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In order to increase our events visibility, I've opened a Drupal Montreal Meetup Group. You are all invited to join us.

Afin d'augmenter la visibilité de nos évènements, j'ai ouvert groupe Meetup Drupal Montreal. Vous êtes tous invités à nous rejoindre.

Mise à jour pour clarification
Les évènements Drupal organisé dans le grand Montréal ne doivent pas nécessairement être organisé via Meetup, ou ici, sur gdo., ou sur Google+ ou sur Facebook ou sur une quelconque unique plateforme. N'importe qui peut organiser des évènements, sur la plateforme de son choix en utilisant les outils qu'il souhaite.

Personnellement, j'encourage tout le monde à annoncer tous les évènements connus ici, sur gdo., afin de tirer parti de, et de renforcer, son rôle de plateforme centrale pour les activité dans la communauté. Bien entendu, chacun reste libre de faire comme bon lui semble.

Clarification update
Drupal events on the Montreal does not necessarily have to be organized through Meetup, neither do they have to be necessarily organized here, on gdo., or on Google+, or Facebook, or any other single place. They are organized by whoever want to organize them, wherever they want using whatever tools to want.

I personally encourage everyone to announce any known event here, on gdo., in order to leverage and strengthen its role as central hub for activities in the community. Off course, feel free to disagree.


Amazing! meetup.com is

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Amazing! meetup.com is definetly more convinient that Drupal OG :D.

Duplication des efforts

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I would like to vehemently protest against this; I have been paying to get such a group working on Meetup.com for the last two years and instead of just joining it or requesting to cooperate all I see is a complete division of efforts that will do nothing but to confuse the Montreal community. This is not how the Montreal community should work together and operate.

@MisterSpeed: Are you

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@MisterSpeed: Are you referring to http://www.meetup.com/Club-Drupal-de-Montreal/? It doesn't look like there's been any activity at all since it was started, and certainly no meet-ups. It doesn't even show up unless you expand the search radius to 25 miles: http://www.meetup.com/find/?keywords=drupal&radius=10&userFreeform=montr...

It seems to me that using the 'Drupal Montréal' name is better too, since 'club' implies both exclusivity and a recreational nature.

There have been three events

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There have been three events this year, all advertised on our mailing list. the background for this is simple:

As a cofounder of the association my interest was in outreach, going to meet developers wherever they are, and in organizing regular reunions.

When I asked that at least one board member have the job of being an outreach coordinator and that this should be a function written in the by-laws I did get the by-law change but got this in response: a) It is quite stupid and unnecessary (exact words), and b) the Association's purpose is to organize the Camp, not to hold meetings. This year we have had 3 meetings (advertised on the mailing list), with a $0 membership policy. So I question the desire to compete withe existing efforts rather than join them, as well as that of labelling $0, completely bilingual, meetings as exclusive and "recreational". "Club" is also the expected French terminology.

The first time I helped build a "recreational" club (Club Apple de Montreal, exclusively for programmers) it ballooned to 90 active members and a membership of more than 250 (this was when programming for Apple devices was an extremely unsexy proposition). I am trying to build the same thing here.

I would welcome the Association to cooperate with, rather than compete with, existing efforts.

What should be the Montreal Drupal community?

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It is weird because I am about to post in the following days a short text about what should the Montreal Drupal Community be and do as a discussion start-up. My text will mostly describe what the Drupal Community is made of and what we can do with it. Those interested in the discussion are invited to come at 6PM, Feb 20, at the Ste-Elizabeth (corner Ste-Elizabeth and Ste-Catherine est (Not far from Metro St-Laurent)

If somebody has something to say, share it!
I'll post my text, Comments welcome, so, a topic will be open with these comments, then, if you can, come in person or comment in the openned thread for that (to be opened).

I welcome any comments, but up to now, I did not catch well yours.

I would certainly love to

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I would certainly love to attend ! This is at the same time as the health hackathon but will drop by at least for a bit.

If we need to make another meeting for that, we will

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Until the topic is closed (by nature, it will never be!)
So, as long as there are people who want to meet for any topic, let's do it.

We just need to start the discussion, and once the topic got attention, exposure, interest, we could schedule another meeting, soon!

I would like to meet those who think the Group can be in conflict of interest with them, so we know, share, and define some guidelines.

There isn't much duplication

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There isn't much duplication of efforts as there has been no visible efforts, that I known of, to keep http://www.meetup.com/Club-Drupal-de-Montreal/ in sync with what happens on g.d.o. and what the Drupal Montréal Association is doing.

Have the events planned openly at public meetings of the Drupal Montréal Association and advertised here been advertised on the "Club Drupal de Montreal" group? Have you contacted the association or the rest of the community through public channels to invite them to post events to that Meetup Group?

As mentioned by ergonlogic, the group name suggest some sort of more restricted organization than the general Drupal community in the Montréal area. The description clearly lack any clear reference to g.d.o.

All of this make it looks like the "Club Drupal de Montreal" Meetup group has been kept separated from the Montreal Drupal Association and g.d.o on purpose. Although it may be only miscommunication.

I was at the founding meeting of the association, and I supported the idea of the community outreach function. And I don't remember anyone saying that tasks the person assuming that function would assume would be stupid. But yes, an agreement on the function being in the by-laws was not reached. And one of the argument was that it wasn't the goal of the association to assume the tasks of that functions, so that the association should not be committed to assume the function. Nothing was said about financially supporting, or not supporting, the tasks if done by community members.

At the last Drupal meeting, organized by the association, Meetup was briefly mentioned and the only feedback that came was that indeed a Meetup group would be needed. So, at the next board meeting of the association, the subject was put to the agenda (which is public) and discussed. I offered to create the group. At both the event or at the board meeting, the existence of the "Club Drupal de Montreal" Meetup group was never mentioned. I only saw it after registering on Meetup and creating the Drupal Montréal group. So it wasn't ignored on purpose, it was ignored because it failed to get the attention of several community members involved in the community live.

All said, I'm sure everyone here would be pleased to see both groups merged.

I hate politics

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You have a few things wrong there;

1) The function is in the by-laws as one of the functions of a director; so far the only person who did it that I could see is Pierre Paul. I am glad someone else is extending his efforts, but saddened that it is done in such a way;

2) The founding meeting happened way before your first attendance; it was at my place well over a year before that. You were at the first calling of the general assembly. Not that it matters as a fact, but maybe you are missing on some of the history and the opportunities that have been missed;

3) Your reading about my intentions to keep my efforts separate from "yours" (hey, I am a member too ! What is that us vs them thing ?) on purpose is insulting, gratuitous and presumptuous;

4) Searching for the keywords for your group is in the first recommended steps when founding a Meetup group;

Anyway, this is pointless; all of your response is about procedure, structures of management, casting aspersions, and all the stuff besides serving the community that I want to remain as far as possible from; I hate politics and red tape dude, big time. Good luck.

I will indeed make sure to post my events here and in "your" (wtf?) group in the future, you can do the same.

About the community

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Hei, MisterSpeed ,
I am to a member of the board (a new one) now for several board meetings.

I think you see bad intentions where there is none, and politics where there is none. You were maybe a founder, whatever, but, did you talk to the board recently? I do not know who you are, I know... But before being like mad, please, communicate and please, let the other know your point-of-view that maybe they did not know. : )

About the community

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Hei, MisterSpeed ,
I am to a member of the board (a new one) now for several board meetings.

I think you see bad intentions where there is none, and politics where there is none. You were maybe a founder, whatever, but, did you talk to the board recently? I do not know who you are, I know... But before being like mad, please, communicate and please, let the other know your point-of-view that maybe they did not know. : )

So I got it wrong about the

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So I got it wrong about the by-laws, my bad. Sorry about it. I'm still pretty sure nobody called the community outreach job stupid and unnecessary.

IMHO, https://groups.drupal.org/montreal is one of the main places, if not the main place, for discussions, activities and announcement for the Drupal Montreal community. It's open, re-use a model well-known by the larger Drupal community and is not tied to any organization except the Drupal Association which maintain it for free with almost no string attached. So it seems both obvious and logical to me that any initiative addressing the community of Drupal enthusiasts in the Montreal area would be announced here. But despite being here before the creation of "Club Drupal de Montreal" Meetup group, I've never seen any mention of it on https://groups.drupal.org/montreal.

There is already an active events calendar on https://groups.drupal.org/montreal/events where anyone can post their events. So it seems both obvious and logical to me that any events organized in the Montreal area by anyone knowing about it be would be announced on https://groups.drupal.org/montreal/events. Yet, of the three events you mentioned being organized by the "Club Drupal de Montreal" this year, none of them have been announced on https://groups.drupal.org/montreal/events.

Here on https://groups.drupal.org/montreal/, the community of Drupal enthusiasts in the Montreal area has never been called the "Club Drupal de Montreal". So it seems both obvious and logical to me not to name "Club Drupal de Montreal" any general space dedicated to the same community on an external service (such as Meetup, Facebook, Google+, etc.).

And it seems both obvious and logical to me to link to https://groups.drupal.org/montreal/ from any website that address the same community.

It seems to me that you, as the organizer of the "Club Drupal de Montreal" group, have not been doing these things that are both obvious and logical to me on purpose. So no, I'm not reading your intentions, I'm presenting some facts and express the immediate conclusion that come to my mind. Without making any assumption of what your intentions are when you are avoiding making contact with the community of Drupal enthusiasts gathering on https://groups.drupal.org/montreal/.

Dude, honestly: what is your

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Dude, honestly: what is your objective.

1) You can argue like a deaf and blind man that everything I have done thus far is wrong and not to your standards and in the end you will have convinced yourself that you are right with all kinds of suppositions and whatnot (including the belief that all that is right and well with the world must start with and happen on gdo). I have absolutely no interest in having that conversation with you or anyone else because that's just politics. Me vs You, Right sv Wrong, ego puffery and other BS. Maybe that works in corporate circles but it is not the Open Source Way of doing things. That kind of politics leads to failure.

2) Or you can see that other people are already doing things and that synergies are possible, and that by working together the community can win. That's success.

Do you want to be "right" (as far as you are concerned) and fail or step off your ladder and be successful ? When it is #2 let me know; for #1 you don't need me as part of your audience and you can have that conversation with yourself until it satisfies you. I have already said what I needed to say and it stands whether you agree with it or not.

In short: whatever. Let's

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In short: whatever. Let's just work together.

too much noise for me. I

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too much noise for me. I though this was a place to post events and jobs. unsubscribing.

Slack la poulie MisterSpeed... :-)

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Ouvre la porte de ton frigo, prends une bière pis relaxe. Pis au cas où tu ne le saurais pas, chaque fois que tu edit ton message moi pis les autres on reçoit un courriel un de plus. Fait que j'ai reçu 6 copies de ton dernier courriel. OK, on a compris. Les Olympiques c'est à Sotchi ; )

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Well this isn't where I parked my car

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I'm just gonna throw this out there, but why don't you guys just create an open Facebook group and book the events via Facebook events?

The Montreal Python, Ruby and WordPress communities all do that and it's so damn easy...

Here's what it looks like:

Just a thought...

Because not everybody is using Facebook

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The objective of the Meetup group is to extend the reach f the event announcements made here on g.d.o.

I while ago I opened a Google+ page where I replicate announcements of events made here, on g.d.o.. The plan is to do the same with Meetup. The Google+ page and the Meetup group are only relays for the information already available here. They are not substitute or replacement of g.d.o.

To be clear, Drupal events does not have to organized on Meetup, neither do they have to be organized on Google+, or Facebook, or g.d.o. or any single place. They are organized by whoever want to organize then, wherever they want using whatever tools to want. But, IMHO, they should be announced here on g.d.o. because it is the de-facto central hub for everything happening in the community.

I strongly disagree on using any service other than g.d.o. as the main site for the community of Drupal enthusiasts in the Montreal area. Yes, g.d.o. is far from perfect but it is free (as in beer and as in freedom) without sacrificing the privacy of its users in order to make profits.

Anybody who is already involved in any parts of the Drupal community already have a account on drupal.org (g.d.o. re-use drupal.org accounts). Anybody who wants to contribute to Drupal in any way will eventually have to open an account on drupal.org. Asking for event organizer to post theirs event on g.d.o. is not al burden. The cost and difficulty of the task are marginal compared to all the other time consuming aspect of event organization.

There is one

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Hey Jacob,

There is one that I created about a year ago that you can join:


I'll duplicate our event listings from gdo there and on the other places that I initiated. That's out-reach: reaching out, not reaching in. But hey, what do I know about marketing, right ?

Everybody is welcome to participate

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The group is also open and anyone can publish events and invite members, so I invite everybody to go ahead and do just that. About half of the members in that group have no matching accounts on gdo.

There is also

@MisterSpeed would you share

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@MisterSpeed would you share these other places? I'll start a wiki page with links to places dedicated to the community around the interwebs.

And here is the Wiki page.

When posting event on any on these places and on gdo., I think the best would be to always include a link for a main event announcement wherever this announcement is posted. I personally encourage everyone to use a gdo. event as main announcement to strengthen its position as the main activity hub for the community, but feel free to disagree.


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Ça pourrais être pratique d'ajouter le nom d'un des admin pour ces groupes dans le wiki.

Si quelqu'un est admin de https://twitter.com/drupalmontreal je serais intéresser à donner un coup de main en publiant les événement mensuel, le dernier message date d'octobre.