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Pseudents: your metacognitive friends


... there's a short video about pseudents (pseudo-students). They're make-believe students who go through a course with the real students. Authors can use pseudents to address metacognitive issues, show students what not to do, etc.

CyberCourse makes it easy to set up pseudents, and use them in course content.


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Drupal Books (i.e. content collected in a book module book) in Education.

I've been playing with the idea of using Drupal as a content management system for Educational content, thinking of any multipage content from a few pages of formatted notes to accompany a lecture to 100+ page online textbooks. I know there are a number of great projects out there that cover this to varying extents, so I didn't want to reinvent what they have done but to look at what might enhance this part of their functionality.

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Learning content authoring system (LCAS) group

There's a new group at:

It's for creating a distro to help authors write learning content, like Web sites that replace textbooks. The distro will have tools to help authors follow learning science principles, like outcome-based learning.

An learning content authoring system (LCAS) is not the same as an LMS. An LCAS instance will house content for, say, one course. Multiple LMS will use LTI/SCORM/TinCan to load content from the same LCAS instance.

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