropriate modules.

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suggesting the use of Views

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suggesting the use of Views Slideshow JCarousel Thumbs instead of the other jCarousel alternatives

seems the most promissing jCarousel module atm.

Views Cycle and Views Rotator have been deprecated by the authors in favor of Views Slideshow.
check the project pages.

Luís Pedro Algarvio
Drupal and DevOps Developer, Evangelist & Trainer

I still can't find the thing I"m looking for :o

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Is it possible, that with all these slideshow modules I still can't find a slideshow module with views integration that does the following thing:

views block
-> add some fields (for example global:text, cck_field, image)
-> argument: nid

=> So per Node I can show a slideshow of the fields in that node.

I tried a few but I got tired of failing .. all the ones I tried shows 1 image field over all the nodes.


Sorry if posted in wrong place

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Which one of this modules is themable to look like this ? uses YUI Slideshow (based on jQuery Cycle)

The project is in library YUI

I tried to use views_slideshow, but can't get pager and capture text to look like this.