Video sprint at UCLA Research Commons on November 23, 2013

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2013-11-23 12:00 - 16:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Join us Saturday afternoon on November 23rd for a video sprint at the UCLA Research Commons. We're meeting to save all the videos that were once hosted on but were unceremoniously deleted. See for more details.

Agenda ^

For any changes to our agenda for the evening, stay tuned to this meetup announcement or click the Sign up button below (or both!) to be notified when the agenda has been updated.

Our video sprint will have a couple different areas where anyone can jump in and help, from technical tasks, content editing tasks and general support.

1. Being part of a team!
The most important thing in my book is to have fun whenever we get together. Much of the learning, teaching, rabble rousing and any successes we'll experience will be because we're working together as a team, helping one another and accomplishing something that we wouldn't be able to do alone or individually.

2. Bring some food and drinks

This is very much a community event, and unless we have a corporate sponsor then I suggest we bring food to share potluck-style. We'll need to check with our venue first, of course, to see if food is allowed where we'll be located.

If anyone would like to sponsor beverages and / or food for our group at this event, we'll be incredibly grateful and can even mention you or your company name in the video descriptions.

3. Transcoding videos
Anyone with Windows (or a virtual machine running Windows) can help transcode the large backlog of WebEx videos that we have. This is by using Cisco's network recording player software mentioned on our video how-to page:

   Video How-to and Checklist

4. Uploading videos
We're still not 100% decided on which video provider we'll be uploading our videos to. We can definitely talk more about our options if anyone recommends them or if another person seconds mfuller's recommendation to use YouTube:  

If we end up using Vimeo, then for the most part our videos can be uploaded to Dropbox and then automatically transferred to Vimeo via their Dropbox magic uploader thingie.

5. Naming and labeling videos
Once videos are uploaded to Vimeo (or YouTube, or wherever), we'll add helpful descriptions, tags, etc. to the video pages.

Then we'll need to update the original meetup announcement related to the event where that video was recorded. For example, the Downtown Drupal meetup where Steve & Stacey Rifkin presented on Hard Cards will need to be updated with a link to the new video page:

   Hard Cards Case Study: Is Drupal for Beginners?

Location and Directions

Our generous host and co-organizer, Gary Thompson of the UCLA Library, tells us:

The Research Commons is on the 1st floor. When you enter the building, walk toward the back past the cafe, and turn left. We'll be in the space near the collaboration pods, or we'll be in one or two of the pods. (You'll know what I'm talking about as soon as you see the pods.)

   UCLA Charles E. Young Research Library
   53442 Charles Young Research Library
   Los Angeles, CA 90095

   (310) 825-4732

Library Website | Google Map


To carpool, post below in the comments to see who is requesting and offering rides to the venue.

Public Transportation

It is hard to beat Google Maps get directions for a customized public transportation itinerary

Also here is a Bus Routes Map for UCLA


Parking Structure 3 is close to the Charles Young Research Library.

Pay at the Self-Service Parking Pay Stations. $3.00/hour $12.00 all day. Cash or Credit Cards.

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With several weekly and monthly events, the Greater Los Angeles Area is one the most active areas for Drupal in the world.

Formerly named "Downtown Los Angeles Drupal", we've been meeting regularly in and around Downtown Los Angeles, California, since early 2010, and now organize a large number of events in the area. Our signature events include the Drupal Job Fairs and the Downtown Drupal, Frontend Drupal and High Performance Drupal meetups.

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Attending Drupal events in the Greater Los Angeles Area is one of the best ways to meet and talk with other Drupaleros and we encourage you to attend as many meetings and special events as you'd like. Whether it's to find solutions to problems you've been having, sharing something you've learned or just meeting interesting like-minded people, the Greater Los Angeles Drupal events are an essential resource for Drupal professionals and hobbyists alike.

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Exaltation of Larks is happy

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Exaltation of Larks is happy to provide food and drinks to help keep everyone's energy up at this event.

I hope that everyone interested in attending signs up so that we have an idea of the headcount:

Thanks, everyone!

Parking at UCLA

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FYI Parking structure 3 is close to the Research Library and closest to Sunset and Hilgard.

  • chris.

Chris Cabrera Thompson
Web Services
Digital Initiatives and Information Technology
University Of California, Los Angeles
22484 Charles E. Young Research Library
Box 951575
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575
Voice: 310.206.6638

This sounds great thanks for putting this event together!

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This sounds great thanks for putting this event together!

Fountain City Productions
Creative-Technical solutions
Beautiful websites built with Drupal


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Thx for organizing this event :) Whoop whoop.

This is quite a noble cause

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This is quite a noble cause and useful to anyone that is looking for a good video on a subject they're working to master ... I wish you all luck uploading the videos and making this sprint a success.

However, I have noticed on podcast clients that this group has re-used the same artwork created by LA Drupal organizers (this version was created by me) -- and I'd request you not to re-use it.

mike stewart { twitter: @MediaDoneRight | IRC nick: mike stewart }

Thanks for the kind words.

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Thanks for the kind words. These videos are a gift that everyone at the video sprint is glad to give to the larger Drupal community. I hope you can make it and lend a hand!

I'm not aware of any podcasts or anything else on GLAD's video channel at that's using anyone else's artwork. GLAD has its own mascot and there's no need to reuse the artwork of other groups.

Are you talking about the LA DrupalCast episodes that have custom album covers? That isn't our original content and definitely has no place on GLAD's video channel.

Speaking of which, please let me know if you already have backups of those podcasts episodes or if you want a download link to ours so that we can delete them to free up space on our server.

Sorry, I just realized I

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Sorry, I just realized I assumed you're talking about us re-uploading old content at this week's video sprint.

If you have links to anything of yours that's currently hosted on any of our channels or websites, let us know and we'll be glad to remove it.

The LA DrupalCast used to be hosted on but they went nuclear on everyone's content and I don't think it's there anymore.

sounds good, and ya, kinda

mike stewart's picture

sounds good, and ya, kinda thought maybe I should have linked to the artwork to avoid any confusion. The artwork in question that I've seen is the same as on the LA Drupal meetup account: and I've seen that thumbnail (above) as the thumbnail for the channel named "Greater Los Angeles Drupal" podcast ... on Android I use podkicker.

After looking at a little more closely, it seems I'm mistaken, I don't know the actual URL podkicker is finding/using -- but video list suggests its actually the old LA Drupal podcast that was renamed (by you?) and description was also modified to include some of the other local groups you organize.

I can download any videos to save you space .. and get them to other LA Drupal organiers... let's chat.

Good luck with the sprint this weekend... I'd like to join, but can't make it.

mike stewart { twitter: @MediaDoneRight | IRC nick: mike stewart }

Mike, I just sent you an

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Mike, I just sent you an email with the download links. If you don't see it, look for a message from my Larks address with "Dropbox links" in the subject. Thanks, and I hope you have a great weekend.


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Hey - a bunch of us are going to carpool from Droplabs to the video sprint at UCLA.
Currently we are planning to meet at Droplabs 10am Sat. 11/23. We are going to leave for UCLA about 10:30am


My apologies, Jeff, I may not

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My apologies, Jeff, I may not make it to Droplabs until 11am.

If you're able to arrange another ride at 10:30am, please go ahead and leave for UCLA and I'll meet you there. Otherwise, I'll see you at Droplabs closer to 11am.

In case you don't see this, I'll send you a direct message, as well.

Last-minute planning details

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Thanks, Jeff, for posting the note about carpooling from Droplabs. See you there at 10am!

No one has seconded using YouTube as the video provider, so it's safe to say we're moving forward with using Vimeo. For what it's worth, there seems to be a growing consensus amongst the diaspora that Vimeo is the place to be.

Exaltation of Larks is happy to provide food and drinks for everyone this event. If anyone has dietary restrictions, I'd love to know about them before 4pm on Friday. You can either post them here or contact me directly at  

Also, if anyone wants to run a parallel event in the same space at the same time (like a mentored video training, Drupal 8 code sprint, GLADCamp website sprint, etc.), now's the time to suggest it!

See you tomorrow

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I will be coming up from Santa Monica by bike (if it doesn't rain) . . . I guess I will need to catch up on the posts and study any requirements so that I am at least a little prepared. I have Windows and Dropbox. -- Peter

See you tomorrow

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I will be coming up from Santa Monica by bike (if it doesn't rain) . . . I guess I will need to catch up on the posts and study any requirements so that I am at least a little prepared. I have Windows and Dropbox. -- Peter

Dropbox links

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Here are the Dropbox links:

   Videos that went "blip" and need to be reuploaded

   WebEx videos to be converted

Speaking of Dropbox, here's the referral link for anyone who doesn't have a Dropbox account yet:

   Greater Los Angeles Drupal referral link

Using this link will give GLAD (and all our community events like this video sprint) an extra 1GB per referral.

Cisco's WebEx Network Recording Player

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Here's the download page for Cisco's WebEx Network Recording Player:

It's available for Mac OS X, too:

The OS X version doesn't have the ability to convert ARF files to MP4. For that, we'll need help from our friends who can bring laptops running Windows.

How often does the success of a Drupal event hinge on Drupaleros who use Windows? Just goes to show that this video sprint has something for everyone!

truck has broken down...we'll be there soon

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Please start without us.

First step is to download the videos you wish to trancode. You get to choose whoch gets uploaded first!

Kraken Digital Media & Technology
Robot Coordinator  
Greater Los Angeles Drupal
Organizer, Dragonslayer &n


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I was successful in converting two files and uploading them to Dropbox. I checked video in the the preview option and did not check chat.

As a test I selected high quality as opposed to medium. The files size was slightly larger but nothing colossal. Personally, I recommend the high quality to at least keep the quality where it is without reducing it more through compressing. Nothing worse than not being able to read the text or not seeing where you click.

HP c310w Media thumbdrive missing

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Has anyone seen the white USB thumbdrive that we used during Saturday's video sprint? It has a bunch of converted and unconverted videos on it.

The label on the thumbdrive has rubbed off but it shows up as an "HP c310w Media" device when plugged in.

Haven't seen it...

fejn's picture

Haven't seen it...

Got it!

christefano's picture

Got it! The thumbdrive was turned in and it has about 20 converted videos on it. Woohoo!

Since you have that webex

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Since you have that webex folder, maybe it is possible to sort and cull what has and hasn't been done and leave the remainder up there for the rest of us to grab and convert (as long as we can figure out who has what), and finish the job of conversion for you before we try to have another meeting. That way the only thing that would need to be done at another meeting is put up descriptions of the videos. Just an idea. Since those of use who attended have the conversion software from the last meeting, there seems to me to be no special need to have another meeting to install software. Just a thought.

Converted videos

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I updated the document that was in google docs to reflect what I have converted/ what remains. It also includes comments about what I think needs to be done further to the videos

I agree that we don't really need another meeting: I converted ~20 videos while I was working on a site, & doing homework for the bootcamp.

I can just continue with that list and see if I can get the rest of them converted.


I'll take a look at the google doc

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Well . . . dropbox is almost finished copying down ALL of those videos while I have been working on other things. If I knew which ones were done and which ones weren't, I'd have a better sense of what to convert (while I am working on other things).

I'll take a look at the google DOC, I guess.

I put the following in my queue from the Google doc

pkosenko's picture

I grabbed these from the "need work" category of the Google doc. They were in the dropbox files too. So . . . if you grab these, you will be duplicating my efforts. There are five left in the google doc "need work" category. Jeff cleaned out what he had already done, so I presume that someone else might be able to do the remaining five. As for all the other files in the new Dropbox batch, I don't know what their status is (YET?). Someone wiser than myself will need to pronounce on that.

  1. Rob Ristroph Interviewed about DevOps Summit at BADCamp 2012, Golden Neckbeard Competition - High Performance Drupal Meetup-20121107 0226-1.arf
  2. nBehat Overview and Real World Examples - High Performance Drupal Meetup-20130220 0256-1.arf
  3. Evergage - Downtown Los Angeles Drupal Meetup-20130508 0149-1.arf
  4. Jimmy Olsen Presents - High Performance Drupal Meetup-20130619 0316-4.arf
  5. Drupal Fit and Improving Your Drupal Skills - Downtown Los Angeles Drupal Meetup-20121219 0321-1.arf

Peter, thank you for

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Peter, thank you for converting the videos! I just copied the 5 videos from the folder you shared to our "Videos to Upload" folder and it's safe to remove them from your Dropbox.

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