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Notice of AGM

Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of Drupal Scotland to be held on 10th May 2014 during the closing session of DrupalCamp Scotland 2014.


  • Minutes of previous AGM - The minutes of the previous AGM have been attached to this notice.
  • Chairperson's report
  • Treasurer's report and adoption of annual accounts
  • Election of Committee
  • Motions
  • Any Other Business

Motions must be submitted to the Secretary ( not less than 7 days before the meeting.

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Drupal (8?) and external data

Hi All,

I'm looking for some pointers on interfacing Drupal with some external data(bases). In essence I need to read data from other sources (MySQL, a RESTful implementation of xBase and some XML feeds) and combine it with CMS information / pages held in Drupal. I will also need to write to the MySQL instance.

Are there any 'best practise' sites or documents where I can find out more on this type of configuration?


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Looking for project advice - Drupal with XML and ecommerce

Looking for some advice before starting a project (maybe!)

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New to Drupal

Hi there

I am new to Drupal, all accidental I am afraid. A friend has a site built by someone but then lost touch with the designer, I've no idea why, but they don't communicae with each other. e then asked if I was able to add some ecommerce to the site. So I established the site as built with Drupal then I found Drupal Ecommerce, I haven't done anything with it yet but hopefully I can learn how to install an ecommerce facility to the existing site. So any guidance anyone can offer in getting started with Drupal and its ecommerce perspective would be gratefully appreciated.


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DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 - Nov 22-24 - schedule published

Dear Drupalistas from all over Europe and beyond!

It's official - the schedule for DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 is now online:

We were pretty stunned by the fact that you folks submitted an awesome amount of 60 sessions. Selecting sessions always means that you have to draw a line at some point, but I really think that we were able to put together an outstanding line-up of Drupal and non-Drupal talks for this conference.

Keynotes anyone?

This is really exciting for us! Jeffrey aka. Jam McGuire from Acquia will kick-off the camp with his Friday keynote "Connecting Open Minds" that very much reflects our conference theme: connect with relevant experts from within and outside of the Drupal community.

Equally exciting, but from a totally different angle, John O'Nolan, founder of the Ghost project keynotes the second day of DrupalCamp Vienna: "Focus: The Value of Choosing Just One Thing at The Bazaar" is about the value of not diversifying, but doing just one thing - and doing it really, really well.


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Views block pager


I have a calendar block which is present in a sidebar next to a list of events, and the events details themselves.

What I need is for the view to show the date of the current event where appropriate. I know this isn't really a date issue so more generally I need to be able to set the start page of a paged view based on a contextual filter.

Any ideas?



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Conditional content

A little puzzle for us.

I need to be able to display a sort of landing page for an unfiltered view.

I'm filtering a collection of views based on a global filter. This is a postcode search and is working fine. What I need is another node to appear if there is NO value set in the global filter at all.

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Drupal 8 code sprint: Edinburgh. Who's interested?

There was some discussion at the last Drupal Drinks Edinburgh of holding a Drupal 8 code sprint at Heehaw next month.

I know there's some interest, but wanted to gauge how much, before trying to organise anything specific.

Please post a comment on this to let me know if you're interested. Based on the level of interest, we have some options, so please also let me know which of the following sounds best for you:

Time: Weekday evening or at a weekend, probably mid to late October.

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Drupal Scotland Financial Report 2012-13

The financial year for Drupal Scotland runs from 1 June to 31 May, and I have attached relevant reports for FY2012-13. Due to timings of DrupalCamp, the statement includes some activity that relates to both DrupalCamp Scotland 2012 and DrupalCamp Scotland 2013.

Our current bank balance stands at £3427.00, which will provide us with enough cash to support a few Drupal-related events across Scotland this year, and offers a financial head for DrupalCamp 2014.

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Drupal Training - Beginner Level


I wonder if anyone can help me out? I'm looking to undergo some basic Drupal training, something that can be within a classroom environment.

Can anyone recommend any training providers within the Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen area?

Kind Regards,


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