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hey guys,

I was trying to get Media going so I could start playing with it, and I went to the Media project page, looked through the required modules and installed them individually, then installed the Media module. I went for the 7.x-2.0-alpha2 version because I'm in the Media group and noticed that a lot of people said they were using this version just fine.

I went to add a photo to my sample animal profile (content type), and after I clicked select I got this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function media_type_get_types() in /home/content/41/7901441/html/sites/all/modules/oembed/media_oembed/media_oembed.module on line 78

When I tried to find the solution, I found some info that suggested the error was caused by using a different version of oEmbed than Media.

SO I decided I'd try to uninstall oEmbed and then reinstall a more suitable version.

But there were 4-5 different modules listed that included oEmbed in the name, and some of them were greyed out- so I wouldn't be able to disable and uninstall them anyway!

I opted to uninstall the one that said Media oEmbed, and this appeared to work- but Media oEmbed remained on the list.

What now?
And is there a moral here that I should always let my chosen modules installation select its own dependent modules to avoid this kind of problem?


What version of oembed are

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What version of oembed are you using? Neither 7.x-0.x-dev (they should have released 7.x-0.1-beta4 ages ago) nor 7.x-1.0-rc2 have this problem.


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I was using oEmbed 7.x-0.1-beta3.

It was not "Media oEmbed" causing the problem, it was one of the modules in the set of 5 oEmbed modules whose names start with "oEmbed". I had to disable all these as well (it took 2 tries, one to disable the oEmbed extras, and one to disable oEmbed core) I was then able to uninstall all 6 modules, again in two "uninstalls"

This corrected the error. After further discussion, I've discovered I don't really need the oEmbed module, so it should not be an issue going forward.


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