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My name is Claudio, I am a Web Design student and am designing a website for a school as for my thesis project ( I haven't started yet). I am very new to Drupal as to webdesign and I wondered if anyone can help me choose the right modules as this is my first time.

So, the website will serve as a tool to rise funding as it is a charity School so it will take Donations
on top of being a standard school website.
The website will have these functionalities:
A portal - (Learning Management System or whatever to Track students, deliver

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Lightweight electronic portfolio

I am using Drupal's blog module to provide a lightweight electronic portfolio tool to students and teachers. I could use your feedback on the approach I've taken using content_access and hook_form_alter. Is this the best/safest way to do this? I still feel like a relative newbie to making these modifications.

For a fuller example of the reason for using blog as a portfolio, please see

I added a checkbox field to the blog content type.

Only local images are allowed.


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