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Nginx config can not get the rewrite right on EC2. Message "The requested page "/" could not be found."

I have been working on this for a few days now and I can not get it to work. I am having the same error after every install on my amazon EC2. I have done the exact steps as on my local machine and it will not work for me on my EC2 server. I am getting to the end of the installation right after it asks for the databases info and it goes to a page saying "Page not found. The requested page "/" could not be found." this is being displayed in the Drupal default theme so it is working. If you are reading this before I get it fixed check out to see what it is displaying.

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i18n paths & views


I'm wondering what people use for using different paths in a view for each language.

In the past, we approached this issue by creating nodes with the desired url, and embedding a view on it, but it doesn't seem like the best option.

I also heard of people that duplicate each view for each language, but doesn't seem to me like an scalable approach in big sites.

Recently we participated on developing i18_page_views module (yep, it lacks an 'n'), that makes possible putting different paths for each language.

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duda, Views y URL

Buen dia jovenes. Soy medio nuevo en Drupal, llevo poco y medio entendiendo poco a poco.
Fui a la drupalada la vez pasada q se hablo de la factura electronica.

Pues les cuento mi actual duda..
tengo un View que muestra los nodos de la fecha (y categoria/taxonomia) señalados en el URL, algo asi:
y tengo un template page-archivo.tpl.php para mostrarlo.

Pues me piden que si los URLs pudieran ser mejor asi, sin el "/archivo":

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Clean URLs On The Same LIGHTTP Server That Also Serves Static Sites

My lighttpd server is serving both a Drupal based dynamic content website and a static content website. On the dynamic website Garret Albright's LUA script at: works like a charm.

But on the static website it seems to cause Lighttpd to ignore the configuration file directive:

server.indexfiles = ("index.php", "index.html",  "index.htm", "default.htm")

Also tried:
index-file.names = ("/index.php", "/index.html", "/index.htm", "/default.htm")
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Clean URL's on a sub domain and one-off's

I had a very interesting learning experience regarding Clean URL's and a subdomain. Try as I could I just could not get Drupal 6-X to pass the clean URL test. After much Googling and very little SERP's on the subject I finally found (or was shown) what the answer could be to fix this vexing problem.

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Drupal on IIS

Hey Folks,

Some time back I remember one meeting in which one of us mentioned that he had a Drupal setup on a server running IIS. While I lamented anyone having to tolerate such a setup at the time, I am now faced with the same dilemma.

In the university where I work, I have just set up a Drupal 6 site on a server running Windows IIS 6. The install was relatively painless, but I have yet to get clean urls working. I found a post at that gives different options but I wanted to ask someone local who had travelled the road before.

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Aegir 0.4. alpha 6 fails after importing itself

Hello to you all,

seems I am stucked in a loop-error and I cannot figure where's the catch.

I have successfully installed Aegir 0.4 alpha6 on a centos test server.
Immediatly after importing itself into the system, the site is not working, except the front-page.
Apparently, the errors are related to clean-urls.
For instance, I can access the page if manually build the URL as based on index.php?q=node/68, but cannot access it as /node/68

Any help is highly apreciated.

Stefaniu -gupi- Criste

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Url kopplade teman

Hej ensamkodaren här igen.
Jag försöker lösa så att jag kopplar olika teman till olika urler...
så vill jag att fetfri och mums ska använda olika theman.
Dvs att det är olika sidor under huvudsidan.

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Showing content based on URL alias


Am I missing something or what? : I'm looking for a way to make panels 3 show content (node) based on the url alias - to match the requested URL with the URL alias of the node.
Can this be done with panels 3 ? (This is D6 with the latest CCK, panels, ctools modules to date).


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Documentation help wanted: Clean URLs on IIS

Since getting clean URLs on IIS seems like an important topic in its own right, I've taken the liberty to break it out into its own wiki resource. Please help me flesh out the documentation if you have some time. I'm hoping we can get it into good enough shape to incorporate it into the Drupal documentation.

Let's make it easier for people to get this done!

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