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I need to switch my cannabis news site, www.occnewspaper.com, over to a new responsive theme. I am using TB Rave and don't like it. I have seen a few in Wordpress, but am unfamiliar with it. I have some Drupal expereience.

I need the new site to be scalable and host a few different states (the occnewspaper site will be one of many other states and regions), and then each state broken into categories (ie...State News, National News, Food and Recipes, Medical News, Cultivation, Classifieds). These "regional sites" will actually support a print publication, as occnewspaper.com does now, so the main site will be more of a landing page to redirect to the other sites.

The state by state sites will compliment each issue of the print paper, and provide further regional and national news coverage beyond the print papers.

So, I want one CMS for all the papers (eventually 8 or 10, at least), because much of the news will be shared (National News, Medical News, Food, etc...). So, I would like to use Drupal for the sheer power, and ability to use taxonomy for the "sharing", which would seem important. Also would like it to host advertising, obviously.

I currently have a non-responsive Drupal site. The back-end is complicated for a layman and I would like a few editors/writers in different regions to be able to easily add content and images/video, etc...so the back-end needs to be simplified somehow, if that's possible.

So, I am open to ideas and suggestions. I will pay for a theme, but want to keep control myself on my servers...and I am a novice, so support would be needed, which we would pay for.

Help can be sent directly to occnewspaper420 @ gmail too!!

Thanks a bunch...

Keith "Mad Dog" Mansur
Editor/Publisher/Writer/Sales Manager/Designer/Webmaster
Oregon Cannabis Connection
Connecting The Cannabis Community Across Oregon


Open Framework

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I am really digging Stanford Web Services' Open Framework, built on Twitter's Bootstrap. Lots of flexibility for the front page while the "inside" remains standard issue D7 (to the extent you want). Lots of helps available, too; they did a couple of great webcasts. I'm using this for most of what I do now.


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