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Adopting Drupal as a learning tool within K12

I came across this thread recently, titled "Moodle as 'the killer app'" -- the author of the original post is Wes Fryer, a very respected edtech blogger.

Also, at the risk of stating the obvious, I don't see Drupal and Moodle as competing within education -- there are things Drupal does well, there are things Moodle does well, and when faced with a choice you use the best tool for the job.

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Interesting presentation/thread on universities using Drupal

From Dries' blog:

It includes an embedded presentation by Paul Albert of Cornell University on adopting Drupal. Also, the comment thread is worthwhile reading.



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Arguments for and against using Drupal

Hello, all,

I wanted to get some feedback from the group regarding rolling Drupal within your school/organization, and begin creating a resource page for other people looking to introduce Drupal into their school/organization.

What are the common arguments in favor of using Drupal?

What arguments have people encountered against using Drupal?

What resources/arguments have been helpful overcoming concerns about using Drupal?

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