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Drupal Camp NJ Education BoF is a Drupal Camp held at an educational institution. In my mind, there had better be a lot of Drupal in education fans there! Planting this flag in the ground to let others know I'm going but mostly to provide an initial discussion thread as to what topics people would like to cover in BoFs at the event.

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Possible topics for DrupalConSF Education Birds of a Feather sessions

This page is a starting point for possible topics, and presentation methods. Let's start to flesh this out by having people indicate areas where they are interested in learning more, and areas where they would want to present.



Drupal Digital Education Library Platform (DDELP)

Tuesday 9:45am in room 274

Points to discuss:
* The Open Learning Exchange Library project (
* Drupal's place in the OER repository space
* Define the boundaries and scope of a DDELP

other similar projects:

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