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Remote logging with nginx and php-fpm

I'm looking once again into how best to monitor a large Drupal 7 app I've deployed on AWS, using nginx and PHP-FPM (5.3.21 currently). The app uses autoscaling, and the instances often don't live very long (a day is a long time). So I need some kind of logging solution that will get my logs off the instances and into some kind of centralized store.

What are people doing for this use case?

I've noticed that more than a year after I last looked into this, PHP-FPM appears to have not committed a patch to support

error_log = syslog
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Web Engineer | KirkeWeb

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Full time
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Are you our new Web Engineer?

ChurchWeb is a high­growth start­up company introducing a game changing cloud based solution to churches. Our office is located in the heart of Copenhagen and when you join you will get caught by a vibe of fun, ambitions, attitude, and hard work.

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Nginx config can not get the rewrite right on EC2. Message "The requested page "/" could not be found."

I have been working on this for a few days now and I can not get it to work. I am having the same error after every install on my amazon EC2. I have done the exact steps as on my local machine and it will not work for me on my EC2 server. I am getting to the end of the installation right after it asks for the databases info and it goes to a page saying "Page not found. The requested page "/" could not be found." this is being displayed in the Drupal default theme so it is working. If you are reading this before I get it fixed check out to see what it is displaying.

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Setting reverse_proxy and reverse_proxy_addresses behind AWS ELBs

I've recently launched a Drupal 7 site using auto-scaling on AWS. The basic architecture is 2+ ELB that handle SSL, talking to multiple auto-scaled instances running nginx + php-fpm. Mostly, it's working.

I have noticed that the IP addresses logged for clients are in the private network that Amazon uses. At first, I thought that HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR wasn't set, but it turns out that it is both set and correct. The problem is that settings.php wasn't set up.

I've now read the notes in setting.php, and am a bit confused.

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Getting "Secure Pages" like behavior behind Varnish or AWS ELBs

I have a site that has both a large anonymous-use and logged-in participant usage. In an older version, the client used Secure Pages to get some pages into SSL, but to force most traffic back into regular HTTP if the page did not require it.

How best to implement this with Varnish or AWS?

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Changing The Group To "Mercury"

As some of you may have seen, we've officially announced the creation of Pantheon Systems, Inc and our plans to deliver a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution for Drupal. We're super-excited about this, and hope to solve a lot of the hard problems that surround the Drupal space in the next year.

However, it's not appropriate for a company to have a Drupal group, and the open-source work on this project continues with Pantheon Systems as a contributor. As such, we've decided to restore the group name to the original "Mercury".

Updates to the open-source/DIY script for setting up the Mercury stack will be coming in the next few weeks, as we work with Boztek and others to get something stable. After that we can start to think about new StackScripts for Linode, AMI's for EC2, and possibly a VirtuualBox image.

Are there other places you'd like to see Mercury available? Other questions you have about the transition? Feel free to post questions here and I'll do my best to answer.

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Do you have a recommended non-Mercury Drupal public AMI?

Until Mercury 1.1 or 1.2 comes out publicly, we are going to setup a plain vanilla Drupal server for development.

Can anyone recommend an EBS boot public AMI with Drupal?

Ubuntu 10.04

There are a ton of AMIs out there, so I'm just asking if anyone has a recommended one that they've used.

Of course, I know that I could pretty easily build one myself in a few hours, just looking to save a little time.


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Updated "Drupal in the Cloud" Presentation Slides from SxSw Interactive 2010

I've posted updated slides from my Drupal in the Cloud presntation here at SxSw interactive. Check 'em out!

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Additional testing of Mercury with 2GB and 512MB RAM

My name is Greg Coit, sysadmin for Chapter 3 and I've been helping with Mercury development and testing.

We wanted a get a quick idea of how hard we could push mercury under more "real world" circumstances, so I combined siege and ab to generate a broad spectrum of hits. ab (short for apache benchmark and part of the apache2-utils package) allows you to generate a very large number of hits on one url, while siege (a perl script which comes in a self-titled debian/ubuntu package) lets you spread the hits across many urls, most of which won't be cached. This mixed-load is a much more nuanced and accurate way of looking at performance than peak throughput on a single url.

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