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List of education institutions using Drupal.

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Midwest Developer Summit 2017-08-11 -- 2017-08-13 -- Register Now!

Make your plans to join us for the Drupal Midwest Developer Summit, August 11-13, on the University of Michigan campus, in Ann Arbor MI.

Register here

The Event
Join us for 3 days this summer in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for the 2017 Midwest Drupal Summit.

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Call for Sessions: Design 4 Drupal, Boston 23-25 JUNE 2017 at MIT

Open for Sessions Submit your talk here.


Design 4 Drupal, Boston is an annual web design event covering all aspects of design, UX, & theming for Drupal websites.

Back at MIT this year! MIT Stata Center at in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.

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2017 DrupalCamp Atlanta - New Location

2017-11-03 08:00 - 2017-11-04 18:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

The Atlanta Drupal Users Group (ADUG) took are hard look at the evaluations from last year and it was a consensus that DCATL needed to get closer to downtown making the airport commute better for everyone. The people have spoken and we have listened. 2017 will be held in the tech hub of Atlanta aka Buckhead. You can get on the train from the airport and get off at Lennox station.

DrupalCamp Atlanta is one of the southeast's largest annual Drupal conferences attracting hundreds of web developers, designers, executives and educators who are engaged with teaching and learning Drupal.

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Wanted to reference this here in case people didn't see it. We've got https://drupal.org/project/webcomponents module able to go straight from polymer templates to display modes to field UI to rendered output. This completely by-passes the traditional tpl / template file workflow and allows front-end to dictate design to backend (instead of in Drupal where it's usually a mish-mash of both). It's also by-reference so updating your templates sees them updated in Drupal.


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Don’t Miss the Drupal Midwest Developer Summit — Sign Up Today!

It’s 80 degrees and sunny in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan, and we are enjoying a tasty cold beverage while dreaming of sprints for Drupal 8 and the community that comes with them.

Make your plans to join us for the Drupal Midwest Developer Summit, August 19-21, on the University of Michigan campus, in Ann Arbor MI.

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Drupal camp WIsconsin T-15 days

Hi all:

Drupalcamp Wisconsin starts in 15 days, July 29th. The camp will be held on the UW-Madison campus. We would love to have more attendees and are very much looking for speakers, especially at newbie levels.

Please register if you have the time:

we look forward to seeing you all....

Let me know if you have any questions or problems with the website....


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Exercises for skills courses

Quiz is a good module for many situations, but it's not as useful for skills courses as it might be. As far as feedback is concerned, learning research suggests that students need:

  • Hands-on exercises, e.g., write programs
  • Formative feedback, that is, a list of what is right and wrong with a submission
  • Opportunities to resubmit until the exercise is complete
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Senior Drupal Drupal Developer / Team Lead @ Georgetown University

Hey guys,

The team of amazing developers at Georgetown University are expanding and looking for a Senior Drupal Developer to improve existing D7 and build new D8 projects. Someone with Drupal 8 / Symfony as well as Continuous Integrations skills are welcomed!

Both salary and benefits are great!



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Midwest Drupal Summit

2016-08-19 10:00 - 2016-08-21 05:00 America/Detroit
Event type: 


Register Here

The Event

Join us for 3 days this summer in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for the 2016 Midwest Drupal Summit and help make D8 the best version yet.
With the launch of Drupal 8, there’s a lot to be excited about in the Drupal community — and a lot left to contribute!

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XAPI formula to turn any drupal site into an LMS

Just wanted to point to a pretty killer combo right now that's emerged and works really well that would let you basically turn any drupal (7) site into an LMS.

https://www.drupal.org/project/tincanapi -- works really well, has some built in tracking stuff and plugs into...
drupal.org/project/quiz -- So you can capture the state of things in an LRS; Quiz 5.x beta is awesome btw
and also..
https://www.drupal.org/project/h5p_tincan_bridge + https://www.drupal.org/project/h5p so you can get XAPI statements emitted from H5P files to flow via Drupal to an LRS.

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Invitation to new project


I'm Kieran Mathieson, assoc prof at Oakland U.

Skill Tree is a new open source project that might interest you, to be done in D8. The goal is to improve university skill courses, like programming, writing, and statistics. How? By building software for creating good skills courses.

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Tool Builder - Liberating Innovation via site building

https://www.elmsln.org/blog/post/tool-builder video showing new functionality built into elms that allows for effectively allowing anyone that can site build to submit their idea to our innovations github repo without needing to understand code or version control. This is one of the more ridiculous goals of the project.

We have armies of faculty, instructional designers and site builders throughout the education space. We're seeking to unlock the ability for everyone, without knowledge of code or version control, to be able to contribute their creations.

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A11y toolkit module

Just wanted to blast it here as well that I made an accessibility toolkit module which provides a block to help provide ways of improving your site for different visual impairments; most resolving around dyslexia (like a font that makes it easier to read). We also store the setting in a cookie and in the future will do this on the serverside so it doesn't have to reload each time (as the screencast currently shows).

Support, feedback and improvement suggestions always welcome: https://drupal.psu.edu/blog/post/a11y-accessibility-toolkit-module

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ELMS Learning Network : Tipping Point (0.2.0) released

With 118 issues resolved, ELMS Learning Network version tipping point (0.2.0) is out with a comprehensive walkthrough of capabilities and discussion of what and why the system functions as it does. We now support CentOS 6,7, Ubuntu 14 / Deb, and Amazon AMI one-line installations. The walkthrough in this post just scratches the surface as we have 2 types of asset management systems with H5P support built in as well as support for LTI 1.2 (provider), REST (shown, and powers everything), and XAPI support it's a great preview of things to come.

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Hey GDO land. Haven't gotten around to posting here in awhile but we've got a demo up of ELMS Learning Network in case anyone wants to check it out without having to spin up vagrant or install.

Appreciate feedback, find anything or confused? drop the team (yeah, we have one of those now it's pretty awesome) a line:


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Many new features and four new content types available for H5P

With the latest version of H5P users may copy and paste entire interactions:
Animation illustrating copy and paste

And also bring content to front more easily, as well as many other improvements.

Four new content types has also been added: Arithmetic Quiz, Collage, Charts and Impressive Presentation.

Learn more and try it out in the interactive release note.

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New H5P Release!

We've made Interactive Video much, much better, created a new content type, improved the user experience for authors and a lot more.

Are you familiar with H5P? Learn about the latest features in the October release note :)

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ELMSLN + JMOL = interactive 3D proteins!

Mike Potter (from elmsln, not P2) showed me a pretty awesome project his coworker found and he was able to hook into elmsln. I shot a quick video but the module it's running off of is http://drupal.org/project/jmol

He's hooked it up to our interactive object repository distribution (ICOR) with a feature that makes a field formatter that lets you


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iMindsX Platform: showcase for Learning Locker integration (and more)

As mentioned previously, we've been working hard on integrating Drupal with Learning Locker. Next to this we've invested heavily in usability for a blended learning platform based on Drupal. We'd like to show the Drupal community the two components on a live demo:

iMindsX platform - Drupal based blended learning demo

The iMindsX platform is optimised for blended learning. It uses Drupal 7, a large number of contrib modules from drupal.org, several modules from iMinds, some of which have been released on drupal.org already:

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