Problem with navbar

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Just started working with drupal theming and zen. I've got a strange thing when I set my primary links block title to . Whn I does that a get double sets of the primary link. Meaning two Home links, and so on. Does anyone know what that happens when title is , otherwise it works fine.

After further looking, I found that there was a difference. The first set of links was my primary links for the class leaf-first. And the second links pointed to menu-192, menu-193 .... for ul.links. But a can't understand what's the difference between these. Does anyone know?


The title isn't visible in

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The title isn't visible in your OP, but it would be weird if changing the title caused this sort of behavior.

Did you maybe move the "Primary Links" menu block into the "Navigation bar" region?

By default, Zen draws the primary links in that region anyway. Either move the block back out of that region, or disable this automatic "Navigation bar" drawing on the theme settings page for your theme.