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This page is a starting point for possible topics, and presentation methods. Let's start to flesh this out by having people indicate areas where they are interested in learning more, and areas where they would want to present.



Drupal Digital Education Library Platform (DDELP)

Tuesday 9:45am in room 274

Points to discuss:
* The Open Learning Exchange Library project http://library.ole.org (http://dev.ole.org)
* Drupal's place in the OER repository space
* Define the boundaries and scope of a DDELP

other similar projects:
* http://cnx.org (http://rhaptos.org) based on Plone/Python
* http://curriki.org (http://curriki.xwiki.org) based on XWiki/Java
* http://www.greenstone.org/examples (http://www.greenstone.org/developers) base on C++/per/java I think.

-- chrowe


We're working on some stuff in the content repository arena - with help from our friendly bonobo. :-) I'd be happy to show what we have: http://orvsd.org
-- gchaix

If folks are interested in CiviSchool:


I'd be happy to lead a BoF on it
-- lobo

Higher Ed

I'd be interested in learning how other institutions deal with the tension between Drupal and their LMS. At UD, we use Sakai, which has some areas of weakness I'd like to be able to plug up with Drupal sites, but it's awkward, to say the least. Am wondering if anyone else is dealing with dual platforms, and how they manage. - Becky Kinney



Training Organizations

Last year we briefly discussed our EthosCE project for certifying continuing education courses (EthosCE). It's a Drupal-Moodle intragration making use of Features/Spaces. We'd (ezraw, scottrigby, thesleuth, JoelD, djdevin ) be happy to give an update if anyone is interested.

Public-facing web sites

Community site (for teachers, students, admins, parents, alums, donors, etc)

Open Courseware

Lightning talks

Annotated Video - a CCK content type for use with UD's automated course capture system. The node type has two custom fields, video url and cuepoints (stored as xml). The built-in xml editor was written in Flash and pops up in a Lightbox2 lightframe. - Becky Kinney

I'd be interested in seeing this in action - Bill Fitzgerald

Case studies

"How do I" (module selection, theming, and when to write custom code)

which html editors do you recommend and why?

I'd be glad to lead a discussion on the way we generally set things up: WYSIWYG API, Better Formats, Filefield, and Insert - Bill Fitzgerald

Infrastructure planning

Count me in. I've been living and breathing scaling and infrastructure lately. Pressflow+Varnish, Solr, multiple backend webnodes, virtualization.
-- gchaix

Challenges with institutional/organizational buy-in

Maintaining your site post launch

Academic Counseling

Notes from DCSF BoF on digital learning libraries

Drupal in Education

Wiki: http://groups.drupal.org/node/62193

simple interface for adding and finding content
..and create collections of content

student management
in drupal
integration with other systems
Linking to Moodle
learning community management
youthvoices.net - k12 - "unlinked"
http://btopro.wordpress.com/2010/02/12/global-success-global-failure-of-... - discussion
http://groups.drupal.org/node/39314 - discussion
link between literature library and language learning
Content library - instructors sharing content
http://orvsd.org - Oregon State Dept. of Ed online learning portal
Professional/Continuing education
Certification (testing/certificates)

aegir / provision integration
Person to person interactions
What content gets created
What external systems (if any) should be targeted for inclusion in the system


How Do You Want to Use Drupal in Education?
academic administration
directories and profiles
course planning
scheduling teachers and sections
course cataloging
long-term degree planning
Academic recruiting
public web sites
social networking
departments (emphases)
user groups
text books
topical groups
Educational content
e-learning courses
SCORM content hosting/management
tie in Moodle, Blackboard, other LMS’s, or CMS’s
authoring learning content
export to SCORM
setup sequences and branches for adaptive learning
handling media
tech support
academic counseling
Web publishing
research web sites
official web sites

sentence level searching - 3 guys
BYU - Jeff Dunseter
Omar - Koumbit
Gram - Game Face web design -
Bill - FunnyMonkey
Greg - Oregon State University Open Souce Lab
Brandon - Teachers w/o Borders
Kurt - Forum One
Ezra - DLC Solutions
- Queens public library
- Redwood day school
Gwen - Library
Kyle - EduGlu
Kerry Gordon - Cherry Hill

Drupal in Education

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