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Have you heard of Home box?

Some food for thought -- Home Box is an incredibly easy to configure Dashboard creation module. I'm only posting here because I think this could be a great landing page for Drupal as an LMS. Anything that's a block can show up in a homebox display and it seems very flexible / stable from my early usage of it. You can also make multiple dashboards (different one for students vs. instructors vs. admin staff).

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Specs for a learning exercise module

I'm working on a site that will have lessons on HTML, CSS and such. Each lesson will be like this:

Only local images are allowed.

I'm planning on writing a Drupal module to manage the exercises. Any feedback?


Each exercise will have:

  • Title, e.g., Create a nav bar.

  • Description. Include link to a solution.

  • Learner's solution. Each learner will enter the text of a solution. Often it will just be a URL.

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Site about Web development, based on learning research


I'm creating a site to help people learn how to be a Weber, that is, someone who gets paid to do Web work.

The site's design is informed by learning research, particularly constructivism and phenomenography. That's where the site's value proposition comes from: lessons designed to help humans learn effectively and efficiently.

I wrote a short document on the design, showing how I derived the design by joining learner goals and learning theory. If anyone's interested, I'd like to get some feedback on the ideas. The site is still very much a work-in-progress.

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