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When is it NOT a good idea to use taxonomy?


I seem to be chasing my tail a little here trying to decide how to classify the content on something I am working on..

Its basically an issue register for managing a project.. I have created the content type with all the fields but now have to classify the issue based on its severity and likelihood each with 4 options from low to very high.. This gives a total of 16 options.. Eg "Low-Low","Low-Medium","Low-High" etc.. Views will then be used to query and sort the content..

Now this can be done in one of two ways..

  1. A taxonomy with the 16 options as terms..
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Views2 and Taxonomy

This is my first post to the Drupal Dojo, so please forgive me if I sound like a noob. This is only because I am :)

I'm working on a Drupal6 site where I have created a vocabulary, the terms of which are product categories. The terms I've used have a nested structure and there are certain terms that have no nodes, only other terms, within them.

I can create a view that returns all products grouped by taxonomy term ( - that's the easy part.

My problem/s:

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View Argument Handling Code - Using Multiple Taxnomy Term Names as Arguments


I've read a lot of requests for using multiple taxonomy term names as view arguments. I found a code, but it didnt work for me.
Views default argument handling using termid rather then name works beautifully, using forms like: ",termid3,termid2" or "", but I found the support for term names lacking.


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