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Linking to unrelated taxonomies by a node

Hi, I'm relatively new to drupal and I've search in the groups but haven't found the answer for my problem.

What I'm trying to do is find a way to link two taxonomies it's for a party service site.
In the first taxonomy we have the kind of party you're having i.e. graduation, birthday, anniversary, etc.
In the second taxonomy we have services that are related but not dependent of the party taxonomy and also can repeat in the party taxonomy i.e. music groups, catering, booze, etc.

An example of this is that



  • graduation can have:
  • <


  • booze
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    EntityMalformedException: Missing bundle property on entity of type taxonomy_term. in entity_extract_ids() (line 7663 of /includes/

    EntityMalformedException: Missing bundle property on entity of type taxonomy_term. in entity_extract_ids() (line 7663 of /includes/

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in taxonomy_form_term() (line 735 of /modules/taxonomy/

    The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

    Drupal 7.22
    Openscholar 3.6
    Downloaded from

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    Swedish taxonomies


    I am building a site that needs to contain vocabularies of region - kommun - schools (and languages and school subjects). Does anyone know where I could get that as a csv or there a national information repository that might be able to help?



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    Dúvida : Adicionar automaticamente um taxonomy term num content type

    Boa Tarde,

    Ainda à volta com a administração do Drupal ! Com a seguinte dúvida, eu consigo predefinir um taxonomy term num content type, mas o utilizador do backoffice consegue sempre ir alterar para outro termo.
    A minha questão passa por forçar um determinado term automaticamente para um certo content type, sem que o utilizador de backoffice tenha a noção que está a ser usado o term. Sei que se pode fazer por código esta operação...mas gostaria de saber se existe algum módulo ou qualquer configuração que se possa fazer :

    Exemplo :
    Content Type : Carro

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    Override default taxonomy term page with Panel page

    Does anyone know to override default taxonomy term page path with panel page? I like to use taxonomy menu in my site but instead of using default behavior of taxonomy, I want to use panel for each taxonomy term. I don't know if it is possible or not. Please help.

    Thank you.

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    Full Drupal Solution Needed | Borah Labs

    Employment type: 
    Full time
    Employment type: 
    Part time
    Employment type: 

    While writing this job post, I am thinking to myslef if I am not fooling myself by looking for the kind-of jack of all [drupal] trades.

    While I cannot expect a perfect UX designer to also have the skill to develop and architect a complex taxonomy pattern. Still, I do not have enough personal drupal skill to be able to act as the project manager and divide the project tasks to individual druplers

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    Having trouble with Multilingual site design and using Content Taxonomy Fields with Translated Vocabularies appearing twice in Node add/edit forms

    Well this is my first attempt at taking my site and making it multilingual. I have done a far bit of research and have all the necessary modules I think I need. I am having trouble with getting my vocabularies to play nice. Here is what I have

    Drupal 6
    Using Content Taxonomy module so that I have the vocabulary load in a field on each node as well as save to the taxonomy tables to be used in other ways.

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    Çoklu taxonomy ve views

    Anime sitesi yapmayı planlıyorum.

    3 farklı sözlüğüm var.

    Anime (Çizgi film isimleri)
    Türler (ilgili türler)
    Dil (Sahip olduğu Altyazı dilleri)

    Anime vocabulary'sinin içinde custom field hazırladım.
    Animenin detaylı resim , özet , yılı ve bölüm sayısını lisetelemek için.
    Ve bunun altında diğer vocablere bağlamak için term referance tür ve dil fieldları ekledim.

    Bunu views kullanarak. ilgili türü seçerek anime nin termlerini nasıl bastırabiliriz?

    "Tür > Korku" seçilince anime'nin name fieldi listelenmesini istiyorum.

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    When is it NOT a good idea to use taxonomy?


    I seem to be chasing my tail a little here trying to decide how to classify the content on something I am working on..

    Its basically an issue register for managing a project.. I have created the content type with all the fields but now have to classify the issue based on its severity and likelihood each with 4 options from low to very high.. This gives a total of 16 options.. Eg "Low-Low","Low-Medium","Low-High" etc.. Views will then be used to query and sort the content..

    Now this can be done in one of two ways..

    1. A taxonomy with the 16 options as terms..
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    Contractor | Edge Multimedia

    Employment type: 
    Not allowed

    Goodday I am looking for somebody who has a good understanding of taxonomy and php coding in Drupal7.
    1. The job will involve fixing some display issues with taxonomy.
    2. Adding two new terms to an existing vocabulary.
    3. Adding a new addition to the website ( Article of Series )

    I can be contact from or 021 554 2424

    The applicant “MUST” reside in Cape Town as weekly meeting for update progress of project will be a requirement.

    The porject can be viewed by following the link:

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