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Help w/ Drush

So from the discussions in the EduBoF @ Drupalcon, I came back and began playing with Drush. My first attempt was successful and easy to implement. I was able to perform updates on 3 seperate drupal installs (Drupal6, Drupal7, and OpenAtrium) running on my Ubuntu laptop.

However, I decided I would then begin playing with Drush on my development Intranet site (running CentOS). Well, somehow after getting Drush to run (I had to change some php.ini settings), I jacked up my site. I've tried poking around the web looking for some direction but haven't gotten anywhere as of yet.

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single sign-on

I'm trying to find reference and a solution to a single sign-on approach. We have a mixed server environment with the following;
* IIS .net application
* another IIS .net application
* an apache java application
* a moodle application
* a drupal application
* a WPMU instance
* possibly a MediaWiki instance
* a hosted video streaming application
I'd like to work toward creating a single sign-on across all these apps. What options are available to me?
Sincerely, Peter

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Taxonomy and permissions - best approach?

I am new to Drupal and trying to work out the best way to approach managing content and contributors for a public facing school website:

  • I want to categorize content into groups like "PTO", "Athletics", "Administration"
  • It seems like taxonomy is the right way to do this.
  • Then I can structure my site navigation through this taxonomy
  • I want to give individual users permission to create nodes tagged with particular terms. I.e. the PTO content maintainer would be required to create nodes with the "PTO" term
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Content vs. Design separation and Editors

I'm setting up a website for my mother-in-law's education consulting business. It will basically be just an advertisement site for her business, allow people to contact her, and have a newsletter. She has little technical proficiency, but knows how to use Word which she's used to provide me a mockup for her site. I'm looking at setting up FCKeditor for her to create and edit content. Currently I've got a theme created and the framework for her node content.

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Need advice setting up school division wide site

I'd like to use Drupal for a division wide site for schools and teachers (we have a corporate site, not Drupal based, but it is awkward for individual teachers to create their own web presence on it).

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