New 'Magical' Risk Management Chart for you!

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Hey guys & gals,

Thanks to XJM, my risk management chart now has some unicorn magic included, so I thought I'd share it here in case it inspires y'all to do some more risk mgmt on your projects, or to keep doing it & have a cool tool for it!

Here's a link to that document + description of how to do risk mgmt if you aren't familiar with this technique.

In case you haven't done risk mgmt, the point is to:
- fill out your risk register on a regular basis by asking these questions to yourself & your team:
- what are the risks on you project?
- How do they impact you?
- What's their probability?
- How can you mitigate those risks? (sharing, eliminating, ignoring/accepting?)

The register fills out the rest of the "chart" by plugging in your risk ID's... it's pretty fricken sweet & makes mgmt a lot faster/easier.

Thanks Jess!!


PS: Please don't bork my file ;) Make a copy of it for your own use... in case you do bork it, I have a back up, so someone let me know if that happens.


This is awesome. It's

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This is awesome. It's definitely an area I've been focusing on and this will really help me. Thank you so much for sharing!

Good stuff - thanks for sharing

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Thanks Shannon. Very helpful indeed. Love the titles on the left.

Thanks, Shannon. Maybe in one

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Thanks, Shannon. Maybe in one of our meetups you could explain how you use it?

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