When is it NOT a good idea to use taxonomy?

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I seem to be chasing my tail a little here trying to decide how to classify the content on something I am working on..

Its basically an issue register for managing a project.. I have created the content type with all the fields but now have to classify the issue based on its severity and likelihood each with 4 options from low to very high.. This gives a total of 16 options.. Eg "Low-Low","Low-Medium","Low-High" etc.. Views will then be used to query and sort the content..

Now this can be done in one of two ways..

  1. A taxonomy with the 16 options as terms..

  2. A select list field with the 16 items..

Can some of the more experienced site builders out there suggest the better way to go and why??




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why not two different vocabularies?
In this case, taxonomy makes sense because you're "classifying" nodes so, given that you want to categorize projects, I would add two taxonomies, one for severity and other for priority. This will allow you to list and sort all projects by either of them.

Lucas S. Caro

Taxonomy will be more

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Taxonomy will be more flexible. You'll be able to use it for Views arguments, and automatically generate Taxonomy Menu (with that module installed). Also, a bit easier for clients to update, if necessary. And, without building the custom view (it is a pre-built view), you would be able to display a page of all issues matching a taxonomy term.

If you do use CCK select field with allowed options, you might look at the http://drupal.org/project/values module that saves those values outside of the CCK field, for reuse. That is easier for clients to update without you giving them permission to edit the content type directly.

Thanks for the feedback..

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Thanks for the feedback.. Really appreciate it.. At least I know I am on the right track..

@Lucas - The reason for a single vocabulary is to simplify the sorting to a single option which would correspond to a grid rating system.. Something like this http://www.noweco.com/risk/riske04.htm

Have in mind that if you're

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Have in mind that if you're using views, you can always sort by two fields (the same with pure SQL), so if you have two vocabularies you can join them, but having one makes it more difficult to separate them.

Having said that, yes, you're on the right track. Use Taxonomy for categorizing nodes. That's what they're there for.


Lucas S. Caro

Taxonomy in 2015'

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Hi all. If anyone can direct me to someone with experience in Taxonomy Vocabulary (organization), I would be happy to speak with them. Right now my issue is listing in the best organized way for search, and for me to upload on my own daily.
Thank you!

I have had a better

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I have had a better experience with using Content Taxonomy than I have with core taxonomy. Much easier to work with in views (sorting, display and filters) and you can save them additionally in the core taxonomy system.

Two fields is the way I went - with good results.

+1 to content taxonomy. I

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+1 to content taxonomy. I also save always to the taxonomy table.

Lucas S. Caro

Recipe Modules for Drupal

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I am looking for a great Recipe Module that can be used with Drupal.
Any thought?

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