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jQuery background:


http://drupal.org/node/88978 - Using jQuery

Code from the class:

Attached is a single text file, which contains four javascript files (dojo01.js, dojo02.js, dojo03.js, dojo04.js: to be placed into the dojo module directory) together with the dojo.module file.

In the latter, of importance for this lesson are the additional items placed in the dojo_menu() function (which enable the "dojojs" and "dojojs/ajax" paths); and at the very bottom, commented out, are to be found four redundant versions of the callback functions invoked by the dojo_menu() function.

First create the four javascript files in the dojo module directory (dojo01.js, dojo02.js, dojo03.js, dojo04.js) and copy the rest to replace dojo.module itself.

To test each of the four class sections, simply uncomment the appropriate class section containing the dojo_jquery_page and dojo_jquery_ajax function versions at the end of the file, in turn. The pair of functions you have uncommented at any given time will invoke the appropriate dojo0x.js file.

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Thanks / Bad News

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Many thanks victor for getting the ball rolling here. Others should chime in with wiki-edits for this documentation.

I have some bad news though: my laptop crashed catastrophically (kernel panic) while exporting the screencast, so that portion of the documentation may have been lost.

I can try to re-record a redo of this lesson later in the week, but I may not have time. Sorry about that.

http://www.chapterthreellc.com | http://www.outlandishjosh.com

I, for one, would appreciate

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I, for one, would appreciate a complete screencast for this lesson. I wasn't able to attend the live lesson but I am interested in seeing it.


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That depends on my ability to find time to re-do the session and re-record it. This week is pretty busy, so we may just have to wait for another time (or another expert!) to screencast a jQuery intro.

http://www.chapterthreellc.com | http://www.outlandishjosh.com

i would also like this if

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i would also like this if you have a time.

Lesson #6

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Isn't this lesson nr. 6? I cannot find anything about it.

The lesson number is correct

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Here is number 6: http://groups.drupal.org/node/2764

The lesson notes for number 5 were added after number 6, so it appears farther up on the list.

This is why...

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This is why we need drupaldojo.com... the goals of running a real-time community and keeping a tidy archive of our products have different demands. ;)

http://www.chapterthreellc.com | http://www.outlandishjosh.com

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